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Ukraine’s Ukroboronrpom Delivered 7.62×39 WAC-47 for Field Testing

The new assault rifle is scheduled to become the new standard issued rifle design to meet NATO standards. The WAC-47 is a step forward by the Ukrainian Defense Industry to meet Euro-Atlantic structures. Development of the WAC-47 platform is a … Continue reading

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Headlines: November 6, 1991 KGB Dissolved

It’s Friday and time to kick start the weekend, I hope everyone had a productive week. It’s also time for our weekly shoot the shit, and boy there is a veritable cornucopia of shit to choose from; however, NOTHING surpasses … Continue reading

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The Only Reason Russians Want To Be In The Ukraine

This Friday’s shoot-the-shit topic is for Dad. He’s that special guy that takes out the garbage, puts off playing 18 holes to take the family to the zoo, leaves the house at 5:00 a.m. and comes home at 6:00 p.m., … Continue reading

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These pictures are from a Facebook post by Serg Stroy. Serg has captured images of a separatist militia preparing for the worst. You can see his post here This Ukrainian Babushka has got some pretty good form!  

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It’s Time To Fight Fire With Water

There is an old Japanese saying that you “Fight Fire With Water.” It goes against our own philosophy that you “Fight Fire With Fire” as the preferred method for dealing with adversity or a difficult situation. When juxtaposed, the contrast … Continue reading

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Ukraine The SA11 Surface To Air Missile System

I want to take the time to add some content for readers on the SA11 Surface to Air Missile System you’ve all been hearing about. Its proper name is the BUK and it was developed in Soviet Russia. The system … Continue reading

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Executive Order 13662 SSI List Sanctions Kalashnikov Concern

The U.S. Department of the Treasury has updated its list of sanctioned Russian  companies resulting from the Ukrainian situation. “KALASHNIKOV CONCERN (a.k.a. CONCERN KALASHNIKOV; a.k.a. IZHEVSKIY MASHINOSTROITEL’NYI ZAVOD OAO; f.k.a. IZHMASH R&D CENTER; f.k.a. JSC NPO IZHMASH; f.k.a. NPO IZHMASH … Continue reading

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Ukraine – A Final Analysis

We wrote a piece, “Why We Should Extricate Ourselves From The Ukraine As Soon And As Quietly As Possible.” In it, we laid out some facts that don’t get discussed in the mainstream media but are relevant, once you know … Continue reading

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Why We Should Extricate Ourselves From The Ukraine As Soon And As Quietly As Possible.

As citizens and enlightened professional you want to base choices on facts and a well reasoned approach to decision making. I clearly understand that global politics may preclude that process, but at some point in time we really should make … Continue reading

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Reader Question Regarding My Post Of Ukrainian Intelligence Photos

A week or so ago, I posted a short piece centered around the Ukrainian intelligence photos allegedly linking Pro-Russian separatists to Russian military and/or intelligence services. You can revisit the article here. My point was not to give you an … Continue reading

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Why Good Analysis Is Essential To Understanding And Defining A Mission

The essence of problem resolution and decision making is that ALL data elements are assessed using the same light and microscope. It is the only method that will reliably produce the correct answer. The New York Times ran a piece … Continue reading

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Our Read On The Ukraine Crisis

We decided to write this article because mainstream media critical analysis of the situation is sadly  lacking. Secondly, I want to avoid any possible stampede to local Wal-Mart’s across the land as people prepare for “Red Dawn.” It’s bad enough … Continue reading

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