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SpearUAV Unveils Ninox – a Unique Encapsulated Drone System for Instant ISTAR Capabilities

Immediately launched and intuitively operated, the encapsulated drone system provides an on-demand, on-the-move, instant drone intelligence capability for ground, air and naval forces 6 August 2020, SpearUAV – an innovative company that develops and supplies unique UAS solutions for defense … Continue reading

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Drone technology leaders, experts and geeks! Join the conversation at the FAA UAS Symposium!

What’s now and what’s next on drone technology?Find out at the FAA UAS Symposium Are you in the drone business or simply have a passion for flying drones? The 5th Annual FAA UAS Symposium is coming to you this summer … Continue reading

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U.S. Department of Transportation Announces Technology Partners for Remote ID Development

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today announced the eight companies that will assist the Federal government in establishing requirements for future suppliers of Remote Identification (Remote ID). Remote ID will enable Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), … Continue reading

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Ohio’s Plans for UAM, Air Force Fly-off & more..

Presented by King Aerospace Ohio’s Plans for UAM, Air Force Fly-off & more..With the COVID-19 virus on everyone’s mind, and the World ATM Congress in Madrid cancelled, organizers of other upcoming UAM events have not indicated to me any changes … Continue reading

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Grand Sky Flying High as it Celebrates Five Years

America’s commercial UAS proving ground provides unmatched industry capabilities and creates dramatic economic impact to Red River Valley GRAND FORKS, N.D. — Grand Sky Development Company, LLC (Grand Sky), the nation’s first commercial unmanned aerial system (UAS) testing and training … Continue reading

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Elbit Systems UK modern solutions of military equipment in the fields of Land Air Navy DSEI 2019

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  The UAV IMSI Catcher # CC4300UTRACKING MOBILE PHONES + INTELLIGENCEFROM ABOVE Features: Track mobile phones with remoteaerial IMSI / IMEI collection Gather data upon thousands ofphones in minutes at fly-by speeds Operation used for covert and discreet monitoring modes … Continue reading

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Amazon1 respectfully submits this petition for exemption to facilitate the operations of our Prime Air delivery service using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the United States. Specifically, Amazon seeks an exemption: (1) pursuant to 49 U.S.C. § 44807 to fulfill … Continue reading

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You’re Grounded !

TGIF, we’ve made it through another week! I hope you’ve all had a productive and incident free week. I’ve been working on a number of reviews so stay tuned. I’m looking forward to the weekend as John Wick Chapter 3 … Continue reading

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LAANC Scheduled Maintenance

  The FAA has informed us that LAANC will undergo scheduled maintenance on Sunday, March 31st 2019 from 8:00 PM – 12:00 AM (PDT). During this time, requesting and receiving LAANC authorizations through the AirMap for Drones mobile application will … Continue reading

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AeroVironment MacCready Works Donates Quantix Systems to West Point Military Academy to Support Its Robotics Research Center

  SIMI VALLEY, Calif., July 27, 2018 – AeroVironment, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVAV), a global leader in unmanned aircraft systems for both defense and commercial applications, today announced its MacCready Works lab has donated automated Quantix™ hybrid drones, spare parts and … Continue reading

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Integration of the sUAS In Training and Tactical Operations

EnforceTac  NuernbergMesse The integration of the sUAS in training and tactical operations is expanding the capabilities of EU responders and is providing a level of close quarters security previously unavailable.

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LAANC Expands Nationwide

The FAA has announced an official timeline for nationwide expansion of the LAANC program. With LAANC, Sinclair Broadcast Group gets a new angle on breaking news stories. After 6 months of being the preferred UAS Service Supplier of automated airspace … Continue reading

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ECA Group Tethered UAV

ECA Group was one of several exhibitors at the 2017 Paris Air Show. The company is aggressively developing UAV surveillance systems for a broad range of applications, including maritime operations. Important to note is the emphasis on tethered systems that … Continue reading

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Continuing with the SOF requirements for more UAVs, there is also a need to detect and target a hostile sUAV. One approach is based on a directed energy system like the one developed by Boeing. The directed energy system focus … Continue reading

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U.T.SEC – Unmanned Technologies & Security 2017: Premiere at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg

New exhibition and conference at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg Focus on security topics Partner entities UAV DACH and the Association for Security Technology (VfS)Focus on security topics. Security using drones, and security against drones, are the focus of the U.T.SEC … Continue reading

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I’ve been chatting with a number of my UAV sources and was informed that UAV sales have been through the roof this Holiday Season. The majority of buyers fall under the category of recreational users. I think that’s a wonderful … Continue reading

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The proliferation of hobby and commercial sUAS represents a significant threat to commercial aviation and domestic critical infrastructure. DHS, FAA and DOD are the principal drivers behind the recent Draconian restrictions placed on commercial and hobby sUAS flight.  The Federal … Continue reading

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A number of our readers may operate drones as a tool while conducting training, videography or both. It’s important that you understand and comply with FAA rules and regulation. There are a number of regulations in place. First you can … Continue reading

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Is Skynet Coming?

I’m a confirmed early adopter. All my life, I’ve embraced technology and used it extensively as an enabler. I seek knowledge of it, ways to apply it and master it. Others express noticeable timidity, suspicion, and in extreme cases irrational … Continue reading

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Johnny Dronehunter

  The year is 2015 a.d. and man has survived the wars but he faces new and present dangers. Technology which once helped him now hunts him, and liberty is a passing concept. Freedom belongs to those who stand squarely … Continue reading

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  Drone Munitions Launches Tactical Drone Defense Ammunition Premium ammunition and merchandising protecting the freedoms and rights to privacy of American citizens. Meridian, Idaho (February 2015)- Drone Munitions, based out of Meridian, ID is pleased to announce the launch of … Continue reading

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STAR WARS Episode VII or DOD’s 5 Year Business Plan

This Friday’s shoot-the-shit is an open discussion on who knocked who off. If you’ve seen the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer, just released today, you can observe some similarities between it an what the DoD sees as a future … Continue reading

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Iran Unveiled Its New Armed Drone

Apparently this new drone is designed for air-to-air engagements against rotor, fixed winged and UAV aircraft. The drone is armed with air-to-air missiles.

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Finmeccanica SPYBALL-B and ASIO-B micro and mini UAVs

ASIO-B and SPYBALL-B UAVs are two very cool little UAS from Italian Manufacturer Finmeccanica. Since completion of development and testing these micro and mini UAVs have passed their factory acceptance tests, and are now headed to the Italian Army for … Continue reading

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Aurora Flight Science SKATE Small Unmanned Aircraft System

  The last 12 years of uninterrupted action in Iraq and Afghanistan has ushered in a number of technologies touted as force multipliers; however, none are as deserving of the accolade as the Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV), but in particular … Continue reading

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Deer Trail, CO, Officials Are Asked To Please NOT Shoot Down Drones.

Just when you think you’ve hear it all, you discover that you’re only at the tip of the iceberg. It appears that officials from Deer Trail, CO are contemplating issuing a $25 drone hunting license. They may even post a … Continue reading

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IDF Spokeswoman Describes Israel’s Response to the Unidentified UAV Intrusion Into Israeli Air Space

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LaserMotive Technology To Refuel Stalker UAV In Flight

On 11 July 2012, Lockheed Martin issued a press release about a joint test with LaserMotive using laser power to keep their Stalker UAS powered for more than 48 hours. LaserMotive, headquartered just outside of the Seattle area, has brought to fruition … Continue reading

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Infotron IT180 VTOL UAV

  I thought  counter-rotating rotors were exclusive to the Kamov Russian designs, a la Mischa… This little guy sports 2 counter-rotating rotors, and can be deployed in 2 minutes or less. It comes with a choice of powerplants either an electric brushless … Continue reading

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SOFIC 2012 / ISOF 2012 – AeroVironment Raven® UAS

When I first started talking about the UAS and UAV systems, I alluded to the fact that these devices are increasingly becoming and extension of the soldier operator and as important as anything else in his array of tools. My assertion is proving to be … Continue reading

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SELEX Galileo Puts The Lead In UAS System Integration and Control With skyISTAR…

When you think of budget dollars and the allocation thereof, into the forseeable future, look to ISR. And the UAS will be the workhorse at all levels with specific focus on the man packable platforms. At this years DSEi, SELEX Galileo announced ISTAR an open … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Believe the UAV Will Become One of the More Meaningful Developments in Our Lives, You Need To Checkout The Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter…

Man’s fascination with flight began when man encountered his first Aves. The concept of soaring into the skies so preoccupied man that he developed aircraft to carry him into that lofty space. Soon after his first flight, man saw aviation in a … Continue reading

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