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PGM Precision Partners with German Kastinger to Offer a Tactical Drag Bag

1 product, 2 functions: carrying case and shooting mat! French designed, this product is made in UE with high quality standard. Designed to be comfortable, practical and heavy duty.Plenty of storage space available in both case AND shooting mat position. … Continue reading

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JDI Firearms, Inc. dba SAN Imports Signs with PGM Precision of France

JDI Firearms is now the exclusive importer of PGM Precision’s renowned sniper rifle systems in the United States. Frisco, Texas (August 2019) – JDI Firearms/SAN Imports, exclusive importer of SAN Swiss Arms and Wyssen Defence, is proud to announce an … Continue reading

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Marine Sniping Legend Collaborates with Friends of NRA on Signature Edition Tactical Rifle

  Known as the father of the modern U.S. Marine Corps sniping program, retired USMC Major and past NRA Secretary Edward J. “Jim” Land Jr. has spent his life service to the Constitution, freedom and the American way of life… … Continue reading

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Winning Team from Annual U.S. Army Special Operations Command International Sniper Competition Used MasterPiece Arms Chassis’

The 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) sniper team won the ninth annual event, which was held on Fort Bragg, North Carolina, March 18 – 22, 2018. Photo Credit: U.S. Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Jacob Braman Comer, Ga. (April … Continue reading

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Canadian Sniper in Iraq Makes Longest Confirmed Kill Shot In Military History

It’s Friday and time for our weekly shoot the shit topic. This is a time when readers can make unsupported comments, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone you wish or change the subject altogether. All this you can do free of … Continue reading

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These guys were having a little too much fun. If they didn’t have that sniper position identified within the third or fourth shot there’s a very good chance they ended up on the receiving end of a Syrian airstrike. This … Continue reading

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Building A Credible Sniper System

We regularly see questions asking for recommendations on things like; what’s the best scope to get, the best reticle, best bipod, best rifle or best ammo. We try to steer our readers to view their equipment as a system and … Continue reading

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The U.S. Army Contracting Command issued a solicitation dated 17 March 2015 seeking what it designates as the Family of Weapon Sights – Sniper or FWS. The new thermal sight will work across all sniper system platforms including the M24, … Continue reading

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  U.S. Tactical Supply hails from Albany, OR but they have a national reputation for being the one-stop shop for military and law enforcement tactical gear. I want to recognize them for having a particularly interesting flair for precision shooter … Continue reading

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Do You Know What A Cuban Mambi Is?

  The Mambi is a gas operated semiautomatic anti-material rifle, or AMR, chambered in the Russian 14.5 x 114 mm round. Its principal application is against thin-skinned vehicles, boats, etc. However, it has also been used as an anti-helicopter shoulder … Continue reading

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Fort Bragg, NC: Special Operations International Sniper Competition Kicked Off

The competition is hosted by the Army Special Forces Sniper Course, and will run from Monday, 24-March-2014 to Thursday, 27-March-2014. Two man sniper teams from around the world as well as federal agencies and law enforcement will compete for top … Continue reading

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Acclaimed Novelist Stephen Hunter Will Make a Booth Appearance at IWI for Shot Show 2014

New York Times bestselling author of 17 novels, Stephen Hunter, will be in attendance at the IWI US booth # 15238 during the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Hunter will appear on January 14th and 15th between … Continue reading

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SWORD Looks Closer To Prime Time

SWORD, acronym for Sniper (Soldier) Weapon & Observer Reconnaissance Devices will be networkable with the addition of a smart device for display and communications. In its latest rendition, the system will enhance the warfighter’s situational awareness. SWORD is product of … Continue reading

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2013 International Sniper Competition Ft. Benning

Just a quick reminder to all of our readers that the 2013 International Sniper Competition will be held this year at Ft. Benning, Georgia, 16 – 18 October 2013 . I’ve attended the competition for a number of years; it … Continue reading

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A Funduscopic Examination Of The Precision Guided Firearm (PGF)

All branches of the military are looking to improve a sniper’s performance through the implementation of technology. In addition to field craft like land navigation, concealment and movement a sniper team, which generally consists of a sniper and a spotter, … Continue reading

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Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle and Friend Murdered

Former Navy Seal, Chris Kyle, 38 and a close friend Chad Littlefield, age 35, were murdered Saturday afternoon at a gun range in Erath County, TX.  WFAA-TV, out of Dallas Fort Worth, reported that both men were slain at Rough … Continue reading

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Ft. Benning’s 2012 International Sniper Competition Draws To A Close.

The Ft. Benning 2012 Intenational  Sniper Competition comes to a close with  Team 8, an SOF sniper team from D CO 2/1 SWTG (A), taking top spot in the service class. The number two spot goes to  Team 12 from 2-19th … Continue reading

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Braddick Defense Systems Joins Forces With Truvelo Manufacturers To Market Sniper Systems

By: Sal Palma Truvelo Manufacturer’s and Braddick Defense Systems Sniper Division will join forces to market sniper systems to the defense industry. Truvelo of Midrand, South Africa, is known world wide as a manufacturer of accurate barrels. The company designs … Continue reading

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Vectronix’s Terrapin Pocket Laser Range Finder

There are laser range finders and then there is a Vectronix PLRF.  The Terrapin offers robustness, reliability and accuracy at a manageable price point. If you’re a law enforcement organization struggling with diminishing budgets the Terrapin will give you basic … Continue reading

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Desert Tactical Arms Delivering Hard Target Interdiction (HTI) Sniper Rifle.

It simply amazes me how often organizations, ranging from law enforcement to military – including SF units, struggle with the quest for a “universal” sniper platform. The term “universal” is symptomatic for “…I don’t know what I really need so what … Continue reading

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Vectronix Introduces NiteSpotMR Its New Medium Range Clip-On Night Sight

Vectronix AG, Heerbrugg Switzerland, introduced the NiteSpotMR, a medium range clip-on night sight that adds night vision capability (I²) to a wide variety of rifles, at DSA 2012  in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. NiteSpotMR attaches to the front of a day-sight objective … Continue reading

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Setpoint Ammunition – Gourmet Fodder for Your Precision Rifle

It’s not simply me that’s excited about Setpoint Ammunition; in December 2011, the company was awarded the esteemed 2011 Entrepreneur Excellence Award for “Greatest Potential” from the NorthFront Entrepreneur Alliance Group (NEAG). Setpoint’s arrival means that shooters don’t have to … Continue reading

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FNH Ballista – One Amazing Precision Sniper Rifle!

In traditional FNH fashion, Fabrique Nationale Herstal’s design team have done an extraordinary job of producing what I comfortably refer to as the most flexible sniper platform available on the market. Developed specifically to meet the needs of  USSOCOM’s PSR program, the … Continue reading

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Extremely Well Done Video Cataloging The World’s Top 10 Sniper Rifles

The producer’s choices are indisputably correct but I certainly would have included the French PGM Hecate over the Dragunov SVD.

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SAKO Launches Its New Sniper Platform The TRG M10

SAKO from Finland, and now part of the Beretta family, has introduced its new multi-caliber sniper rifle, the SAKO M10. The M10 adds to SAKO’s already distinguished sniper platforms the M22 and M42, launched in 1999. Both the M22 and M42 have tremendous … Continue reading

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Fort Bragg Takes Home The Gold At The 2011 International Sniper Competition.

Each year the folks at Ft. Benning, GA, and the U.S. Army Sniper School host one of the most grueling sniper competitions in the world. The activities, and course of fire, are designed to challenge even the best sniper teams in the … Continue reading

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FNH Ballista Update

I’ve had a couple of questions regarding availability of FNH Ballista in a 7.62×51 caliber, so I did some checking with the folks at FN. At this juncture it appears that FN has no plans to make the Ballista available … Continue reading

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Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) 11

This post is in reference to USSOCOM’s Precision Sniper Rifle solicitation number H92222-11-R-0011. This notice reflects changes made as of 05 July 2011. Text: The Precision Snipe Rifle Industry Day slides, Synopsis notice and Draft Solicitation posted dates; all dates … Continue reading

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Neilsen Kellerman at SOFIC 2011

Nielsen Kellerman exhibited their latest and greatest version of their flagship wind meter, the Kestrel HORUS ATrag wind meter. What separates their latest rendition from its other instruments is that the Kestrel HORUS ATrag is specifically designed for military and … Continue reading

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MMI Outdoor – Granite Tactical Gear at IDEX 2011

  IDEX 2011 offered something for everyone. This year MMI Outdoor debuted its Dragster Sniper Drag Bag System. The Dragster offers a number of improvements over the traditional drag bag. All of the straps fold into pockets, and the system … Continue reading

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Caracal’s CSR – Sniper Platform

CARACAL’s CSR Sniper Platform Caracal International is the first arms manufacturer in the UAE.  Among its already highly regarded line of pistols, notable additions, this year, include the  Caracal CSR sniper rifle. Development of the CSR began last year and … Continue reading

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