IWI US Sponsors the 2014 Indiana SWAT Challenge

There are several SWAT Challenges around the country; they are a great venue for comradery and information exchange. It’s great to see company’s like IWI invest in the events, and we thank them for their participation. These officers are a talented and dedicated group of people.

2252Harrisburg, Pa. (July 2014)IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., is proud to announce a corporate sponsor partnership with Indiana SWAT Challenge, Inc. (ISC), a non-profit corporation based in Muncie, Indiana. Now, in its 13th year, the Indiana SWAT Challenge offers SWAT teams from across the country an opportunity to test and train in a unique military-style setting. Teams compete while sharpening their skills in real-world type scenarios. This year the Indiana SWAT Challenge, hosted by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, will be held at Camp Atterbury in Edinburgh, Indiana.

“The Indiana SWAT Challenge provides SWAT officers an ideal opportunity to experience the benefits of the TAVOR® SAR, especially its compact size, perfect for entry, enclosed interior spaces and for getting in and out of patrol cars,”  Michael Kassnar, VP of Sales and Marketing for IWI US, commented. “We are proud to partner with an organization that provides officers with serious training and testing in an atmosphere of camaraderie and community support.”

“The partnership between ISC & IWI is an ideal match,” Tony Skinner, ISC President, added. “The SWAT Challenge brings over one hundred highly motivated SWAT officers to Indiana for the competition every year. This year they will be rewarded with the prospect of shooting the world’s most advanced rifle-the TAVOR® SAR. We are excited about providing this through our sponsor, IWI US, and introducing IWI US to the best tactical officers around. ISC’s expectations are for a long and successful partnership.”

The Indiana SWAT Challenge takes place September 3rd-6th, 2014. Members of the Delaware County Emergency Response Team staff the Challenge and do not participate.

More information on the event can be found at www.indianaswatchallenge.com.

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Three New Performance Red Dot Sights From Millet Tactical

 Millett, has announced the release of three new tactical red dot sights. The new M-Force, M-Pulse and Speed Point red dot sights.

The M-Force features a 5 MOA red dot with a fully-coated fixed power optic for a bright sight picture and quick target acquisition. Constructed with a durable 30mm tube, the M-Force comes with flip-open scope caps and a one-piece, tool-free cantilever mount for optimum sight height and quick installation on AR rifles.


The high-quality, all-aluminum constructed M-Pulse features a self-adjusting 5 MOA red dot that illuminates in harmony with ambient light conditions. The sight, which includes a tool-free high rise mount ideal for AR platforms, activates once the sight cover is removed and offers versatility across a broad range of light conditions.




The entry level Speed Point works great as a single sighting system or in conjunction with other sights. Featuring fully-coated optics and a 5 MOA red dot, the Speed Point offers a bright sight picture and rapid target acquisition at a variety of ranges. It comes with high tactical rings for proper alignment on AR platforms.

The Millett red dot sights are prices at $90.95 for the Speed Point, $220.95 for the M-Force and $259.95 for the M-Pulse.

For more information visit www.millettsights.com or call 1-800-423-3537.

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Gear Review: First Light USA TORQ™- NV


When I heard First Light USA was adding an entry level tactical lighting line, I was looking forward to seeing the concept firsthand. Entry level concepts often suggest that you may need to give up some of your requirements, so the decision revolves around a measure of what you are willing to compromise on. Not at all the case with the TORQ line. I was pleasantly surprised to see how generous First Light was with features and ergonomics.  You give up the machined aluminum housing for an injection molded polymer but keep an IPX7 waterproof rating with huge number of features and modes; including an emergency beacon you can view here: video

Read My Review

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Magpul Industries Is Adding M-LOK Compliant Mounting Accessories

Magpul’s M-LOK system is based on simplicity and versatility. By eliminating the weight and complexity of the quad rail architecture, the company has succeeded in delivering a lighter, simpler and more versatile solution.

Magpul Industries has now added the cantilever rail / light mount, which uses the M-LOK interface to allow the installation of rail segments where they are needed.


By combining the rail with other accessories, for example the Light Mount V-Block and Rings, the end-user can easily configure a light mount.



Magpul Industries

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SECTOR 4: Extraction


SECTOR 4: Extraction

Well its quite likely that you’ll feel better about contracting Ebola than watch this movie. This had to be the product of a bunch of airsofters and filmed with a Blackberry – oh wait, they don’t have cameras, well neither did these guys. Had they shot it on an iPhone it would have been better. What editing or postproduction?

The story is about an “elite” band of mercenaries (read PMCs) caught in Afghanistan after F18’s mistakenly drop ordnance on a team of 4. One escapes from captivity, after a cage fight with 4 Taliban guards; taking the last one out with a sankaku hold then escaping into the desert where he spends most of his time looking up at the sun while trying to unsuccessfully die; only to be rescued by one of two helos that happened to be passing by.

I’m not suggesting that you save your money, or anything like that, but I’m sorry to say that it was bad to the point of being hilarious.

If you do watch it, I’d be interested in knowing if the helmet worn by Nash is a skateboard bump helmet, and what you thought of Nash taking on 4 Army Delta that stopped him in the Afghan hills while looking for Bin Laden.

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G-Code Is Having An End of July Sale 15% Off


15% Off

Use coupon code: BUYUSA

This coupon is one time use. This is only for the end user. Offer does not apply to G-Code Dealers.

Visit: http://www.tacticalholsters.com/

Offer Expires: July 31st 2014 midnight

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DeerLab And Bushnell Team To Increase A Hunter’s Odds


Bushnell is a pioneer in trail cam technology. The trail cam allows property owners to install geo referenced cameras throughout their property. These cameras, many of which are wireless, provide the property owner with day and night video and still images of wildlife. These images can then be analyzed to determine the most productive area to hunt. As advanced as this technology is what was lacking is a systematic approach to profiling specific game.

For example, let’s say you’re a rancher and you determine that a mountain lion or coyote is hitting your herd. You deploy Bushnell Trophy HD cameras throughout your property and begin collecting photo and video images. You identify the culprit to be a mountain lion, and he appears at various locations on your property, as captured by different cameras. Where are your best chances of dispatching the animal.

To best do this, you need a way to process your photos under software control so that you can tag photos and develop a profile that shows you where your best chances are for catching the animal.  DeerLab is the resource that will do this for you. It is web based so it is platform agnostic. Use it with a tablet, PC, laptop or other smart device.

The Bushnell / DeerLab partnership provides Trophy Cam customers with a free one-month DeerLab trial and discounted subscription offer.

DeerLab simplifies the management and analysis of trail camera photos, helping hunters more effectively pattern deer and hunt smarter. Their app helps hunters understand patterns of specific animals at various camera locations, and simplifies the previously laborious process of managing thousands of trail camera images from numerous cameras and properties. The web-based service, accessible from a computer, tablet or smart phone, automatically synchronizes photos with comprehensive local weather data and allows hunters to easily filter photos by camera, date, weather condition, specific deer, moon phase and more. In addition, DeerLab identifies which cameras are capturing specific deer, the time of day the deer are most active, and when they show up at a particular camera, helping the hunter identify when and where to hunt.

Far be it for me to suggest this but it seems to be a great tool for property owners suffering from poachers in and around our southern borders.

This video will show you just how powerful of a tool DeerLab is.

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The Duke’s House In Fayetteville, NC

Front Door

Our friends at SSD shared this and I have to admit it is possibly one of the best ideas I’ve seen. The concept is straight forward. Two SOF veterans decided to cross a safe house with a hotel. In Europe you’d call it a SOF centric hostel. The purpose is to provide a more comfortable arrangement for SOF personnel TDY to Ft. Bragg. It beats a motel any day of the week.

Amenities Include

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Cable T.V.
  • Full sized kitchen
  • Business Center
  • Maid Service
  • 60” HD Television
  • Internet Proxy Service
  • In-room safe
  • In-room fridges
  • Laundry Service
  • Free Beer

So if you’re traveling to Ft. Bragg NC stay at The Duke’s House and you won’t feel like a pilgrim. For reservations and information visit The Duke’s House web site.

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GEMTECH Has Released Its Latest Rimfire Suppressor The GM-22


The GM-22 uses a monolithic baffle design developed by GEMTECH and marketed a G-Core. It is end-user serviceable. The GM-22 attenuates sound 36-39 dB and is compatible with .22LR, .22WMR and .17HMR . It is full auto rated, 5” overall and a 1” tube. The silencer uses a 1/2-28 Ti Thread Insert for the mount. M.S.R.P. is $395

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FLIR Accepting Pre-Orders For FLIR One iPhone Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR One is a thermal camera for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. It operates at the 10 micron spectrum and supports the full palette of colors including white hot / black hot. The image is matrixed consisting of a visible image and the thermal image all recorded on your iPhone. They are available for pre-order directly from FLIR for $349.

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Arsenal SLR-107FR Are Back In Stock


Arsenal’s SLR-107FR is one of the hottest selling 7.62×39 stamped receiver AK on the market. The quality is superb and they are an extraordinary base weapon system for a bionic AK build. They really are that  good. These rifles don’t last long so you may want to pick one up.

Detailed Product Description:

The 7.62×39 caliber SLR-107FR is a top notch, stamped receiver, semi-automatic modern sporting rifle manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada, utilizing only the best and authentic Arsenal factory components. It is manufactured with a Bulgarian made Arsenal mil-spec 1mm stamped receiver and cold hammer forged and hard chrome lined barrel. The authentic US made components, such as the anti-slap double stage trigger group, mil-spec polymer stock set, left-side folding solid polymer buttstock, and a one-piece muzzle brake perfectly complete this rifle for unparalleled quality and accuracy.
Some of the other features of the SLR-107FR include: stainless steel heat shield, 800 meter rear sight leaf, trapdoor for cleaning kit compartment, accessory and bayonet lugs on gas and front sight blocks, 24×1.5mm right-hand threads, removable muzzle brake, and receiver side mounted scope rails for attaching any standard scope mount, including Arsenal, Inc.’s latest SM-13 scope mount.

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Shot Trak HD Gun Camera From American Technologies Network (ATN) Is Now Shipping.

There was considerable scuttle butt about a gun camera under development by American Technologies Network on the Peninsula, more accurately South San Francisco. ATN calls it the Shot Trak HD (High Definition) Camera, and it looks like a winner. The camera is recoil proof, military grade housing, but even more interesting is that it’s equipped with a red laser adjustable for windage and elevation. Ergo, mount it on your weapon system and you’ve availed yourself of an accessory that will not only record your activity but performs double duty as a laser aiming module for your firearm.

The camera uses a 5 Mega Pixel sensor at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 / 30 fps (Full HD). Included is 5x magnification for those tight shots. The Shot Trak also features a built in microphone for recording audio. Other features include a Weaver Mount and MicroSD support up to 32GB. The unit is powered by a CR123A battery that delivers 20 hrs. of run time, laser only and 2 hours of video recording.

Shot Trak is available in two models, the Shot Trak HD gun camera for $139.00 M.S.R.P. or the Shot Trak HD X (Laser Built-in) for $179.00 M.S.R.P.



For additional information on ATN’s Shot Trak  visit http://www.atncorp.com/smart-hd-gun-camera

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It’s Time To Fight Fire With Water

There is an old Japanese saying that you “Fight Fire With Water.” It goes against our own philosophy that you “Fight Fire With Fire” as the preferred method for dealing with adversity or a difficult situation. When juxtaposed, the contrast is very telling.

In the coming hours, EU leaders and delegates will meet to discuss additional sanctions to be placed on Russia for their involvement in the Ukraine, and its alleged role in the tragic downing of Malaysia Air MH17. As I sit back and watch this process unfold,  it presents itself as a runaway train, or rudderless vessel, lacking the restraint of lessons learned from a prior history of a bitter and unproductive Cold War that ranged from 1947 to 1985. Are we about to make the same costly mistakes in the name of MH17 and its victims? I sincerely hope not because an overwhelming majority of those lost souls would not wish to become the catalyst for another 40 or 50 years of strife and a world divided. This is an opinion I’ve formed from reading about them through the eyes of friends, colleagues and family.

As the world contemplates what actions to take, it needs to consider a number of things before making its decisions.

  1. It was risky and almost negligent to allow MH17 to enter an airspace where there was known anti-aircraft activity. It almost redefines stupidity.
  2. You cannot take the MH17 event, place it under a microscope, without considering the entire chronology of events that have driven the Ukraine Crisis to this point.
  3. You can not place blame on Russians for providing weapon systems to Ukrainian Separatists without exposing oneself to an accounting for the innocent civilian lives lost as a result of our own NATO covertly supplying weapon systems around the world; none of which was malicious, or evil, but done  with an eye towards advancing national interests. I think it’s fair to question Mr. Putin’s approach to protecting Russia’s national interests in the Crimea and Ukraine but ludicrous to deny they exist or that they may be divergent from the West’s perceptions.
  4. Lastly, there is a preponderance of evidence supporting the ineffectiveness of economic sanctions. Look around the world and I think you’ll see increased recalcitrance with the general population absorbing the brunt of its effects, without the culpability.

MH17 was a tragedy in all respects, but has there ever been a war without incidents of fratricide or collateral damage? Regrettably not!

I think it’s time for the fire hoses to come out before we all go up in flames. I can’t think of a better way to honor those lost lives than to memorialize them as the catalyst that brought peace to the Ukraine and its people.

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Silencerco Announce An Industry First–A Commercially Viable Shotgun Suppressor, The Salvo 12


WEST VALLEY CITY, UTAH – July 21, 2014 | Confirming its place as a trailblazer in the firearms industry, suppressor manufacturer SilencerCo has unveiled the first commercially-viable shotgun silencer ever produced. The company made the announcement today at an exclusive event near its Utah headquarters.

Every year, millions of sportsmen and women venture into the field to hunt. While advances in technology have spurred a record-breaking proliferation of rifle and handgun suppressors, shotgun owners have been without a real solution for sound protection. Some choose hearing protection in the form of earmuffs or plugs for relief in controlled environments, but most spurn their use in the field or in a home protection scenario, where the ability to detect other sounds is critical.

The new product, named the Salvo 12, provides a much needed option for shooting enthusiasts.

“The Salvo 12 represents a revolution in silencers, not just an evolution,” asserts Joshua Waldron, Chief Executive Officer for SilencerCo. “There is a huge installed base of shotgun hunters and shooters that has been waiting for a product like this for a long time, and we are proud to deliver it.”

In addition to its inherent novelty, the Salvo 12 is a modular design that allows the shooter to add or remove sections to balance length, weight and sound suppression needs. It arrives as a 12 inch suppressor, but can be reduced to 10, 8 and 6 inch configurations as needed.

For SilencerCo, answering the call for new products is nothing new. Since its origins in a Utah garage in 2008, the company has earned a fiercely loyal customer base by pioneering much-needed advances such as this. Among many others, its first and best-selling product, the Sparrow 22, is the quietest and easiest-to-clean rimfire suppressor on the market. The Osprey pistol suppressor still holds the only eccentric design in existence, allowing the host gun to maintain a flat sight plane.

Adding value to the sale, the Salvo 12 will carry with it the same celebrated lifetime warranty as all other SilencerCo products. To learn more or to find out how to purchase a SilencerCo Salvo 12, visit www.silencerco.com/salvo.

Manufacturer Specifications:

  • CALIBER: 12 ga.
  • Length:
    12″ – 32 OZ
    10″ – 27.5 OZ
    8″  – 23 OZ
    6″  – 18.5 OZ
  • WIDTH:
  • dB AT EAR:
    12″ – 132.0
    10″ – 134.1
    8″  – 137.0
    6″  – 140.6
    12″ – 137.9
    10″ – 141.1
    8″  – 145.1
    6″  – 149.2
    Hard Coat Anodized
    7075 T6 Aluminum
    17-4 Stainless Steel
    User Serviceable
    Variable-Length Configurations Lifetime Warranty Lightweight
  • MSRP:
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Mutualink Achieves Milestone Communications Advances during Department of Defense Exercise


At this year’s SOFIC Conference, in Tampa, Fl, I had the opportunity to receive a comprehensive overview of Mutualink’s interoperability technology. It was exceptional from both it’s interoperability as well as its dynamic reconfiguration and security. I think the only thing we didn’t try out was communication across different platforms from a pay phone. I can’t help but think how much better coordination would have been had this technology been available to 9/11 first responders.


Press Release

JUICE 2014 sees first-ever communications and interoperability achievements

WALLINGFORD, Conn., July 21, 2014Mutualink received high marks during the 2014 Joint Users Interoperability Communications Exercise (JUICE), held at the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG). The exercise brought together participants from the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corp, NATO Special Forces Headquarters, National Guard units, FEMA, TSA, and several other federal, state, and local agencies. In this complex communication environment, Mutualink was used to seamlessly and securely connect all participants via a resilient, peer-to-peer ad hoc network. 

According to members of the Joint On-demand Interoperability Network (JOIN) team, this was the first time in 21 years that all parties – the services, state emergency centers, first responder, allies, and other partners – were able to securely communicate while cyber-bandits were actively assaulting the network. Mutualink successfully defended against more than 3 million real-world cyber-attacks while simultaneously providing uninterrupted collaboration during several training scenarios to include a simulated earthquake and a wide-spread power outage.

Mutualink’s Multimedia Gateway (MMG) enabled a range of participants to easily communicate using their own communication equipment and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) tablets and devices. This interoperability breakthrough was proof positive that personnel are able to remotely join, collaborate and share multimedia resources – radio, telephony, video, chat, files, and data – regardless of their location, available network, or device.

Participants were also extremely pleased with the testing and evaluation of the new Mutualink Data Gateway, also known as a data conduit.  The Data Gateway provides a secure and easy way for Soldiers and Marines to exchange tactical and positional information in real time, even when using disparate communication networks and messaging formats. During JUICE 2014, troops were able to quickly and dynamically share real-time situational awareness from high- to low-side systems between multiple units on three continents. Mutualink used numerous networks and delivery mechanisms to exchange information, including Ka, Ku, WGS satellites, open internet, cellular 3G/4G, WiFi, and more.      

Additional Mutualink successes at JUICE 2014 included:

· First-ever multi-agency secure Video Teleconferencing (VTC) of Department of Defense (DoD) and U.S. Federal agencies across a closed enclave utilizing a diverse range of vendor equipment. 

· Ability to connect and interoperate multiple HF radio systems with each other as well as with various disparate radios around the world using proprietary waveforms and protocols. This capability also connected HF radios to land-based and cellular telephone carriers. 

· Successful deployment of the mobile Operations Fusion Kit Version 2.0 (OFK 2.0), which possesses all of the benefits of the Mutualink interoperability system in a highly-mobile, compact, and user-friendly form factor. During the exercise, the OFK 2.0 received uninterrupted power for three days by way of a small, portable solar system.

“For the second year in a row Mutualink played an integral role in JUICE, and our interoperable communications system greatly exceeded the expectations of everyone who used it,” said retired Air Force Colonel Sonny Blinkinsop, Director of Mutualink Defense Services. “Besides our highly-successful outing at JUICE 2014, we are thrilled about receiving our Joint Interoperability Test Command accreditation for unified capability radio gateway and placement on the DoD’s approved product list.  Mutualink looks forward to delivering our advanced technology to even more federal, state, local, and international partners.”  

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Ukraine The SA11 Surface To Air Missile System

9K37 BUK-M1 SA-11 Gadfly technical data sheet specifications information description pictures photos images identification intelligence Russia Russian army ground-to-air missile air defense armoured vehicle

I want to take the time to add some content for readers on the SA11 Surface to Air Missile System you’ve all been hearing about. Its proper name is the BUK and it was developed in Soviet Russia.

The system is a tracked missile battery designed to engage and defeat airborne threats. By itself, it has a detection range of about 40km. That means with its radar up and running, it has the capability of detecting a target up to 40 kilometers away. The radar is a mono-pulse system using a conical scan with a relatively narrow beam width. This is important to know because it is incapable of searching 360 degrees. The system requires a crew of 3 one to operate the radar and guidance and the other 2 to operate electrical and missile systems. The BUK can be outfitted with 1 through 4 surface to air missiles. So, don’t draw any conclusions when seeing a BUK with only 2 missiles installed. The SA11 is not new nor is it a highly sophisticated system. It has been around since 1985. However, it’s guidance, speed and altitude makes it a serious threat. I takes 5 minutes for the crew to setup and use the SA11 and 5 minutes to take it down and start to move it.

The missiles travel at 850 m/s (1900 mph) and are capable of engaging targets up to 22,000 (72,178) meters and a maximum range of 35km. The missiles are detonated by direct impact or proximity.

In the real world, successful application of the SA11 requires that they operate with a secondary radar vehicle, one equipped with a medium to long range radar that can detect a target beyond 40km and determine heading, CPA (closets point of approach) and other parameters needed to develop a fire control solution. Once a threat assessment is made, the incoming target is handed over to the SA11 which then locks on target with its fire control radar. When the missile is fired, it flies to its target by riding the radar beam from the vehicle. The 9M38M1 missile, I believe, is also equipped with its own radar that controls final phase targeting.

The Dynamics of the MH17 shoot down are interesting. So I put together a slide to illustrate the point.


The figure basically shows that at its speed and altitude MH17 would have been in range of the SA11 site for 5 minutes and 11 seconds.

Added: 21 July 2014

I want to add a small amount of detail regarding the radar used on the BUK M1 (SA11). In search mode it pulses as it scans a sector. This is the equivalent to pulsing a laser pointer while moving it across a wall. When it detects a target it goes into continuous wave or CW, so it stops pulsing and on solid. The radar can scan a sector that is 120 degrees wide and to 6 to 7 degrees high, so let’s call it 6.5 degrees, in 4 seconds.

Radar Characteristics

So let’s assume that Ivan the Separatist had his SA11 site up an running, which is not generally done. Radars are allowed to transmit into dummy loads (i.e standby) or in the off position to avoid having to replace a Klystron tubes or being detected(1). Ivan would then need to know in what direction the airplane was traveling so that he can orient his fire control radar on the target. Well, maybe Ivan has good eyes and saw it coming at 33,000 feet in heavy weather conditions with overcast (2). Highly unlikely. The more probable scenario is that Ivan had knowledge of an inbound aircraft which gives him and his crew time to bring the missiles and radars online.

So what are the likely scenarios:

  1. Ivan the Separatist got a hand off from a tracking radar, maybe from the Russian side of the border, or just a lucky shot.
  2. It wasn’t Ivan the Separatist. It was the Ukrainian Military who tracked the flight and handed it off to one of its own SA11 sites not realizing that it was a commercial flight – the fact that in prior weeks they lost 2 military aircraft, their judgment or command and control may have been impaired.
    1. Given the overt effort on the part of the Ukrainian government to release COMINT intercepts to CNN and the media, I’m incline to think the truth may be closer to scenario number 2.  I’m still struggling with the idea of making a public disclosure that you are monitoring communications between Separatist and Russian Intelligence.

What do you think?


(1) One of the ways SA11 sites are taken out is using munitions that lock on to the SA11 launchers’ radar beam.

(2)  Or they had their own version of Tatto (Fantasy Island) yelling “da plane, da plane.”

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Daniel Defense Guns and Gear Summer Sweepstakes


Black Creek, GA- July 18, 2014- Daniel Defense, engineering and manufacturing the world’s finest firearms, precision rail systems and accessories, today announced the Guns and Gear Summer Sweepstakes.

Daniel Defense and participating companies teamed up to give one fan the chance to win this prize package, which consists of a Daniel Defense DDM4v5, Kimber PRO TLE/RL11, EOTech EXPS2-0 and G33 Magnifier, as well as a 5.11 Tactical COVRT M4-511 Bag. Together, the entire package is valued at $3892.00. “We greatly appreciate our customers and fans, and wanted to do something big to wrap up the summer,” says Jordan Hunter, Director of Marketing at Daniel Defense. “We partnered with a few select, well-respected companies to participate in this giveaway.”

The Guns and Gear Summer Sweepstakes runs July 18, 2014, to August 18, 2014. Those interested in participating can fill out the registration form at the official sweepstakes website: www.GunsandGearSweepstakes.com. No purchase is necessary to enter.

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Executive Order 13662 SSI List Sanctions Kalashnikov Concern

The U.S. Department of the Treasury has updated its list of sanctioned Russian  companies resulting from the Ukrainian situation.


Imposition of these sanctions prevent the importation of Saiga and Kalashnikov products. These restrictions will remain in force until removed by Executive Order.

Updated: 18 July 2013

There’s been some internet discussion on the likelihood of CONCERN KALASHNIKOV remaining in business, which seems to be very premature. Concern Kalashnikov was formed last year, so other that a 1.7 billion ruble loss for 2013, attributable to Izhmash, not a great deal is know about the new entity and what percentage of its total sales is attributable to the U.S. market. In fact, in January of this year, a contract was executed between a U.S. importer and Concern Kalashnikov for up to 200,000 arms annually for US and Canadian customers.  Since the contract was executed in January of 2014, and before the imposition of sanctions, it is my belief its exempt from the sanctions.

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or GAAP, allows a company to recognize revenue at the time a sale is made; in this case marked by execution of the contract between the parties . If Concern Kalashnikov were prevented from performing, it’s quite likely both parties to the contract would file suit for relief.

The bottom line is don’t abandon your dream of owning a CONCERN KALASHNIKOV AK  just yet because the jury is still out on this. So, it’s wait and see.

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News Blast From Tru-Spec

TRU-SPEC® has added a partnership with A-TACS, one of the most trusted “go-to” force protection and concealment systems on the planet, providing the AU (Arid/Urban) and FG (Foliage/Green) Camo patterns to their popular Tactical Response Uniform selections.  Both patterns will be available in TRU-SPEC® high tech Tactical Response Uniform (TRU), constructed with CORDURA® NYCO fabric which provides exceptional durability, comfort and No Melt, No Drip thermal performance. The TRU Shirt, TRU Pant, ¼ Zip Combat Shirt, Boonie and Patrol Cap will be available in the new patterns November 2014.

Secondly, the company has announced the addition of Bethany Harris to their roster of Award Winning Competitive shooters.  Bethany Harris has quickly risen to the top of the shooting circuit’s list of competitors.  She has competed and placed in USPSA, IDPA, GSSF and 3-Gun events.  Her versatility on the range and ability to adapt to different shooting environments has made her a force to be reckoned with.  Harris, who entered the competitive shooting arena in 2010, has celebrated winning High Lady and  a second place  Tac-Irons Division finish at the Task Force Dagger 3-Gun in 2014 already this year; adding to a list of accolades, including: 2013 3-Gun Nation Ladies Division: 4th Overall, 2013 3-Gun Nation Divisional Series: 3rd Tac-Irons Division, 2013 Southeastern 3-Gun Championship: Tac-Irons Division Champion and match High Lady, 2012 3-Gun Nation Amateur Series Finish: 9th and 2012 3-Gun Nation Ladies Division Finish: 5th.

Lastly, TRU-SPEC®, has announced their title as “Official Range-Wear” for the 2014 Brownell’s Rockcastle Pro-Am 3-Gun Championship, held August 22-24 at Rockcastle Shooting Center at Park Mammoth Resort in Park City, KY.  They will be outfitting the entire staff (to include Range Officer’s, score keepers and other event staff) with an option of a 24-7 Series® Shorts or Pants, Performance Polos, and Tac-T’s. Rockcastle will host more than 500 shooters on the various courses, making it the largest gathering of competitors (and sponsors) at any one 3-gun outing.

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Steyr Arms Factory Direct Two Day Only Sale!


Bessemer, AL (July 16, 2014)—Steyr Arms, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious firearms manufacturers, will hold an unprecedented two-day factory-direct sale of Steyr, Merkel and select Anschutz firearms at its new headquarters in Bessemer. The company, located at 2530 Morgan Road in Bessemer, will open the doors to its 3,000 sq./ft.—normally appointment-only—showroom to the public from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Friday, July 18th and Saturday, July 19th to hunters and firearm enthusiasts.

Held in coordination with Steyr’s 150th anniversary, the summer sale will be an opportunity for consumers to visit the new Steyr U.S. headquarters facility, learn more about the unique products the company offers, handle everything from hand-crafted and highly embellished double rifles costing in excess of $35,000 to the Steyr HS.50 rifle, which won the 2011, 2012 and 2014 championships straight-out-of-the-box at the Hunter Class at the Fifty Caliber Shooter Association World Championships to revolutionary and Steyr striker-fired pistols as well as the newest and yet unreleased Steyr AUG M1 platform variations. And they can take advantage of some really great savings.

Highlighting this summer sale will be the famous Steyr Pro Hunter packaged with a Zeiss scope for $1099, Merkel side-by-side shotguns and safari rifles at 30 percent off, Steyr pistols in select chamberings sale priced at an incredibly low price of $449, and up to $6,000 off factory demo guns and writer samples. Customers can stop by the new Steyr headquarters, or they can stop by many local Steyr dealers to take advantage of these great deals.

The Steyr Arms U.S. headquarters is easily accessible, just off I-459 at Exit 6 for Morgan Road and sits next to CVS distribution center. Please call 417-8644 for more information.

This is a great opportunity for hunters, shooters and firearm enthusiasts to view and purchase some of the world’s finest firearms at incredible prices within a breath-taking showroom of Steyr and Merkel products that’s unparalleled anywhere in the world. This is one sale that you don’t want to miss.

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Sneak Preview: First-Light USA TORQ-NV



Coming up this August, I’ll be taking you through First-Light USA’s TORQ-NV, multifaceted and multitalented personal light. In the development process, First Light USA has managed to add an articulating head, more functions, higher luminosity and simplification of access control for the various function.

One that I felt was particularly well implemented, and well suited to the law enforcement community, is the emergency beacon and I’ve included a short video clip for your perusal.

Catch my review in August because I have much more to say about the TORQ-NV.

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Finmeccanica SPYBALL-B and ASIO-B micro and mini UAVs


ASIO-B and SPYBALL-B UAVs are two very cool little UAS from Italian Manufacturer Finmeccanica. Since completion of development and testing these micro and mini UAVs have passed their factory acceptance tests, and are now headed to the Italian Army for its Forza NEC modernisation programme.

ASIO-B and SPYBALL-B are operated from control stations that look and feel like oversized PS-4 or XBOX controller leveraging the training younger soldiers have already received from gaming stations. These oversized video game control pads. Carried in backpacks and simple to fly, ASIO and SPYBALL  drones are designed to meet the requirements of the Italian Armed Forces and the latest NATO standards.

Finmeccanica – Selex ES’s micro and mini UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) weight up to two kilos (micro) and up to 20 kilos (mini). They share a common system architecture and ground control station hardware and meet the new Italian Directorate of Air Armaments AER.P-2 and NATO’s STANAG 4703 standard. They are able to gather data and information and store and distribute it via datalink.

SPYBALL-B is a fan-ducted mini electrical VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) system that can be packed and man-carried with a hovering capability specifically designed for close or over the hill surveillance and Army protection, particularly in urban areas. The system has a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of two kilos, an endurance of 25 minutes, five kilometer radio Link (LOS) and operating range. The system can carry stabilized color or infrared cameras which are software and mechanically pan & tilt stabilized. Image stabilization provides a crisp high quality video streams.

ASIO-B is a fully automatic electrical vertical take-off and ASIO-Blanding (VTOL) mini Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). It is a fan-ducted system so that it can be flown in tight quarters and in personnel presence. The system is used for surveillance, monitoring and intelligence roles.
The ASIO-B has a bit more than eight kilos maximum takeoff weight (MTOW), a 30 minute endurance, a radio link with a line of sight (LOS) range of over ten kilometers), and an operating range of seven kilometers. The system can carry stabilized color or infrared cameras which are software and mechanically pan & tilt stabilized. It is completely back packable and can be deployed and operated from a moving truck.

All in all I love these little bambinos. They are quite capable and adept to providing timely field and tactical intelligence in a very small and easy to use package.

John Stossel Eat Your Heart Out!

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Army Clarifies What Acceptable COTS Boots Are.

Sgt. Major of the Army Raymond Chandler III has issued guidance designed to eliminate speculation and misunderstandings with regards to what constitutes acceptable COTS boots. Sgt. Major of the Army Raymond Chandler III cites ALARACT Message 140/2007 and provides some examples of what boots are acceptable.

“Some examples of these items include, but are not limited to, the Belleville Model 390, the 8-inch Danner Desert TFX, the 8-inch Oakley S.I. Assault Boot as well as many other more traditional Army tan combat boot styles.”

These are not endorsements but merely examples of what is acceptable.


In addition he provides examples of unauthorized boot styles.

Sgt. Major Chandler outlines those characteristics COTS boots must posses to meet U.S. Army standards, Saying;

“The Army authorizes COTS boots as long as they are between 8 to 10 inches in height and made of tan rough side out of cattle hide leather, with a plain toe, and with a soling system similar in color to the tan upper materials. The soling materials cannot exceed two inches in height, when measured from the bottom of the outsole, and cannot extend up the back of the heel of the boot or over the top of the toe.”

“The exterior of the upper boot cannot contain mesh but must be constructed of all leather or a combination of leather and non-mesh fabric. Boots with metal or plastic cleats in the bottom of the soles and sewn-in or laced-in zippers or Velcro inserts are not authorized.”

“There are other leathers, such as pigskin, that do not meet the performance criteria of cattle hide. Cattle hide leather is more durable, and provides better performance in combat over pigskin. Soldiers should be aware that some companies sell ‘Warrior Leather” which is a common-use name for pigskin leather.”

“Rubber and polyether polyurethane are the only outsole materials authorized. Rubber and polyether polyurethane are the only outsole materials that currently meet the need for durability and traction on surfaces in multiple environments and temperature ranges, other materials, which may be of a lighter weight, do not meet soldiers performance standards.”

Read The Complete Story: Kit Up!

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MasterPiece Arms Introduces A Line Of Bolt Action Rifles

MasterPiece Arms of Comers, GA has just introduced 6mm and 6.5mm bolt action rifle, the MPA 6mmBA Bolt Action Rifle & the MPA6.5mmBA Bolt Action Rifle. My first encounter with the company’s bolt action rifle was at SHOT SHOW where it was wearing a Magpul PRS stock but it looks like MPA was busy implementing their own vision of a stock for its new rifle and I’ve got to admit that it looks real interesting.

These rifles are built on a MPA tactical aluminum chassis with a Stiller’s Precision TAC Series action and an MPA/Spencer hand-lapped barrel.

The chassis is produced from 6061 aluminum with a v-bedding system. MPA provides additional clearance for glass bedding the action and the straight section of the barrel. That’s a very nice feature to have, but for me it probably falls into the realm of diminishing returns as you almost have to try to create an alignment issue with aluminum v-blocks; however, it’s there if you need it.

The MPA buttstock comes with an adjustable cheek riser, length of pull and monopod. The 6mmBA and 6.5mmBA also feature a front mounted bridge with Picatinny rail and a lower mounted Picatinny rail, plus a 20 MOA scope rail. The body is finished in cerakote  in your choice of black or flat dark earth. The MPA 6mmBA and 6.5mmBA are compatible with any AICS or AW compatible magazines.

The Spencer/MPA hand-lapped rifle barrel is produced from 416RQ stainless steel and is precision gun drilled, reamed and honed. It is pull-button rifled using CNC produced twist guides to exacting and consistent twist control and stress relieved in a Cress Vacuum Furnace and hand-lapped to exacting sizes, removing any and all tooling marks.  The barrels are tested and verified using a Sheffield Air Gage Inspection System to .0001″ size variance with additional inspection on a video borescope.

The Stiller’s Precision TAC Series premium actions, produced for MPA, have recoil lugs ground to .0001″ flatness and parallelism. The action is machined from heat-treated stainless steel and the face, tenon and lug abutment cuts are machined in a single setup, ensuring exact parallelism and perpendicularity for critical features that affect accuracy. The Stiller’s Precision TAC Series bolt, also produced for MPA, is a one-piece design with the bolt, lugs and handle machined from a single piece of 4140 heat-treated steel and all critical features and dimensions are finished on a CNC OD grinder. All bolts feature spiral fluting and are hand-lapped and fitted individually to each action. The bolts have a black nitride finish.

Additionally, the MPA 6mmBA and 6.5mmBA Bolt Action Rifles come with an MPA muzzle brake (tactical or bench rest type) and Timney 510 trigger. The MPA 6mmBA and 6.5mmBA each retails for an MSRP of $3,250.00 and includes the tactical chassis, a 10 round AICS type magazine and a Plano AW Rifle Case. 

The 6mm Rifles are available in various 6mm chamberings, including 6mm Lapua, 6mmXC, 6mm Creedmore, 243 Winchester and others. The 6.5mm Rifles are available in 6.5mm x 47 Lapua, 6.5mm x 284 Lapua, 6.5mm Creedmore, 260 Remington and others. Check with MPA for your chambering of choice.

For more information on MasterPiece Arms and their product line of pistols, rifles, carbine and suppressors, visit www.masterpiecearms.com.

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FY 2015 Budget and Pro Forma Plan Through FY 2019

FY01-19 base budget, as of March 2015

It looks like the worst may be over for the DoD budget wise. For fiscal year 2015, the services will have a base budget of $496 billion and an overseas contingency (war money) of $79 billion. Moving into 2016 and beyond planners will shift the OCO dollars into the base budget, rather than return it to the Treasury. So, for FY 2016 planners are projecting a base budget of $535 billion and increasing at an annual rate of about 2% per year. If we look at that projected growth in real terms, net of inflation, 2016 – 2019 will remain flat in terms of purchasing power for the Pentagon. Barring any unforeseen altercations this will put pressure on senior level managers at the Pentagon to choose wisely. Congress may bump that a little but this is what the President and DoD are asking for.

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DARPA’s EXACTO 50 Guided Small Caliber Bullet

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Teledyne Scientific have teamed up to design and develop a guided small caliber munition intended for precision shooting at extended ranges. The decision was made to use the .50BMG, which can be fired from the M107 and M87 sniper platforms. As you can see in the video below, the munition makes in flight corrections to hit the target. In long range engagements, a sniper considers range to the target, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity to determine the amount of elevation and windage adjustment needed to make the shot. It is a best guess approach with several  issues. After the sniper fires the shot, the bullet leaves the barrel and is influenced by a number of things. For example, at a range of 1,100 yards or more, it will take the projectile 1.6 seconds or more to impact its target; in that time window, referred to as flight time, any number of things can act on the bullet inflight, for example wind gusts, changing its trajectory and missing the target. DARPA wants to change all of that with the EXACTO 50.

What will be interesting to see is what methods are being used to provide that guidance from both the sniper’s perspective and the munition. For example, laser guided or heat sensing. Presently, the probability of successfully hitting a target beyond 1500 meters is right around 20%. My approach, rather than exposing your position call it in.

One last forward looking closing comment. Do not assume that future conflicts will be limited to Pashtun tribesmen. At some point we may be confronted with an adversary of comparable technical sophistication.

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Upcoming Vickers Tactical Classes


Upcoming Vickers Classes ….

August 2014

Aug 9-10, 1911 Operators Class
Gainesville, FL
Click here to contact the host

Aug 11-16, 1911 Pistolsmithing Class
Gainesville, FL
Click here to contact the host

August 23-24, 2014 – 1911 Operator
Pittsburg, PA
Click here to sign up

September 2014

September 6-7. 2014 – AK Operator
South Hill, VA
Click here to sign up

September 20-21, 2014 – Advanced Handgun
Bethlehem, PA
Click here to sign up

October 2014

October 10-11, 2014 – 2 Day Pistol/Carbine
Palo, IA
Click here to email the host

October 12-13, 2014 – 2-Day Carbine One
Council Bluffs, IA
Click here to email the host

October 25-26, 2014 – Private Class

November 2014

November 1, 2014 – 1-Day Basic Handgun Class
Carthage, NC
Click here to sign up

November 2, 2014 – 1-Day Basic Carbine Class
Carthage, NC
Click here to sign up

November 15-16, 2014 – 1911 Operators Class
Wallingford, CT
Click here to sign up

Larry Vickers runs some of the best classes in the industry. No “hokiness” and no “whiz-bang” but you will walk away with relevant real world experience. These classes fill up fast so if you think you may want to enroll do so quickly.

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LaserLyte® Introduces the LT-LR Laser Trainer for .22 Caliber Firearms

One of the best platforms available for providing firearms training to your kids, or spouse, is the .22 LR pistol or rifle. All of the disciples that make for a safe and successful centerfire shooter are required with the rimfire pistol or rifle. Using an inexpensive rimfire firearm, you can teach safe weapon handling, stance, grip, trigger pull, muzzle control without the weight of a large caliber firearm, or its rapport.

LaserLyte has recently added the LT-LR, a .22 caliber laser trainer, to their line of laser training tools. Why use a laser? First in my mind is safety, followed by an increased frequency of training and capped by convenience.

With a laser training tool, you can train in the convenience of your home, on a daily basis, to develop a high degree of proficiency. When you combine the LT-LR .22 caliber trainer with a laser activated target, the trainee receives immediate positive response. This approach is highly effective when combined with live fire exercises. It means that you can achieve a greater level of proficiency, more quickly and more completely, with less trips to the range. This is not a trivial point living through times where we need a magnifying glass and prayer rug to find .22LR ammunition.

One final point when using your laser training tool on a rimfire weapon. Rimfire weapons, unless equipped with a firing pin over travel pin, will allow the striker to impact against the chamber wall. Over time, this will damage the firearm. To avoid damage, be sure to use .22LR snap caps; they’ll cost you about $7 and they are well worth the cost.

LT-LR_PRODUCT-1LaserLyte’s LT-LR will fit firearms chambered in .22LR, .22WMR, .22 Short, .22 Long and .223 with a minimum of a 1.875-inch barrel. The LT-LR will also fit calibers that are similar to a .22 bullet, such as .22-250 and .220 Swift.

The LT-LR laser trainer extends less than one inch past your muzzle. The system is versatile, allowing for effective laser training at any location, home, range, classroom or office.

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Anyone See A Problem ?














Gives us your comments…

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1969 Video Of Remington Arms Factory and Production Processes


Remington Arms Factory circa 1969
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A Letter From G-Code To Its Customers


Dear Customer

The G-Code Blood Stripe Series is an extremely limited offering dedicated to those who have committed their lives to serve our nation. A portion of every Blood Stripe Series purchase will be donated to the MARSOC Foundation in support of our troops. Each item in the series comes with a Black FUZZ coating over Blood Red Kydex. The distinctive red stripe is intended to give recognition to the sacrifice and unmatched valor of our US forces.
Remember that this is a fundraiser; as such, we cannot swap items in existing orders and change them to the Blood Stripe Series. Please consider ordering a limited edition Blood Stripe Item in addition to any other G-Code product you may already have in our order system.
Once again, thank you ! Semper Fi !
For more information about the MARSOC Foundation, or to make a direct contribution, please visit
To purchase products from the Blood Stripe Series please go here:
The Blood Stripe Series


G-Code Holsters
Edge-Works Manufacturing

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Applied Ballistics iOS Mobile App Available For Download

icon_T1.pngApplied Ballistics announced the release of its iOS version of their mobile app, “Applied Ballistics Mobile”; allowing Apple iPhone and tablet owners to download and take advantage of the ballistic computing software.

The Applied Ballistics Mobile App runs a Point Mass ballistic solver; the state of the art ballistic solver calculates long-range rifle trajectories, and along with the library of ballistic coefficients provided by Bryan Litz, makes this the most accurate and complete ballistics app available.

ABM Mobile is available now through iTunes, the Applied Ballistics Mobile App costs $29.99, and requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, the app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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John Clements Joins PROOF Research

COLUMBIA FALLS, MT  (June 2014)PROOF Research announced today that John Clements has joined the company as Director of Research/Development and Testing. John’s experience includes 31 years of government service, with the last 16 spent as the Weapons Program Manager at Naval Special Warfare Development Group, where he was responsible for weapon systems R&D supporting combat development, weapons maintenance, ammunition testing and application development.

John’s work with SOCOM weapons development and testing has included a vast array of contributions that have enhanced nonstandard and precision long-range weapons systems for various special operations requirements.

“We are pleased to welcome John as the newest member of our team,” said PROOF Research CEO, Larry Murphy. “John’s vast experience supporting the special operations community is an incredible asset to further advance our core mission to provide the highest quality carbon fiber barrels and weapon system components to both the U.S Military and our consumer market customers.”

John has also held a senior engineering technician position at NSWC Crane, a shore command of the U.S. Navy, where he was responsible for multiple weapon and testing design efforts directly supporting Naval Special Warfare tactical and long-range precision weapons programs.

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MasterPiece Arms Limited Edition MPA 930SST

MasterPiece Arms,  is offering, for a limited time, a production run of only 100 MPA930SST Limited Edition Mini-9 pistols. These are collector series pistols that’ll be specially engraved with “X of 100″ serial numbers. The Limited Edition MPA930SST is upgraded to include:

Two-tone Cerakote® Flat Dark Earth finish on the upper and lower with a grip inlay, sight blocks and other hardware will be finished in Black Cerakote.

L-bracket mounted, quick-disconnect sling system with a special MPA engraving

  • Cerakote barrel extension and combat/high-performance muzzle break
  • Premium select 9mm barrel
  • Tool kit with new MPA tools
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • One 30-round polymer magazine
  • MSRP $549.00

To purchase this limited edition MPA pistol, customers must follow all state and federal laws. The Limited Edition MPA90SST will be transferred to the customer’s local FFL or MasterPiece Arms will find a retailer in the customer’s area.

For more information on MasterPiece Arms and their product line of pistols, rifles, carbine and suppressors, visit www.masterpiecearms.com.

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Top “n” Thoughts, Where “n” Equals Any Real or Imaginary Number, Unborn Children Have.

You may be thinking what the heck this is all about, is he nuts? So, I’d better explain myself. What prompted this Top “n” is a comment I overheard while at a Publix Supermarket just the other day. A Hispanic woman yelling at her small son saying “tienes que darme gracias, yo te traje a este mundo,” which translates into English as “you must give me thanks because I brought you into this world.” It’s a common behavior with Hispanic cultures, along with the expectation that children are destined to serve parents. So without further delay here is our Top “n”Thoughts, where “n” equals any real or imaginary number, Unborn Children Have.

10. Jesus Christ, somebody please get me the hell out of here.

  9. Hey mom can I bring Rudy with me?

  8. You want me to do what?

  7. What do you mean I’m going to get hit by a Mack truck.

  6. Dad will want me to listen to mom so he doesn’t have to.

  5. Do you guys think Crystal will be easy on the outside too?

  4. I’m not having sex with you.

  3. Will I be as stupid as you are?

  2. Hurry up Dad wants a Harley.

  1. I hear we can bang the teachers now.


I hope this Top “n” kick starts your thought process on parenting and what children are in your lives.


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MGI’s Rate and Recoil Reducing Buffer

675For shooters all around the world less recoil is better than the inverse. One of the best recoil reducing buffers I’ve used in recent history is MGI’s. The company developed their buffer in the 1990’s, using counter poise technology developed by Mack Gwinn Jr. and his partner, James Sullivan. MGI’s Rate & Recoil reducing buffer is not just another heavy buffer. MGI’s buffer has a mechanical action which counter acts recoil while increasing the reliability in any AR type rifle. It is in use across the United States, as well as the world, in many different manufacturers AR’s. It is used by Law Enforcement agencies, competitive shooters, as well as the United States Special Forces personnel. You need to give it a try!


For additional information and promotional pricing click here.

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FiDELYS – The World’s First Iris Recognition Enabled Smartwatch

I’d like to tell you about a crowd funding project that I think represents a number of opportunities for you. I’m involved with biometric technology on more than just a casual basis. Beyond the C4ISR application, biometrics is a huge enabler for an area that is broadly described by the term authentication. It is a huge deal in military, government and business circles especially in the financial sector where payment processing is exploding.

I’m familiar with IRITech INC. and their IRIS Shield scanner, which I feel could be militarized to provide some much needed capability COTS. The IRITech scanner is excellent, cost effective and works reliability. It can also be integrated with a smart device or a USB enabled Comms package.

IRITech, has launched a crowd funding project that you can find out about by visiting this site: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fidelys-the-world-s-first-iris-recognition-enabled-smartwatch The product is a Fidelys Smart watch that incorporates Iris scan technology as a means of authentication. The applications include computer security and authentication, access control, identity validation, vehicle access and control. You are going to want to check this out. Readers involved in startup funding should pay particular attention to this project. Stated capital requirements are nominal $350,000, and I’d add a 20% contingency, so say $420,000 to $450,000. It may turn out to be a pretty good IPO candidate.

Definitely, check it out!

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“Iraq confirms seizure of nuclear materials by ISIS” – Things That I Hate To See Said.

Apparently, the Iraqi government is asking for “international help to prevent the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) from using the nuclear materials they seized from Mosul University.” This was in a letter obtained by Reuters.

I’m going to say this right now. Nothing at the Mosul University is fissionable it is stock material , uranium based isotopes, used in biology, biochemistry and physics for things like tomography studies and a variety of particle research etc.

Iraq confirms seizure of nuclear materials by ISIS

10 July 2014


The Iraqi Government is seeking international help to prevent the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) using the nuclear materials they seized from Mosul University.

In a letter obtained by Reuters, Iraq’s UN Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim told UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon that the university had nearly 40kg of uranium compounds for scientific research.

“Terrorist groups have seized control of nuclear material at the sites that came out of the control of the state,” Alhakim said, noting that the materials could be used for the production of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and be smuggled out of Iraq.

“Terrorist groups have seized control of nuclear material at the sites that came out of the control of the state.”

“These nuclear materials, despite the limited amounts mentioned, can enable terrorist groups, with the availability of the required expertise, to use it … in combination with other materials in its terrorist acts,” Alhakim added.

However, the US played down the threat, saying the materials were not believed to be enriched uranium.

An unnamed US official told Reuters that it would be difficult to manufacture the materials into a weapon.

The letter comes a day after the Iraqi Government confirmed that the terrorists have assumed control of a non-functioning chemical weapons factory in the north-west of Baghdad, BBC News reported.

Called the Muthanna complex, the facility houses remnants of rockets filled with sarin and other lethal nerve agents, including mustard gas, and is used by UN inspectors to destroy chemical production facilities and equipment.

ISIS, which is an al-Qaeda splinter group, has captured several towns and cities across Iraq’s northern and western provinces in the last month.

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Lakewood , New Jersey Police Department Transitions To Tavor SAR


IWI US, Inc. Receives Contract from Township of Lakewood, New Jersey Police Department – Lakewood PD to transition over to the TAVOR® SAR.

Harrisburg, PA (July 2014)IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., is proud to announce the Township of Lakewood, NJ police department have contracted to issue the TAVOR® SAR to their police officers. The Lakewood PD services approximately 90,000 residents in Ocean County, New Jersey, one of the fastest growing areas in the region.

The TAVOR® SAR met the demands and requirements of the Lakewood PD for reliability, ease-of-maintenance, durability, accuracy and overall length. The compact bullpup design is highly favored by law enforcement for its ability to easily maneuver through close quarter interiors, doorways and while exiting patrol vehicles. The TAVOR® SAR also allows officers to operate and easily control the rifle with one hand if the officer is signaling, using additional tools or controlling his K-9.

Other favorable features for the Lakewood PD were the TAVOR’s fully ambidextrous controls, a full-length top-mounted integral Picatinny rail and for 45° rail for mounting accessories. The TAVOR® SAR also uses standard AR-15/M16 magazines without any modifications.

“We are very proud to have the Lakewood NJ police department choose to transition over to the TAVOR®  SAR,” Michael Kassnar, VP of Sales and Marketing for IWI US. “Since the release of the TAVOR® in the US market, more law enforcement agencies shown interest in replacing their standard AR models for the compact, bullpup style of the TAVOR® SAR. The pedigree of the Israeli Forces designed and battle-tested bullpup rifle is world renowned making it a perfect choice for law enforcement across the US.”

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Gear Review: CSE Gear Low Profile Plate Carrier Kit–DKX Level IIIA



If it looks or sounds like I’m proselytizing, it’s only because I feel strongly about how well this kit works for the average citizen who may want to exercise some level of caution when participating in the shooting sports. Today’s shooters are athletes in every respect; often running obstacles, firing under time constraints and dealing with distractors. Rapidly disappearing are the days of sitting behind the firing line with your support hand sticking in a back pocket while methodically shooting at a 25 yard piece of paper. So, there is a legitimate reason to own and wear ballistic protection, and in my review I share an event with you that cemented my belief.

I had the opportunity to check out a Level IIIA package, offered by DKX Advanced Manufacturing and Critical Safety Equipment LLc, that is outstanding and I’d like to share my impressions with you. It addresses every aspect of basic law enforcement and civilian shooter needs in a low profile, light weight ballistic package.

Read My Review:

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