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Rogue Gunfighter Sale Through Black Friday

How about a different product on SALE every 24-48 hours from now until Black Friday. Well that’s what’s happening.  Listed from now until black Friday Rogue Gunfighter will be changing it up a little by offering different products on sale … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2013–Rogue Gunfighter

The folks at TAG and Rogue Gunfighter gave me a sneak peek at their new “No Vis” medical kit. Unlike the traditional approach, which calls for wearing an individual medical kit on your belt or vest, Rogue Gunfighter’s med kit … Continue reading

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SOFIC-2013 Rogue Gunfighter LVR and High Threat Concealment

I’ve said this a million times over. If you are not an NDIA member you are missing the boat. If you want to be synchronized with USSOCOM requirements you need to become an NDIA member and you need to attend … Continue reading

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