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Danalco’s SealSkinz Socks and OTB’s Search and Rescue Boot.

I first became aware of the SealSkinz product at a SOFIC conference in Tampa. I was anxious to test out a pair and the folks at Danalco, in Duarte, CA, were accommodating enough to send me a pair. For reasons … Continue reading

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Snapshot of February & March !

FOG HORN friends and readers, here’s what’s up. The month of February will see a review of SealSkinz waterproof socks. I certainly don’t want to steal any thunder from the review, but if you hunt or hike you’ll want a few pairs … Continue reading

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SealSkinz Review In The Making

A review from the abyss; I’m glad I’m finally sitting down to write it. I’ll make myself clearer later in the article; however, rest assured that SealSkinz developer, Danalco, is not the reason for the attribute. I’ll explain. While at … Continue reading

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