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STAR WARS Episode VII or DOD’s 5 Year Business Plan

This Friday’s shoot-the-shit is an open discussion on who knocked who off. If you’ve seen the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer, just released today, you can observe some similarities between it an what the DoD sees as a future … Continue reading

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Artist Conception, Or Could It Be TALOS Mod 0 ?

I thought it might be a good way to open Monday morning with the cover photo from the July 2014 issue of Popular Science Magazine. The picture you see may be much closer to a first rendition of TALOS (Tactical … Continue reading

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BAE’s Q-Warrior Closer To Primetime.

  As battlefield objectives become more specific, the need for precision increases correspondingly. The successful kinetic operation needs a greater level of accuracy if we are to avoid collateral damage, fratricide and maintain the good will of indigenous people. So, … Continue reading

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USSOCOM Partners With Industry and Allies To Develop Land and Sea Capabilities.

If you attended SOFIC 2013 in Tampa, one of the many focal points articulated is the need, and desire, to return Navy SEALS to their waterborne lineage. Interpret that to mean the 10+ years of conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq … Continue reading

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