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vSOFIC On Demand Registration Still Available!

Unable to attend the first-ever Virtual Special Operations Forces Industry Conference? Don’t worry! We have you covered. Between now and August 31, 2020, you can gain access to all the releasable presentations from vSOFIC for just $150. After registering, you … Continue reading

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FN to Unveil Prototype 6.5-Caliber MK 48 Mod 2 Machine Gun at 2019 SOFIC Conference

(McLean, VA – May 20, 2019) FN America, LLC, maker of a majority of small arms for the U.S. military, is excited to announce that the company will unveil the prototype for the newest variant of the MK 48 machine … Continue reading

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Elbit Systems of America to demonstrate solutions perfected for the SOF operator

  FORT WORTH, TEXAS May 16, 2019 – At Elbit Systems of America, innovation is what we do. Whether it’s capabilities we offer airborne platforms, sensors and fire control solutions or support & sustainment work, we strive to provide the … Continue reading

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Every other year, USSOCOM and its ISOF partners put on a capabilities demonstration for attendees at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), The 2018 demonstration was excellent and this video captures just one phase of the demonstration. Bob Buckhorn, … Continue reading

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The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) remains the premier venue bringing U.S. and International Special Operations Forces (ISOF) together with an industrial consortium to communicate needs, explore new technologies and learn. It’s an event unlike any other in the … Continue reading

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In an increasingly hostile cyber environment it becomes more and more important to implement file security technologies that effectively deny exploitation of the hacked data files. One of the more impressive products filling that need comes from Trivalent, an Annapolis, … Continue reading

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Special Operations Force Industry Conference (SOFIC) 2017

I’m just getting back from another outstanding SOFIC Conference in Tampa, Fl. This coming week, I’ll be updating readers on what the SOF Community is up to, what their needs are going forward along with a 30,000 foot look at … Continue reading

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One of my favorite pistols is the FNX-45 Tactical, a tremendous improvement over the FNP Tactical. It’s low bore axis makes the pistol  very easy to control. The grip is nicely textured which when combined with the interchangeable backstarp makes … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2016 Kicks Off Tuesday In Tampa

2016 SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference) will be held May 23–26, 2016 at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL. This year’s conference theme, “Evolving the Network to Counter Emerging Threats,” reflects the enduring vision of a global Special Operations … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2015 Component Commanders

One of the more informative sessions was with component commanders. These senior executives and their commands have a great deal on their plates with diminishing resources. At the top of their needs list is recruitment. On the technology side, SOF … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2015 Troy Industries, Inc.

Troy Industries was exhibiting at this year’s SOFIC Conference in Tampa, FL. They were on of several accessories exhibitors attracting a lot of attention. Their booth was continuously busy with visitors. I was particularly interested in the company’s offset sights. … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2015 Comes To A Close

The overwhelming theme at SOFIC 2015 was leveraging the SOF/ Industry partnership to enable SOF and its Blue Force partners to operate and win in a complex world. The world as it exists today is certainly complex and USSOCOM is … Continue reading

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Mutualink Achieves Milestone Communications Advances during Department of Defense Exercise

  At this year’s SOFIC Conference, in Tampa, Fl, I had the opportunity to receive a comprehensive overview of Mutualink’s interoperability technology. It was exceptional from both it’s interoperability as well as its dynamic reconfiguration and security. I think the … Continue reading

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Surefire’s SF Ryder .22 Cal Suppressor Close-up…

Spent some time in Surefire’s exhibit for SOFIC 2014 taking a close look at the company’s latest suppressor offering. Chuck happened to have an SF Ryder installed on a Glock conversion so checking the entire setup was nice. First of, … Continue reading

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ISOF Capabilities Demonstration–Highlights

  ISOF Capabilities Demonstration SOFIC 2014, 21 May 2014   This video is a compilation of photos taken during the ISOF Capabilities Demonstration, SOFIC 2014. Aside from the kinetic razzmatazz, it demonstrates the capabilities developed at great time, energy and … Continue reading

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ISOF Capabilities Demonstration At SOFIC 2014

I’m working on putting together a slide show for our readers. It will be available later in the coming week so be sure to visit the site for all of the SOFIC 2014 details and the ISOF Demonstration.

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USSOCOM Partners With Industry and Allies To Develop Land and Sea Capabilities.

If you attended SOFIC 2013 in Tampa, one of the many focal points articulated is the need, and desire, to return Navy SEALS to their waterborne lineage. Interpret that to mean the 10+ years of conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2013 MMI Outdoor

MMI makes a number of no nonsense tactical shelters that are easy to deploy, light weight and extremely rugged. Folks in the Philippines and other tropical garden spots will appreciate MMI’s IBNS, Improved Bed Net System. Its  impervious nature to … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2013–ATK Eagle Industries


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SOFIC-2013 JetLev R200 Response To A Reader Comment

This reader felt that I overlooked the element of surprise… Employment of the JetLev R200, in its current state of development, requires that planners have adequate intelligence prior to an operation. For example, many harbors and particularly those used by … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2013–Rogue Gunfighter

The folks at TAG and Rogue Gunfighter gave me a sneak peek at their new “No Vis” medical kit. Unlike the traditional approach, which calls for wearing an individual medical kit on your belt or vest, Rogue Gunfighter’s med kit … Continue reading

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SOFIC-2013 JetLev R200

The JetLev R200 was part of the waterfront exhibit. As I watched the demonstration, I couldn’t help wondering why any respectable SEAL would use one of these. I mean, they look like a lot of fun, but I wondered what … Continue reading

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SOFIC-2013 Ceradyne Armor Systems

Did a quick drive-by the Ceradyne exhibit to find out they are now part of the 3M family, and too take a look at their strike plates. Interesting to note that part of their display included S&S Precision’s innovative plate … Continue reading

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SOFIC-2013 Rogue Gunfighter LVR and High Threat Concealment

I’ve said this a million times over. If you are not an NDIA member you are missing the boat. If you want to be synchronized with USSOCOM requirements you need to become an NDIA member and you need to attend … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2013–Kestrel 4600 Heat Stress Tracker

When Kestrel introduced its Heat Stress Tracker, the company made it possible for every soldier to monitor his or her own exposure to heat stress. Prior to its inception, the U.S. Army only monitored conditions for a general area, which … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2013–Bell 407AH

  This is the Bell 407AH. I want one and that’s basically it!

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SOFIC 2013–Streamlight

Made a quick stop at Streamlight’s exhibit to check out their new TLR-2 HL(G). As you may suspect, the “G” stands for green. With its introduction, Streamlight has added green laser functionality to their line of weapon mounted lights. I … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2013 Beretta ARX-160A1

Beretta’s ARX160A1 a contender in the US Army’s Carbine Competition will become the ARX100 when the commercial variant goes into full production later in the year. Beretta’s management expects the first units to hit the shelves this summer. The ARX100 … Continue reading

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Greetings From SOFIC 2013 In Tampa

This week begins our coverage of the Special Operating Force Industry Conference. For the next three days we’ll be giving you a peek of the tools of the trade available to our Special Forces. The SOF warrior sculpture was a … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2012 / ISOF 2012 – STI’s PARASIM®

Systems Technology, Inc., hereafter referred to as STI, is based in Hawthorne, CA. The firm is 100% employee owned founded in 1957  as a small R&D company devoted to the study of the behavior of dynamic systems, including ground and aerospace vehicles, … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2012 / ISOF 2012 Day Two


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SOFIC 2012 / ISOF 2012 – Power Conditioning By Acumentrics

Acumentrics Holdings of Westwood, MA is the holding company for two businesses, Acumentrics RUPS (rugged uninterrupted power supply) and Acumentrics SOFC (solid oxide fuel cells). At this year’s SOFIC Conference, Acumetrics RUPS featured its new Rugged Blade UPS™. The device has a 1U profile, meaning … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2012 / ISOF 2012 – LWRC M6A2-PSD 300 Blackout

LWRC International is a pioneer in the development of short-stroke gas piston operating systems for the AR15 / M16 platform; the company is also one of the competitors in the U.S. Army’s carbine competition. LWRC carbines are considered to be some of … Continue reading

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A Collage Of Day One At SOFIC 2012…

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SOFIC 2012 / ISOF 2012 – MARSOC Operators Perform HALO


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SOFIC 2012 / ISOF 2012 – Beretta ARX160 and GRX160

Beretta ARX160 5.56 x 45 carbine and the GLX160A1 40mm grenade launcher.  Beretta’s ARX160 carbine is among several contenders in the U.S. Army’s competition (read ongoing saga) to replaced the venerable M4. There are many considerations an organization as large … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2012 / ISOF 2012 Day Two – Navy SOC-Rs Make Their Exit After Successful Raid

Note, the dummy on his bass boat who nearly gets run over…

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SOFIC 2012 / ISOF 2012 Day Two CV-22 Bugging Out

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SOFIC 2012 / ISOF 2012 Day Two

Black Hawk infiltrates team to destroy a barge with C4 charges…

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