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The South Carolina Police Shooting

I wrestled with my decision to choose this topic as our shoot-the-shit, for this Friday, principally because of the suffering the Scott family is going through. I can’t begin to imagine loosing a sibling under these circumstances considering it could … Continue reading

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Analysis Of Benghazi. Why The Media Should Be More Cautious!

By:  Sal Palma Lately, the media and pundits have set themselves up as judge and jury on the Benghazi incident. Unfortunately, much of their finger pointing is based on ignorance and misinformation. Particularly annoying are tragic discussions with former military … Continue reading

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Will The 2nd Amendment Stand?

By:  Sal Palma I read a rather troubling article published in the Bloomberg View titled “Are Guns a Pre-Existing Condition?” This is an editorial piece written by Francis Wilkinson, a Bloomberg View editorial board member. I suggest you read it. I’ll … Continue reading

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