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Air Force Technical Sgt. John A. Chapman’s Last Stand

Why I stand for the National Anthem and Salute the Flag   March 4, 2002: John Chapman, an Air Force Combat Controller, along with a SEAL Team, are attempting to rescue their lost teammate. You’ll watch Chapman’s stunning and heroic … Continue reading

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22 SEALs Lost In Afghanistan…

I learned late Saturday, 6-Aug-2011, that a Chinook from the 160th was brought down by Taliban insurgents in the Tangi Joy Zarin area of Wardak province’s Sayd Abad district. Based on reports published by CNN, the SEALs were called to reinforce Army Rangers who … Continue reading

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Top N Reasons Where N = 10 Usama Bin Laden is Pissed.

10.     His new accommodations are way too damp. 9.      He’s been there only a week and already he’s got a case of the crabs. 8.     Nobody ever said he’d be living next door to a Jew, Jimmy Hoffa. 7.     He wanted … Continue reading

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