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Introducing Ufhednar: Norway’s Premier Long Range Shooting Accessory Company

    ULFHEDNAR: Building Long Range Shooting Gear for Extreme Conditions Kløfta, Norway (Oct. 18, 2019) – Shooters and hunters demand gear that stands up to extreme conditions. Ulfhednar, a Norwegian-based shooting gear designer, delivers just that. Norway is a … Continue reading

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These guys are having some fun on ice. It turns out that they were working with the Norwegian Telemark Battalion, learning to drift their Abrams on ice in Rena, Norway last week.The Marines are there as part of Cold Response … Continue reading

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James Holmes Schizophrenic or Shrewd?

This is the only article you will ever read on this Blog about the miscreant James Holmes, but the entire Aurora incident just sticks in my craw, for a number of reasons; principally, this cat will become the poster boy … Continue reading

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Frogman or Mall Gerbil

Anders Behring Breivik in full regalia, is he an operator or simply a short circuited mall gerbil? There’s a bit of closet commando in all of us but Anders Breivik actually drank the cool aide. Judging by the number of accessories … Continue reading

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Explosions Rock Government Buildings In Oslo.

Government Buildings Struck By Explosions – Oslo, Norway It’s hard for me to comprehend the mindset that would perpetrate such an act; especially in a country like Norway. Norway has been at the forefront of human rights and has numerous … Continue reading

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