Have the Best of Both Worlds


LIGHTS,CAMERA,ACTION GET YOUR DAILY DOSE OF POCKET POWER You love the feel of a tactical knife but need something a little more practical for everday use. Now you can have the best of both worlds with the mighty 9570BK/BK-1 Mini Claymore, our new, ultra-tough mini auto. With a trimmed-down pocket-friendly size, the Mini Claymore delivers the same lightning-fast blade actuation, edge retention, and overall strength as its full-size counterpart, with a new lighter feel and fit in the palm of your hand. Now that’s a motion picture. [ GET YOURS ]


With a closed length of 4.18 in., the Mini Claymore is pocket-ready for everyday use and performance-tested for your hardworking lifestyle. [ GET YOURS ]

Benchmade Knife Company 300 Beavercreek Road Oregon City, Oregon 97045

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