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Steyr’s AUG/A3 SA 5.56 x 45

I had a great visit with the folks from Steyr while at SHOT SHOW 2013, in Las Vegas. I’m excited about their rendition of the new AUG bullpup carbine, the AUG/A3. The AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr, or universal army rifle)  … Continue reading

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Images From SHOT Show 2013

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What’s Up In February…

SHOT SHOW gets better every year with increasing participation and a veritable cornucopia of innovation, so we are far from complete with SHOT SHOW 2013 coverage, which will feature an excellent photo gallery. I’ll also have a couple of reviews … Continue reading

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When We Said It Was Cold At The Range We Meant It…

Outdoor Channel’s media crew huddles for the slightest bit of warmth…

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Armalite’s Redesigned AR-30 the AR-30A1

Armalite, has done a superb job of recreating an already top performer, its well established, AR-30. The new version, designated AR-30A1, offers a number of features absent in its predecessor: Muzzle brake threads on the end of the barrels employ … Continue reading

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COLT’s USMC At Media Day

Colt’s USMC rendition of the venerable 1911 shoots every bit as good as it looks.

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875 Yard Hit – Media Day

I have to admit that making an 875 yard hit with a 20+ mile per hour 9 o’clock wind with the Ashbury International Super Sport .375 Cheytac – XLR was the highlight of my day Ashbury’s Super Sport .375 Cheytac-XLR … Continue reading

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3 Zip Overload From Mystery Ranch At SHOT 2013.


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Adam Painchaud Takes Me Through SIG’s MPX-C At SHOT SHOW 2013.

SIG’s MPX-C is an innovative carbine that operates from a closed bolt for accuracy and safety. The operating system is a short stroke gas operated piston making the MPX line highly reliable. The “C” designation stands for carbine. The MPX … Continue reading

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Ted Nugent Delights Media At SHOT 2013–We The Sheepel.

Ardent Second Amendment supporter, and never to be outdone Ted Nugent, reminded all at his press conference that we are all in this together. If we are to succeed in preserving the Founder’s vision for future generations we must work … Continue reading

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