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There’s a lot hubbub surrounding the September 2015 USSOCOM Safety of Use Message  identifying L3-EOTech Enhanced Combat Optical Sights (ECOS) SU- 231/PEQ, NSN: 1240-01-533-0941, SU-231A/PEQ, NSN: 1240-01-587-9345, SU-231D/PEQ, NSN: 1240-01-591-7601, SU-253/PEQ, NSN: 1240-01-566-2844, and SU-264/PEQ, NSN: 1240-01-590-7763. One of the … Continue reading

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John Clements Joins PROOF Research

COLUMBIA FALLS, MT  (June 2014) – PROOF Research announced today that John Clements has joined the company as Director of Research/Development and Testing. John’s experience includes 31 years of government service, with the last 16 spent as the Weapons Program … Continue reading

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USSOCOM Partners With Industry and Allies To Develop Land and Sea Capabilities.

If you attended SOFIC 2013 in Tampa, one of the many focal points articulated is the need, and desire, to return Navy SEALS to their waterborne lineage. Interpret that to mean the 10+ years of conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq … Continue reading

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