One of my objectives while at this year’s EUROSATORY was to spend some time with nondomestic small arms manufacturers. My first stop took me to the Polish Armaments Group (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa). The PGZ is a Polish conglomerate made up of 60 companies dedicated to being a one stop shop for modern defense solutions. The representative was kind enough to spend quite a bit of time with me, and in talking with him you could feel the sense of national pride – always a good indication.

All of the company’s shoulder fired weapons are available in two varieties, NATO compliant and the more common Eastern European  7.62 x 39 chamberings. Build quality and ergonomics were excellent as well.


Their newest carbine originally designated  the Modular Firearm System (MSBS) 5.56, renamed GROT C in 2017,  is a joint project of “Łucznik” Arms Factory in Radom and the Military University of Technology. The company produces 11 variants. This modern military system covers an entire family of weapons based on a single MSBS design. The line is composed of 6 classical versions (standard rifle, rifle with grenade launcher, mini-rifle, machine gun, sharpshooter rifle and rifle for the Representative Battalion of the Polish Army) and 5 bullpup variants (standard rifle, rifle with grenade launcher, mini-rifle, machine gun and sharpshooter rifle).


All in all, an impressive offering from PGZ of very high quality small arms. As of this writing, it’s my understanding that the GROT C carbine will have a commercial variant which should be announced at SHOT SHOW 2019.


Above is PGZ’s Alex rifle, a sniper platform featuring a bullpup design and chambered in 338 Lapua Magnum – detachable magazine, smooth action with an equally good trigger.

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