Precision Rifles Require Precision Rings

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MDT Scope Rings

Superior Clamping System

Solid Contact Solid Performance

All MDT Scope Rings are manufactured to STANAG 4694 specification, also known as “NATO spec”. This means that the scope ring sits tight onto the top of the scope base rail, rather than having a gap like some. This ensures a far more solid and secure mounting system.

The bottom rail interface is machined at the same time as the clamp interface, guaranteeing that all rings are square and parallel.

MDT Scope Ring Height Options

The Perfect Fit For the Perfect Optic

With 1” (25.4mm), 30mm, 34mm and 35mm options (see website for details) MDT is bound to have the perfect option for your scope. 

MDT Piremier, Elite and One-Piece Scope Mounts shown

Robust Camping Force

Thick, single piece clamp system will never bend, fatigue or become loose with use. With the MDT Premier Rings at 20mm (1.79”) cap thickness and the MDT Elite Rings and One-Piece Mount at 1”.

Stepped base-to-cap easy install

Easy Install

All MDT scope rings use a stepped base-to-cap interface, allowing you to fasten all bolts on one side of the cap, and make final adjustments to your scope to perfect position before then inserting the remaining bolts.

Precision CMM machine shown

Accessory Scope Ring Caps

Attachment Options.

The MDT Accessory Scope Ring Caps allow the attachment of rails, RDS plates and more to your scope mount. These Accessory Caps are included with the MDT One-Piece Scope Mount, but can also be purchased separately for the MDT Elite Scope Rings.

MDT One-Piece Scope Mount

Recoil Lug Shown

Integrated Recoil Lug

The MDT One-Piece Scope Mount features an integrated recoil lug built into the underside interface, ensuring unrivaled results in repeatability and strength under recoil.

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