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Starting Monday- Daily Thanksgiving Specials!

Beginning Monday, Nov. 21, we’re featuring a DAILY BRAND-WIDE DISCOUNT for EIGHT DAYS! Don’t miss this opportunity to get that special item at a price too low to advertise.  Items must be added to cart to see the price, and … Continue reading

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It Was Bound to Happen: SKD COVID-19 Condoms

View online COVID-19 is here.  As we battle this PRC engineered bio-weapon with diligent hand-washing and social isolation, let’s not forget to protect our most vulnerable of physiological areas when tactically seeking carnal knowledge.  The SKD COVID-19 Condom is scientifically … Continue reading

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For the last couple of years we’ve been predicting the ascension of female service members into SOF units. Industry has responded with the introduction of the “Molon Labia Patch” This will surely get “patch of the year” from us. Ladies, … Continue reading

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