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What The Hell Happened?

It’s  Friday and time for our weekly shoot-the-shit. This week we saw Iran nab 2 U.S. Navy patrol craft and hold 10 of our sailors. Fortunately, all hands were safely returned; we should rejoice that moment but what the hell … Continue reading

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NavELite Ramps Up Global Distribution with Five New Distributors

NavElite of Palm Harbor,  FL will  be partnering with several distributors of outdoor, military and law enforcement products. The distributors include: 215 Gear™, ADS, Inc., PLATATAC, Potomac River Group and SurvivIT. These distributors will carry NavELite’s wrist-worn, Backlit Magnetic Compass … Continue reading

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Another True Story – The Case Of A Vessel In Distress

About four or five weeks a go I was biking along Bayshore Blvd., Tampa, Fl when I noticed a white houseboat tied up to the seawall, which runs along the south side of the Bayshore. If you are at all … Continue reading

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Garmin’s Fortrex 401 GPS Receiver – Good things do come in small packages…

GPS technology has improved over the years by leaps and bounds; not only have there been significant improvements in system accuracy but advancements in materials and manufacturing have made it possible to house devices of impressive features and functionality in … Continue reading

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Working on a review of the Garmin Fortrex 401

I’ve just started on a full review of the Foretrex 401 and I am really liking it. Everything that you need in a small package. I did run across some “expert” reviews that were somewhat tepid; I admit to being … Continue reading

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