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What Should I Wear With Boots?

We get all kinds of questions from visitors and regular readers on the site, some of which are not suitable for publication but boys will be boys!! One question that surfaces quite a lot revolves around the selection of boot … Continue reading

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Danalco’s SealSkinz Socks and OTB’s Search and Rescue Boot.

I first became aware of the SealSkinz product at a SOFIC conference in Tampa. I was anxious to test out a pair and the folks at Danalco, in Duarte, CA, were accommodating enough to send me a pair. For reasons … Continue reading

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SealSkinz Review In The Making

A review from the abyss; I’m glad I’m finally sitting down to write it. I’ll make myself clearer later in the article; however, rest assured that SealSkinz developer, Danalco, is not the reason for the attribute. I’ll explain. While at … Continue reading

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