Longshot Target Cameras by TargetVision HAWK Spotting Scope Camera

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What do you get when you bring together a veteran, guys that love to shoot and CCTV experience? You get Longshot Target Cameras by TargetVision, a Texas company. Prior to Shot Show 2019, I had not heard of them but found myself intrigued by this young company. Little did I know that their products and technology would literally revolutionize the shooting experience.

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4 Responses to Longshot Target Cameras by TargetVision HAWK Spotting Scope Camera

  1. Alex Little says:

    Hawk works fine at 100 yards only with my Vortex Razor spotting scope. I tried 300 yards and it is impossible to find a bullet hole. Not good for much past 150 yards with a quality 60x scope.


  2. Alex says:

    My spotting scope goes from 25x to 60x and I tried them all. Then the hawk will zoom in if you widen the screen. Very bad resolution. I tried an Android tablet, an iOS tablet, and my iPhone X and still cannot find a bullet hole in a white background at 300 yards. In my opinion and experience the Hawk is worthless at anything approaching 200 yards and beyond.


    • Good feedback. It’s self centering so there shouldn’t be an alignment issue. Sometimes environmental lighting will mess with you. Smart device resolution is worth checking but in all honesty that’s unlikely to be the problem. Have you tried talking to the Targetvision guys. Maybe there’s an optical issue with your Hawk. The Vortex Razor has excellent optics. Interesting! Thanks again and have a great week.


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