This Holiday Season Give Someone A LuminAid Pack Light

Solar Light by LuminAID

Every year moms and dads sit around the table deciding on appropriate gifts for casual friends and co-workers; if that’s you, I’d like to offer a suggestion that your recipients will love. Give a LuminAid pack light. I’ve had some for quite a few years and they are as bright now as they were when new. The pack light is solar powered. The integrated panel charges the internal battery which can then be used to illuminate your hiking trail, camp site, cave or what have you. I keep mine charged by attaching it to the back of my pack. This light will charge even under overcast conditions. LuminAid has two light intensity setting high or low. Readers, these lights are really great and you can take that from some one that actually uses them. You couldn’t have a better and more reliable source of emergency lighting on the road or at home.

At $24.95 it’s not a budget buster and the recipient will truly love them. Check it out! You can pick yours up here.

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