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  Last Friday, 1 April 2016, the Army announced its decision to award Heckler & Koch a contract to develop a compact semi-automatic sniper system. The decision would replace the current sniper platform M110 SASS, made by Knight’s Armament of … Continue reading

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The U.S. Army’s CSASS Program

I have had the opportunity to shoot the M110, which as you know was developed, circa. 2007,  by Knight’s Armament Company, Vero Beach, Fl. I’ve also fired the M24 on a number of occasions and broken bread with both camps. … Continue reading

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PEO Soldier’s Video “Shaping the Fight”

A well produced video that will give you insight into just one aspect of PEO Soldier’s mission in life – sniper systems.

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U.S. Army Wants To Reconfigure M110 SASS.

In a sources sought solicitation, number: W15QKN-11-X-F015, PEO Soldier Project Manager Soldier Weapons seeks to reconfigure some or all M110 SASS sniper platforms. The M110 fielded in 2008 was intended to replace the venerable M24, now being upgraded by Remington Arms to … Continue reading

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