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Yet Another True Story…

The upcoming RNC in Tampa has generated a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. This morning found me sitting in the Patio at Panera’s having a cup of coffee. My table was at the corner of Swann Ave. and Howard. The light … Continue reading

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Another True Story – The Case of The Professional

When I launched the FOG HORN my charter was to provide relevant and accurate material of value to individuals engaged in the front lines of defense. So, I talk about a lot of things relevant to the GWOT, and those … Continue reading

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Is There A Vaginal Pulmonary Link?

Recently, I was at a local Starbucks enjoying a Verona French Press doing some research for a review I’m working on. A few minutes after my arrival two individuals arrive. One wearing an N.Y.C. shirt. The other, a female, was dressed in … Continue reading

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