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SOFIC 2011 – Engage

The last part of the USSOCOM equation “Understand, Communicate, Move, Engage” addresses the kinetic component of the SOCOM mission. Active projects embraced by the engage variable include weapons, munitions, operator survivability, signature reduction, non-lethal technologies, vision augmentation and a variety of other … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2011 – Mobility

Understanding and Communicating are all prerequisites to Engage but the equation falls apart if you can’t move your teams with safety, speed, reliability, and a modicum of comfort; a lesson learned from operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, where better than … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2011 – Communicate

In my last SOFIC 2011 post, I touched on the “Understand” component of Adm. Olson’s vision for USSOCOM post Geronimo EKIA. It is at the heart of everything that USSOCOM does but more importantly it is key to meeting our military and … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions

I will continue SOFIC 2011 coverage with some very cool maritime and aviation mobility. I’ll also have more reviews completed on some pretty interesting gear and technologies. So, stick with us. Remember that you can always visit FOG HORN to … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2011 – Understand

USSOCOM’s charter calls for near surgical precision; requiring that teams have as complete knowledge of their AOR, area of responsibility, as technology will allow. Cultural, language, situational awareness, surveillance and reconnaissance are essential to mission success. The need to understand dictates that USSOCOM … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2011 Business Opportunities Session Reiterates a Commitment To Small Businesses.

SOFIC 2011, Tampa, FL This year’s theme for the annual conference was “Understand, Communicate, Move and Engage” a need assessment articulated by Adm. Eric T. Olsen as he discussed his vision of USSOCOM post UBL EKIA. SOF Forces are presently engaged … Continue reading

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FNH Displays Ballista at SOFIC 2011…

FN Herstal (FNH) is part of the FN Group sharing a prominent spot with Browning and Winchester. FNH has been innovating and manufacturing small arms since 1889 and can claim trophies like the ubiquitous FN FAL rifles, the 9 mm HP pistol, … Continue reading

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Beretta Exhibits ARX160 at SOFIC 2011…

Courtesy Beretta USA – ARX 160 carbine. Beretta has been building firearms for quite sometime. The company enjoys an enviable position in the law enforcement, military and commercial markets offering a high quality and well diversified product portfolio. Currently, Beretta supplies … Continue reading

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Neilsen Kellerman at SOFIC 2011

Nielsen Kellerman exhibited their latest and greatest version of their flagship wind meter, the Kestrel HORUS ATrag wind meter. What separates their latest rendition from its other instruments is that the Kestrel HORUS ATrag is specifically designed for military and … Continue reading

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It’s A Glock!

Writing about Glock has to be a difficult task for all industry writers; I know it is for me. But, that’s not a negative. It’s simply a question of how to describe perfection. Referring to Glock as the “people’s handgun … Continue reading

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Streamlight Exhibits at SOFIC 2011

Streamlight designs,  manufactures and markets a variety of portable lighting products including a  broad range of miniature, rechargeable and standard battery,  precision-engineered flashlights and lanterns for professional fire fighting, law enforcement, military,  industrial, outdoor and automotive applications. The company can … Continue reading

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Diving Officer Make Your Depth 65 Feet – Raising #2 Periscope – No Shadows, No Shadows, Scope Breaking, Scope Out.

Just got back from a great two weeks so there’s quite a bit to talk about. One of those, was SOFIC 2011; it was outstanding and gets better year-over-year. However, before I set the pencil to paper, I would like to thank the … Continue reading

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