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The Many Reasons You Need to Vote November 6, 2018

I hope you are all well, it’s been a difficult week for readers in the Florida Panhandle, especially those in the Mexico Beach Area. The images coming out of that area remind me of Homestead, FL after Andrew blew through … Continue reading

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This Coming Tuesday Is November 4th Vote.

On Tuesday, November 4th, citizens across this great land of ours will make their voices heard. It is the personification of “government by the people.” Exercise that power and be part of those who speak out. Vote On November 4th; … Continue reading

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Please Tell MIL-SPEC Monkey What You Think.

MIL-SPEC Monkey is a CA Home Boy, who is probably one of the most unpretentious people on the planet. His every step is an expression of cool. Many of his moral patches can be seen in the darkest corners of … Continue reading

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