Two NYPD Officers Slain

It’s both sad and troubling having to digest that two NYPD officers were mercilessly slain today while doing nothing more than sitting in a patrol car. To say that I’m bothered by that is an understatement, but even more troubling is the lack of support Mayor Bill de Blasio has shown for his own police force. I hate to think his lack of support for his officers was a catalyst for this tragic event.

More worrisome is that the stage has been set for exposure to other police departments across the country, requiring the need to guard against copycat activity. However, in addition to the usual Holiday Season uptick, they are going to have to lookout for themselves, and that is regrettable.

I’d like to think that the senseless murder of these officers was merely the work of a genetic defect that ended up taking his own life, but it certainly seems plausible that the recent protests and Mayor’s position may have ignited the fuse.

I want to encourage all of my readers to reach out to the NYPD Commissioner’s Office to extend condolences and offer whatever financial assistance you see as appropriate to the families of the fallen officers, it’s the very least we can do. And while you’re at it, do something nice for a cop throughout this Christmas week. It doesn’t take a heck of a lot to make them feel appreciated and part of the communities they work in.

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Nuclear Protection Security Forces Issued The M150 ACOG


The TA31RCO-M150CP is presently in use by the U.S. Army and SOF units. The optic provides 4x magnification designed specifically for the 14.5 inch M4 carbine. It incorporates a dual illumination system using a combination of fiber optics and self-luminous tritium. This allows the aiming point to always be illuminated without the use of batteries. The tritium illuminates the aiming point in total darkness, and the fiber optic self-adjusts reticle brightness during daylight according to ambient light conditions. This allows the operator to keep both eyes open while engaging targets and maintaining maximum situational awareness.

The reticle pattern allows quick target acquisition at close combat ranges with enhanced target identification and hit probability out to 800 meters utilizing the Bullet Drop Compensator. No tools are needed for windage and elevation adjustments because the TA31RCO features external adjusters, making it waterproof up to 11m without the caps.

When the Air Force transitioned from the M16 to the M4, airmen and other security personnel were limited to the M68 red dot optic, which offered no magnification. The need for magnified optics was communicated to the Air Force Global Strike Command Force Improvement Program  and the M150 was selected to fill that gap. Airmen tasked with providing security at the nation’s nuclear stockpiles will be issued the new optic. The move is expected to improve security as well as force moral.

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Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper Official Trailer


In typical Eastwood manner, American Sniper successfully captures the essence of both the man and the job. This is a drama / action film about Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history. After returning home, he dedicated his time to his family and to helping returning veterans diagnosed with PTSD. He died tragically, on 2 Feb 2013, at the Rough Creek Ranch-Lodge-Resort shooting range in Erath County, Texas; shot by 25-year-old fellow veteran Eddie Ray Routh a U.S. Marine suffering from PTSD.

This is will be a must see for me, and I hope it’s also on your list.

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Comedian Bill Engvall to Perform at SHOT Show State of the Industry Dinner

LAS VEGAS — He’s a hunter. He’s a target shooter. He’s one of the top comedians in America today — and among the busiest. He’ll also be our 2015 SHOT Show State of the Industry featured entertainer.
The National Shooting Sports Foundation is pleased to announce that comedian Bill Engvall will perform at the SHOT Show’s annual State of the Industry Dinner, set for Jan. 20, the first evening of the show in Las Vegas.
Engvall has starred in numerous television shows, including solo specials, and appeared in several feature films. He is perhaps best known as part of the enormously successful Blue Collar Comedy concert films, which have sold more than 9 million units and are some of the most watched movies and special in Comedy Central history. The soundtrack for Blue Collar Comedy Tour — One For The Road (Warner Bros./Jack Records) was also nominated for a Grammy Award. This fall, he appeared on the top TV hit, “Dancing with the Stars.”
“We are extremely happy that Bill Engvall has agreed to perform at the SHOT Show’s State of the Industry Dinner,” said NSSF President Steve Sanetti. “Bill has been at the SHOT Show before and proudly supports America’s hunting and recreational shooting traditions, so he knows that a full house will warmly welcome him.”
The largest trade show of its kind in the world and the fifth largest trade show in Las Vegas, the SHOT Show features more than 1,600 exhibitors filling booth space covering 630,000 net square feet. The show, which is a trade-only event, attracts more than 65,000 industry professionals from all 50 states and 100 countries.

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Knives International Review Issue 0 2015

KIR201500Knives International is published  by Italian publishing powerhouse C.A.F.F. EDITRICE, Via L. Sabatelli 1 20154 Milano (MI) Tel: 0234537504.

C.A.F.F. Editrice has released issue 0 of Knives International. It’s great copy especially for those that want an upscale view of some of the Italian designs and reproductions. Examples Massimo Gizzi, Giuseppe Cabras, Extrema Ratio, Vox and Spyderco are represented in this first issue.

You’ll want to download this English copy and enjoy their great articles. Click on the image to link to the magazine.

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Beretta Announces Its Entry For The U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System The Beretta M9A3



The M9 has been in service with the U.S. Armed Forces for 30 years. Beretta has delivered 600,000 M9s to the DoD; with a contract in place to deliver an additional 100,000 pistols.

To meet the Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS) solicitation requirements, Beretta has designed a much improved handgun dubbed the M9A3.

The M9A3 features a thin grip with a removable modular wrap-around grip, MIL-STD-1913 accessory rail, removable front and rear tritium sights, extended and threaded barrel for suppressor use, 17-round sand resistant magazine, and numerous improved small components to increase durability and ergonomics, all in an earth tone finish.

Concurrent with its announcement, Beretta has indicated plans to make the M9A3 available to law enforcement and commercial markets. The target date for availability in those markets is sometime in Q2-2015. So, you’ll want to be looking out for that event.

We’ll certainly bring you more on the M9A3, but it looks like a winner. The inclusion of the threaded and extended barrel, along with the accessory rail and modular grip addresses the overwhelming majority of the U.S. Army’s needs; leaving caliber options to be decided at a later date.

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You Can Use The Word Redskins Without Loosing Your Broadcast License

Washington_Redskins_1000_reverseThis Friday’s shoot-the-shit topic involves the recent petition filed with the  Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to deny renewal of WWXX-FM’s broadcast license because of its repeated use of the word “Redskins” in broadcasts. The petitioners claim repeated use of the word “Redskins”  violates rules against indecent content. INDECENT CONTENT, INDECENT CONTENT WTF? Thankfully, the FCC said: “ the law defines profanity as sexual or excretory in nature — meanings that don’t relate to the name of the football team.” As such, WWXX-FM will not loose its license.

I have been a Redskins fan since Christ was a corporal; I love the Skins and I am pissed by the cornucopia of morons that have nothing else to do with their time than to find reasons to be offended, by anything and everything. Well, I am offended by them! This entire issue of political correctness is to the point of infringing on freedom of speech, and needs to get handled. It is not my job to understand your sensitivities, and if you are that screwed up, go see a shaman they are less costly than a psychologist or psychiatrist for the same effect.

Now hear this, I’m not suggesting that you go out and insult someone who doesn’t deserve to be offended. So, be thorough in assessing if they’re morons as a consequence of genetic predisposition, or they have yet to discover that oxygenation of the brain is essential to clear thinking – a physiological phenomena that’s impossible to accomplish with their heads up their rectums.

Chime in and let us know what you think!

Have A Great Weekend Everyone!

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G2 Research Announces A .300 Blk Round Specifically Designed For Hunters

Winder, GA, December 18, 2014-G2 Research announces a devastating new subsonic .300 AAC Blackout-caliber round for hunting or tactical use. The new G2 Research .300 Ripout Round produces a massive wound channel that ensures hunters of an accurate, sure and swift kill.

This new subsonic (suppressor-friendly), premium-grade, 200-grain .30 caliber round quickly expands at reduced velocities, creating a devastating, energy-depositing wound channel of one inch or more. Bullet weight retention is an astounding 98 to 100 percent, which creates more than 17 inches of soft tissue penetration. 

Free from the massively overdone hydrostatic shock prevalent in so many of today’s ultra-high-velocity loads, the sub-sonic G2 Research .300 Ripout Round will kill ‘em quick and quietly without turning good game meat into useless jelly. Needless to say, this round is excellent for tactical use too. 

G2 Research national sales manager Chris Nix says “if the idea is to put the animal down efficiently, quickly and humanely without over-penetration and vaporizing good eating meat, our .300 Blackout Ripout Round, with its unique three copper petal controlled expanding bullet, gets that job done.”

Individually manufactured in highly specialized CNC machines, each expensive-to-make bullet is precision machined to open up within the first two to three inches of impact, resulting in a controlled expansion of three large copper petals called tridents that make up the first half of the bullet. (A .30 caliber bullet, for example, will expand between 1 and 1.5 inches while the bullet shank remains attached for controlled penetration even at subsonic velocity.)


  • Caliber: .300 AAC Blackout (subsonic)
  • Velocity: 1020 FPS
  • Bullet: Special custom 200-grain copper alloy hollow-point Spitzer
  • MSRP: $54.99 box of 20
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The Dassault Falcon 8X – Ce est Merveilleux

This is a small Christmas treat for our aviator readership. Meet the Dassault Falcon 8x that was just unveiled. It is an amazing aircraft with tremendous performance gains over some of the competing models. TheFalcon 8X has a range of about 6,500 nautical miles; mileage may vary given environmental dynamics. I’ll tell you something right now, were I in the ELINT business, I would be on the phone calling Dassault to see if they could “militarize” this aircraft for us.

Check the specs out:

External dimensions
Length 80.2 ft
Height 26.1 ft
Wing span 86.25 ft
Internal dimensions
Cabin length (excluding cockpit and baggage) 42.67 ft
Maximum headroom 74.00 in
Maximum width 92.00 in
Cabin volume (excluding cockpit and baggage) 1,695.00 cu ft
Maximum takeoff weight 73,000 lb
Maximum zero fuel weight 41,000 lb
Maximum fuel 34,900 lb
Maximum landing weight 62,400 lb
Manufacturer P&W Canada
Nbr/Type 3 x PW307D
SL-ISA Thrust 6,722 lb
Flat rated to ISA+17°C
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MAGPUL Industries Releases Its New Field Case For The iPhone 6


Field Case iPhone 6 Plus


MAGPUL’s iPhone 6 Plus field case is now available. The company’s latest field case for the iPhone platform is a semi-rigid cover designed to provide basic protection in the field.
The case is manufactured from a flexible thermoplastic and features PMAG®-style ribs for added grip, snap-on design for easy installation and removal, and slides easily in and out of pockets without snagging.

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The 12 Days of Armalite Holiday Celebration


Press Release

(Geneseo, IL – December 15, 2014) We are celebrating the holidays once again with the 12 Days of Armalite. Visit to find out the specials of the day. This year’s promotion will run from December 10 to December 29. Once announced, all specials will be available until 5pm CST on December 29.
The 2015 12 Days of ArmaLite Specials include select items in the following categories:

  • December 10: handguards and magazines
  • December 11: AR10A4 upper receiver (stripped), AR10T upper (black), magazines
  • December 12: barrel assemblies
  • December 15: upper assemblies
  • December 16: bravo B5 stocks, 20” stainless steel Wylde barrel tubes
  • December 17: M-15 uppers
  • December 18: lower receiver parts kits
  • December 19: sights and sight assemblies
  • December 22: replacement kits
  • December 23: gas blocks
  • December 26: pistol grip kits and free-floating handguards
  • December 29: Surprise!! We can’t unwrap all the gifts at once.

There are 8 days remaining in our 12 Days of ArmaLite. To participate, visit and click on the 12 Days of ArmaLite banner on the homepage.
For more information on ArmaLite or any of our products, please visit or call (800) 336-0184.

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Just In Time For Christmas LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Laser


The LaserLyte® Trigger Tyme® Laser Pistol. With instant laser feedback anyone can practice trigger control anywhere and anytime with the realistic feel, balance and weight of the LT-TTL. The Trigger Tyme® laser pistol cannot accept or fire any ammunition, therefore it is completely safe to use in any location.


With a simulated 5.5 lb. trigger pull, approximate size of a GLOCK 19, a realistic trigger take up and break action, the LaserLyte® Trigger Tyme® pistol with integrated muzzle laser is activated by the pull of the trigger that will indicate the impact of the laser dot on any of the LaserLyte® Trainer Targets. The LT-TTL can be used to build confidence with sight pictures, trigger control, accuracy, drawing and re-holstering from traditional and concealed carry holsters.

For more information, visit

LaserLyte® LT-TTL Specifications:

  • Power Output:                                     650NM, 5MW, Class IIIA
  • Activation:                                             Trigger activated
  • Batteries:                                               3 x A76
  • Battery Life:                                          50,000 shots
  • Weight:                                                  15 ounces
  • Material:                                                High impact ABS polymer
  • Length:                                                  7.25 inches
  • Width:                                                    1.15 inches
  • Height:                                                   5.50 inches          
  • MSRP:                                                    $149.95
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Jericho Pistol Returns to the U.S. Market


Readers may recall the Baby Eagle pistol that was being imported by Magnum Research a number of years ago. At the time it was probably one of the best value 9mm compact pistols on the U.S. market. It was a DA/SA with a safety decocker, and very easy to field strip and maintain. DA trigger pull ran about 13 lbs. and SA trigger pull about 4.5 lbs.

It looks like IWI is reintroducing it in the U.S. Market as the Jericho® 941™. The new pistol will be available in 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP.

Press Release


Formerly imported through Magnum Research as the Baby Eagle, the new Jericho® 941™

semi-auto pistol is available in steel and polymer frame models for American customers.


Harrisburg, Pa. (January 2014)IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., proudly announce the return of the Jericho® brand of pistols to the U.S. market. The Jericho® 941™, designed specifically for the U.S. market will be available in both steel frame and polymer frame models.

“Ever since the Jericho was launched in 1990 by – IMI, it has been a very popular pistol for civilians and law enforcement, worldwide,” Michael Kassnar, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IWI US explained. “Since it was originally designed based
Jericho 941 PL Model Pistol

upon the highly regarded CZ-75 model, the Jericho has been imported into the U.S. under several names including Jericho 941 from KBI when first introduced, UZI Eagle from Mossberg and Magnum Research’s Baby Eagle. We are very pleased that the Jericho 941 has come full circle and arrived home here at IWI US.”


The Jericho 941 steel frame, semi-auto, short-recoil model will be available in full-size and semi-compact in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP caliber. The pistol features adjustable sights, an integral MIL-STD 1913 rail, an ergonomic grooved pistol grip and ships with 2 magazines in a lockable carry case.

The Jericho 941 polymer frame with steel slide, semi-auto, short recoil model is also available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP calibers in a full-size and semi-compact frame. All features are the same in the polymer version with the benefit of reduced weight.


Unlike the Baby Eagle, UZI Eagle and earlier versions of the Jericho 941 imported by KBI that had a slide mounted de-cocker system, this new Jericho 941 utilizes the more desirable frame mounted safety, a la CZ75. Jericho 941 pistols are used by civilians and elite forces around the world including the Israeli police. IWI US will also carry CO, CT, DC, HI, IL, MD, NJ and NY compliant pistols with 10-round magazines (no models available for CA and MA). The Jericho 941 pistol will be available in early 2015.


Jericho® 941™ Specifications













.40 S&W


.40 S&W

.45 ACP


.40 S&W


.40 S&W


Steel    Full Size

Steel    Full Size

Steel Compact

Steel Compact

Steel Compact

Polymer Full Size

Polymer Full Size

Polymer Compact

Polymer Compact






















2.3 lbs.

2.3 lbs.

1.95 lbs.

2.25 lbs.

2.25 lbs.

1.75 lbs.

1.75 lbs.

1.6 lbs.

1.6 lbs.


2 – 16 rd.

  (F-910 – 2-10 rd.)

2-12 rd.

(F-4010 – 2-10 rd.)


2-16 rd.

(FS-910 – 2-10 rd.)

2-12 rd.

(FS-4010 – 2-10 rd.)

2-10 rd.

2 – 16 rd.

  (PL-910 – 2-10 rd.)

2-12 rd.

(PL-4010 – 2-10 rd.)


2-16 rd.

(PSL-910 – 2-10 rd.)

2-12 rd.

(PSL-4010 – 2-10 rd.)





















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Polymers In Tropical and Subtropical Environments


What you are looking at is a set of Hatch knee pads and elbow pads. Every square inch of the hard shell polymer is decomposing. The nylon fabric is completely unaffected and nylon straps are unaffected.

A polymer is a single chain molecule which when exposed to heat and humidity becomes a smorgasbord for fungus and bacteria. The nature of bacteria is such that they will metabolize anything, so polymers in tropical environments do not fare well; requiring meticulous attention. If you are working along the Equator and subtropics you’ll want to pay close attention to avoid what you see in the photo.

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Bushnell Supports Operation Breakthrough


1571Overland Park, KanBushnell, an industry-leader in high performance sports optics for 65 years, is proud to once again support Operation Breakthrough as their annual holiday organization.

Operation Breakthrough is a nationally accredited, not-for-profit corporation that was started in 1971 by Sister Corita Bussanmas and Sister Berta Sailer as a response to requests from parents in the central Kansas City area for quality child care for children of the working poor.

The program began with 50 infants, toddlers and preschoolers at 31st and Paseo. In 1976, it expanded to include before- and after-school care. The Center moved to its current location at 31st and Troost in 1981. Since that time, it has added a broad range of social services to meet the needs of the children and their families. In 2006, Operation Breakthrough completed an expansion and renovation project that doubled the size of the facility and increased its licensed capacity from 353 children to over 500.

Since 2009 Bushnell and hunters from Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma have contributed over 5000 lbs. of fresh, organic, sustainable deer meat to the Operation Breakthrough food pantry. This year Bushnell expects to collect over 2000 lbs. of meat and poultry for the center.  At today’s meat prices, that is a six year total of $30,000 worth of free range protein.

All this fresh meat goes to feed the children and families of the center.  Protein is so vital to the development of kids, and often traditional food banks are not able to donate fresh meat items.

The main contact for Operation Breakthrough is Sister Berta Sailer. To learn more about the organization and ways you can help go to

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Grey Ghost Gear Rig Light Jacket


The Rig Light Jacket is the byproduct of a Grey Ghost Gear and Beyond Clothing collaboration to produce one awesome looking garment.

The Rig Light Jacket utilizes Beyond’s proprietary 4-way Stretch Woven Fabric with DWR (Durable Water Repellent). The proud owner ends up with a jacket that provides the durability of a softshell with the lighter weight of a mid-layer.

The jacket is athletically cut and gusseted making it extremely flexible and does not impede the most dynamic movements. Color and its hydrophobic personality, make this jacket an exceptional choice for wear in light rain and as a mid-layer for those cold winters.

Each arm is finished with wrist closures, bicep pockets, and a hook and loop panel for patches, nametapes, or other unit identifiers. The front features a zippered chest pocket and a pair of external hand pockets. The jacket is also outfitted with a lightweight hood that zips out directly from the collar but stays tucked away until needed.

M.S.R.P. $250

Rig Light Jacket is categorically Badass. You’ve got to check it out.

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A Sampling Of BAWIDAMANN Delicacies For Your Holiday Shopping Extravaganza.
















Visit Andrew Bawidamann

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The New AXTS Raptor Charging Handle Is Now Available From Extreme Outfitters

AXTS Header

Two indispensible accessories for any M4 carbine are an ambidextrous selector and  ambidextrous charging handle. If you expect to develop a high degree of proficiency when shooting from the weak side, you need to have that capability. The AXTS Raptor charging handle represents an innovative design that facilitates smooth charging cycles. It’s made from 7075 Aluminum that’s Mil-Spec anodized. They’re available in Black, Burnt Bronze, FDE and Tungsten finishes.

For additional details visit Extreme Outfitters

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Crimson Trace Laserguard For S&W BODYGUARD 380 Now Available In Red or Green lasers

LG-454G by Crimson Trace with green laser

Crimson Trace has announced that it now offers two Laserguard® laser sight systems for the Smith & Wesson M&P BODYGUARD 380 pistol: the LG-454 with a red laser diode and the LG-454G with a green laser diode.

These new Laserguards fit onto the trigger guard of the M&P BODYGUARD 380 semi-auto pistol. Both of the CTC Laserguard models feature: Instinctive Front Activation, are adjustable for windage and elevation, and are covered under Crimson Trace’s “Free Batteries for Life” program. After fitting onto the pistol’s trigger guard, the unit is easily—and securely—locked into place. This laser sighting system aids with quick aiming in low light conditions when the smaller compact sights found on most pistols can be difficult to distinguish.

Smith & Wesson will also continue to offer the M&P BODYGUARDS already pre-equipped with Crimson Trace laser sights. That special manufacturing partnership began earlier this year.

The new LG-454G with a green diode is part of a growing line of Crimson Trace green laser products. The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices for the LG-454 (red) is $229 and is $299 for the LG-454G. Custom holsters are also available now on the Crimson Trace online store at To find a dealer that stocks these units—and other Crimson Trace products—visit or call 800-442-2406.

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Surefire’s Maximus Vision A 450 Lumen Rechargeable Headlamp


The SureFire Maximus Vision is a rechargeable variable-output LED headlamp that delivers 450 lumens of warm-colored light — similar to that produced by tungsten lamps. Light output is continuously variable from 1 lumen to its maximum of 450 lumens. The Maximus is powered by an internal lithium-ion battery. The battery chargers from both wall-type AC outlets and 12-volt DC vehicle. The charging accessories are included. Surefire includes a fuel gauge on the headlamp that gives battery charge status, and a long-running SOS beacon for emergency use if needed. The housing is built from lightweight magnesium. The Maximus is also comfortable to wear, thanks to its no-chafe fine-weave headband and moisture-wicking Breathe-O-Prene® forehead pad. M.S.R.P. $275 and it’s available now here.

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Senate Select Committee On Intelligence–Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Programs

This Friday’s shoot-the-shit is on the recent Senate Intelligence Committee’s Study of C.I.A. practices in conducting interrogations. The Executive Summary, a document of 528 pages, was released two days ago. I’m reading it but it’s going to take a while to get through it. However, I’m far enough along to reach the conclusion that it served no purpose releasing the Committee Study to the public. I say that because in blows an hole in the heart of the country’s intelligence gathering apparatus. It takes years to develop human assets and to form intelligence gathering partnerships; although,  the report has been scrubbed, it offers a sufficient amount of detail to be damaging. It’s important for a world leader to say “mea culpa” when it serves a purpose but one needs to demonstrate better judgment and avoid shooting yourself in the foot. You have to ask, what purpose does it serve.

I believe, the matter could have been dealt with internally; making public disclosure(s) that address variances or inconsistencies from and with laws and/or  policy, along with specific action taken to resolve them.

As a voter it leaves me wondering as to its real motivation .

As always, let us know what your thoughts are.

Have A Great Weekend Everybody!

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FOBUS Holsters Introduces A New IWB Series, IWBL and IWBS


The Fobus IWBL and IWBS offer an innovative approach to a popular and tested system of concealed carry; an approach that goes further and improves on an existing concept to allow degrees of comfort and efficiency not possible before.

The new Fobus IWB holsters are similar to “hybrid” holsters currently on the market, in that they are built from a flexible backing that buffers between the pistol and the body where the holster shell covers the pistol and two belt clips encircle the belt, positioning the holster at waistband height. However, the shell and holster backing on the new Fobus IWB holsters are totally unique.

The holster shell, while having a degree of flexibility, is non-collapsing and allows for one-handed re-holstering. Fobus is currently offering two new models: the IWBL for large frame pistols and the IWBS for small frame pistols. Both are universal IWB holsters that do not require replacement of shells when used with different similar sized pistols.

The holster’s unique flexible backing is impervious to moisture and features numerous ventilation openings. It also provides a mild, non-slip surface on both sides that serves to prevent lateral movement of the holster around the user’s waist, as well as a retention surface against the pistol. The holster firmly grips the pistol between the belt tension on the holster shell on one side, and the flexible backing that conforms to the wearer’s body contour on the opposite side.

The new Fobus IWB’s are a perfect combination of flexibility and retention that allow a variety of pistols to be securely carried in the same holster. The IWB’s are offered in both large (IWBL) and small (IWBS) styles to accommodate the most popular full-size and compact pistols without compromising retention or comfort. There is no need for any additional expense on shell replacements.  MSRP: $39.99.

First Samco Inc. is the exclusive USA distributor of Fobus Holsters.

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Live Fire Gear 550 Fire Cord


If you are anything like me, when I head to the great outdoors I have 550 Paracord handy. Next to Zippo lighters it is amazing stuff. I always laugh when I watch online reviews of knives where the reviewer suggests that the knife can be latched down to a pole for hunting in a survival situation. I come from a school of thought that says the last thing you want to do is harpoon an animal using the only tool you have at your disposal. So, what has been suggested to me, and seems to work quite well, is to use a manageable tree branch whittle one end down to s sharp point then use 550 paracord to balance it towards the tip. So, the boots that I use have paracord shoe laces as does my pack and/ or drag bag Amazing stuff!

Live Fire Gear just completed a successful Kickstarter launch and they have introduce some very special 550 cord, which they brand as 550 Fire Cord. Unlike the normal 550 paracord, the internals of the Fire Cord are combustible and can be used for tinder to get those cozy fires going.  The internal strands are also waterproof. 550 Fire Cord is available in all the mil colors including Multicam  and a host of other. It will set you back $12.49 for a 25 foot hank. I’ll be checking it out for our readers, but do give it a shot, it looks pretty darned interesting.

Buy It Here

Live Fire Gear was founded by Adam Francis and Roger Fandrich.

About Roger

U.S. Marine / Survivalist / Inventor, of 4 products being sold internationally to include Live Fire – Emergency Fire Starters, as well as 550 FireCord to be released soon! Loving Husband and proud father of 3 daughters and 2 step daughters. Roger Fandrich was born September 1972. Roger spent his entire childhood in the small county of Amador, located in the foothills of the Mokelumne Wilderness. On April 20th, 1992, Roger joined the United States Marine Corps where he served 4 years. Nine months of which was spent overseas where he participated with ‘Operation Restore Hope’ in Somalia and ‘Operation Uphold Democracy’ in Haiti. In August of 2010, Roger began extensively researching wilderness self reliance and deeply immersing himself into the self reliance community. As a U.S. Marine, Roger has maintained the “adapt, improvise and overcome” mindset that all survivalists must embrace in order to survive the most daunting challenges. Roger’s most inspirational person is his Grandfather, Roger William Thayer, a master of adaptation and overcoming barriers through ingenuity and resourcefulness.

About Adam

Adam is the founder and owner of Equip 2 Endure LLC. He is the creator and author of hundreds of informative and educational videos, podcasts, and articles. Equip 2 Endure encompasses multifaceted topics to include; wilderness/urban survival, bushcrafting, K-9 and firearm training, general outdoor adventuring, professional and leadership development. Prior to his Law Enforcement career, Adam majored in Philosophy and Criminal Justice during his undergraduate studies. His interests include philosophy, logic, ethics, theology, psychology, theoretical physics, history, and art. Husband and loving father of three. Adam has maintained a disciplined focus on the art of firecraft, bushcraft, construction of primitive shelters, and emergency survival training. Using Equip 2 Endure, he has developed training mythos on both philosophical theory and scientific principle. Adam has outlined and refined his concepts of survival and self reliant theories in reference to the Equip 2 Endure teaching and training system. What separates Equip 2 Endure from other mainstream organizations is our focus on the theory of the “Survival Economy of Resources”, giving and applying the most efficient and effective teaching methods to maximize the learning process of his students, so they are practically prepared for any situation!

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Glock 19 Threaded Barrels From Silencerco Are Now Available


Silencerco has announced that its much awaited Glock 19 threaded barrels will start shipping on 15 Dec 2014. The Silencerco barrels are compatible with Gen 4 and Gen 3 Glock pistols. They will be followed by threaded barrels for the Glock 17, Glock 34, SIG P226, Springfield-XD and Smith & Wesson M&P. The barrels have an M.S.R.P of $220 and are available to be ordered directly from the Silencerco Web Site

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Suppressor-Optimized Ammunition By Silencer Co

Harvester Ammunition is now available in subsonic 300 BLK with a 220 grain Sierra MatchKing bullet. The silencer-optimized rounds were developed to produce the kind of sub-MOA accuracy and stopping power that our customers demand. Harvester features these key aspects while still providing unrivaled sound suppression, averaging 120 dB at the muzzle. For more information, or to purchase, click HERE

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REM OIL 100th Anniversary Gift Set From Brownells

Remington Rem Oil 100th Anniversary Gift Set 150 rounds of 22LR Ammo and Cleaning Products In Stock & Shipping Now

The folks at Brownells have a great Holiday Deal for you. They’ve packaged some great Remington Cleaning products with 150 rounds of .22LR. The price on this $29.99. Hurry, as this may be the only way you’ll get your hands on some .22LR.

Act Fast While Supply’s Last.

Buy Here

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On This Date, 1941, Japan Attacked Pearl Harbor

images (4)

Let us take a moment out of our day to remember those that lost their lives on that day. Let us also remember our World War II veterans. They fought and bled for every inch of ground in Europe and the South Pacific. We thank you for your service and your sacrifice. My own uncle was at Anzio; sadly he passed away this year. He was a prime example of the Greatest Generation. R.I.P Uncle Frank

Thank You For Your Service Uncle Frank!

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Behind The Scenes Footage Of The Combat Special Effects Used In The Production Of Windtalkers

This year I wanted to do something special for my readers over the Holiday Season, so I’m proud to be able to present exclusive behind the scenes video footage of the special effects that made Windtalkers such a phenomenal success.

I also would like to thank all of the technical folks, stunt folks and the production company for the excellent work and dedication that went into one of the best war films ever. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Happy Holidays!

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Gear Review: Primary Arms 3X Magnifier Gen II



Late in November, of this year, I completed a review of the Primary Arms Micro Dot Fixed Base Gen II red dot sight; I was very much impressed by it. You can read my review here. So, I decided to expand the project to include the Primary Arms 3X magnifier. I had a review scheduled of a 1-4 Bushnell scope so presenting a red dot + magnifier system made sense for two reasons. First, there is a great deal of discussion across the tactical boards on what is the best configuration, red dot + magnifier, or a 1-4 or 1-6 magnified optic. Second, red dot + magnifier sighting systems provide a level of flexibility that’s not available from a dedicated fixed or variable power magnified optic that merit discussion.

Read My Review

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RSTA-II Tripod Shooting System Versatile Field Shooting Platform for Hunters, Tactical Rifle Competitors and Professional Marksmen

Ruckersville, VA. -Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO) Manufacturing introduces the new RSTA-II Tripod Shooting System for RifleSports focusing on long range hunting, practical/tactical rifle competition, and professional marksmen.  The RSTA-II Tripod Shooting System allows long gun users to shoot from a variety of alternate shooting positions while standing, kneeling or sitting whether on flat ground, rock strewn, steep mountainous or complex urban terrain.

The 1.1 pound RSTA-II Tripod Head allows users to position long guns using the Rapid Control Handle (RCH) which can be set up for either right or left hand control.  This versatile tripod head provides a positive locking ±35 degree head that can securely hold a 25+lb long gun using a 6 o’clock accessory rail grabber, Pig Saddle or APO AnyPoint Bipod/Tripod Mount.  RSTA-II Tripod Shooting Systems offer users a maximum shooting height of approximately 68 inches and collapses to approximately 29 inches using Quick Power Lock leg latches.

The standard duty RSTA-II Tripod Shooting System uses the stable, yet lightweight Manfrotto 190XPROB alloy tripod base that is suggested for long guns up to 15lbs.  This tripod base uses 3-section legs that collapse into a highly portable field shooting platform at only 5.5 lbs.  The extreme duty version of the RSTA-II uses the Manfrotto 055XPROB a heavy duty tripod base with larger diameter 3-section tripod legs weighing 6.6 lbs. that flexes less under heavier loads of up to 20 or more pounds.  The RSTA-II allows shooters to track, lock and when ready accurately engage distant targets without fatigue.  In rugged field testing for more than 18 months RSTA-II Tripod Shooting Systems were live fire tested with a wide range of rifles including the M107 50BMG!

Long-gun shooters can interchangeably mount semi-automatic carbines, shotguns, and a wide range of hunting and tactical rifles on RSTA-II Shooting Tripod platforms.  Variable power spotting scopes are also easily mounted on the RSTA-II platform using the common 1/4×20 detachable baseplate, or clamped snugly inside the Pig Saddle.  One tripod system, many uses!

APO’s RSTA-II Tripod Shooting System is designed to provide hunters, tactical rifle competitors and professional marksmen, with a sturdy and reliable portable shooting platform that can be employed from ground level to a full upright standing position.  The RSTA-II Tripod Head is engineered and crafted from lightweight aluminum alloys, and has a hard coat anodized black non-reflective finish.

For more information on APO’s complete line of precision rifles and long range Riflesports equipment, please visit the Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg website, contact our customer service department or shop the APO online store, The Armory.

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Happy Holidays From 5.11 Tactical

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Fobus New Universal IWB Holsters – IWBL & IWBS

Who says things aren’t looking good in the kibbutz?
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Surefire’s Awesome Gear Giveaway


Like Us On Facebook & Enter For Chance to Win

Like Us On Facebook & ENTER TO WIN!

Enter To Win!

You may not be eligible to enter. Click here to obtain the Official Rules of the Sweepstakes.

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Does Anyone Know What Is Broken With Our Immigration System

This Friday’s shoot-the-shit topic is on “The Great Immigration Debate”. For years now, we’ve all been hearing about the “broken” immigration systems, but has anyone listed what is wrong and specifically how it should be fixed? The right wing blasts the left wing and vice versa but no one has detailed just what is it that needs fixing, and more importantly what they’ll do to fix it. All I know, with certainty, is that undocumented immigrants don’t like our immigration process, which seems like a reasonable position given their status.

  1. Securing the border is not a fix, that’s simply corrective action. Last time I checked it falls right at the top of the list of responsibilities governments have to their citizens under the umbrella of national security.
  2. Do we amend laws already on the books? I can dig that, but someone needs to say from what to what.
  3. Does INS need more workers and PCs  to improve applicant processing. What’s the issue? Resource allocation, process inefficiencies, or more likely a combination of both. No one seems to know, and that concerns me profoundly! However, what concerns me most of all is that our inaction incentivises the originating countries from focusing on caring for their citizens and developing their economies.

The list goes on and on, but I want to understand just what is it that’s broken and what will be done to fix it.

I come from a world where you look at problems with a multidimensional perspective; you layout facts, collect supporting data, develop plans base on an understanding of the data and risk rewards ;optimizing a solution, then moving forward tracking progress while collecting performance data from the feedback cycle. I have yet to see an effective SOLUTION, not a patch , to any problem without outlining the specifics.

What do you think?

Have A Great Weekend Everybody!

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Gear Review: Bushnell AR Optics 223 1-4 x 24 BTR variable magnification tailored to your AR



With the ever increasing popularity of three gun competitions and the realization that one can only do so much with a red dot sight, I thought I would present to my readers a magnified optic from Bushnell that’s ideally suited to the AR platform. So, check out my review!


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Brownells Larry Weeks Announces His Retirement



Larry Weeks is Brownells Public Relations Officer, he’s also one of the coolest human beings on the planet. Larry has helped me and other members of the media immeasurably, and I sure hate to see him step down. But, at the same time, I’m sure his retirement is well deserved and I wish him fair winds and following seas. We’ll all miss you Larry and your replacement will have some very large shoes to fill.

Bon Voyage!



MONTEZUMA, Iowa - After 36 years with Brownells, veteran Public Relations Manager Larry Weeks has announced his plans to retire at the end of 2014. Weeks will stay with the company as an advisor, and will attend various industry shows and shooting competitions throughout 2015.

Coming from Rockford, Illinois, Weeks started with the Iowa-based company in January of 1979 after answering a Brownells advertisement in American Rifleman for a Catalog Manager. Weeks worked alongside industry legends Bob and Frank Brownell on all elements of catalog production including copywriting, layout and photography. With the Brownells, Weeks played a significant role in turning the annually-produced Brownells “Big Book” into a highly sought-after catalog, now frequently referred to as the gun industry’s “Bible.”

Having built a long list of industry contacts, Weeks created Brownells’ public relations department in 2005. Since then, he’s been building long-lasting relationships with gun writers and media members across the U.S. and around the globe. He has also served as the company’s point man for sponsorships of all types.

“Larry is one of a kind,” said Brownells Chairman of the Board, Frank Brownell. “He has played an extremely critical role in growing this company during his 36 years with us. He’s just been a joy to be around for all these years. Larry is more than employee; he’s one heck of a close personal friend. All of us at Brownells are so grateful for his total dedication to the company. I hate to have him leave, but want to wish him the very best in retirement and his greater involvement with sprint car racing.”

Weeks will celebrate his last official day with the company on December 17, 2014. He’ll be with the team at SHOT Show to greet industry friends and make new ones.

“It’s been an honor to work for Brownells for the past 36 years,” said Weeks. “I’ve been able to be a part of the growth, from 40 employees to 400, and know that my efforts were a part of that growth – that’s a really rewarding feeling. I love the firearms industry, and through Brownells, have been able to meet so many inventive gun and accessory builders, great gun writers, talented shooters and match organizers – all of whom I consider friends.”

Weeks will be replaced by Brownells Copywriter Roy Hill. A former newspaper reporter, college English instructor, collegiate air rifle team coach and an avowed gun nut, Hill has an extreme passion for the firearms industry and a great working familiarity with the media. Roy can be reached at

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The Bersa BP380 Concealed Carry is Now Available in the United States

Wanamassa, N.J. (December 2014) – Eagle Imports, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Metro Arms, Bersa, Comanche and Grand Power firearms products, is pleased to introduce to the U.S. market the BP380 Concealed Carry.


The BP380 CC is Bersa’s first polymer-frame pistol in the .380-caliber and is specifically designed for concealed carry personal protection. The BP380 CC provides the firepower and accuracy needed to stop a would-be attacker yet its thin, light and compact size wears as a comfortable conceal carry.


Bersa has redefined what a concealed carry pistol is in the BP380CC. Instead of building around a subcompact frame like most concealed carry pistols, the BP380 CC has a full grip that allows for a positive four-finger hold and less felt recoil.


The pistol features a textured grip, a light, crisp and short trigger pull and interchangeable dot-sights. The full-size grip provides a higher carrying capacity than most subcompacts with an 8+1 capacity. While the BP380 CC is more accurate, easier to shoot and offers a larger magazine capacity than other subcompact pistols, it remains as thin and compact as ever at only .94 of an inch wide and 6.35 inches long.


The Bersa BP380 CC is made using cutting-edge manufacturing processes, the finest quality materials and truly reflects the performance, quality and durability that Bersa has built its highly esteemed reputation on.


The Bersa BP380 CC is available in a matte black or duotone finish. Every Bersa BP380 CC comes with the Bersa lifetime service contract. MSRP starts at $430.00.


Bersa BP380 Concealed Carry Specifications:

Model:                                BP380CC

Caliber:                              .380
Action:                               Short reset DAO
Capacity:                            8+1
Barrel Length:                    3.3″
Front Sight:                        Interchangeable Sig Sauer #8
Rear Sight:                         Interchangeable GLOCK® rear sight
Finishes:                            Matte Black or Duotone
Grips:                                 Integral to frame
Construction:                     Hi Impact Polymer Frame/Steel Slide
Safety:                                Integral Locking System, Firing Pin, Trigger
Weight:                               21.5 oz.
Length:                               6.35″
Height:                                4.8″

Width:                                 .94″

MSRP:                                  $430.00

For more information on the Bersa BP380 CC, visit or contact your favorite firearms retailer today to see one in person.
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Vickers Tactical AK Sling Rev. 2


The AK reigns supreme as the most prolific battle rifle in the history of modern warfare. It deserves a sling that is as functional and reliable as the host weapon system. Vickers Tactical stepped in to fill that need with a tactical sling that provides the same level of performance available to AR users as the combat sling.

The Limited Edition AK sling features an all new piece of hardware! The molded Universal Wire Loop – Push Button. It uses a high heat resistant, non-marring, nylon coated stainless steel cable for the front end. To conform with the classic AK sling look of the 1980’s BFG created custom polymer hardware that matches the famous “plum” coloring that legend says resulted from the Russians not quite getting their black coloring right. Even the label has a bouquet of authenticity that required a process never before employed to mark a BFG sling: Ink stamping. Just like they did it in the motherland, complete with inspector’s proof stamp! Adding to its authenticity, premium leather pull tabs were selected and sewn individually to the Quick Adjuster.


Blue Force Gear is limiting its second production run  to the number of leather pull tab components they’ve hand selected for these slings, so once they’re gone they’re gone.

Allow 3 to 5 days, from the time of order, for shipping.


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Kalashnikov Concern Gears Up For Large-Scale Modernization Program.

October 9, 2014 Tatyana Rusakova, RBTH

Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines –

Arms manufacturer Kalashnikov is preparing to undergo large-scale modernization with new technology that is slated to help it reduce labor costs and generate profits. After losing its traditional markets for civilian products due to EU and U.S. sanctions, has said that it will be orienting itself toward Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


Production of AK-47, at the Izhevsk Machine Building Factory. Source: Vladimir Vyatkin / RIA Novosti

Almost 5 billion rubles ($126 million) is to be invested in modernizing the Kalashnikov Concern by 2017, according to Sergei Chemezov, head of state-run corporation Rostec, which includes Kalashnikov.

According to the news agancy ITAR-TASS, Kalashnikov has already launched a modernization program at its factory in Izhevsk, Udmurtia, which is about 750 miles east of Moscow.

Kalashnikov’s plans include updating its machine tools and converting to new technology, namely MIM (metal injection moulding) technology, which can produce complex parts. A balanced granulated mix of fine metal powders and polymeric binders are used as raw material for these parts, thanks to which the gun parts do not require further processing.

Russia’s new trade representative to the U.S., Alexander Stadnik, told news agency ITAR-TASS in mid-September that the average price of a Kalashnikov rifle in the U.S. on the resale market has already hit $1,500. Prior to the imposition of sanctions by the U.S., a rifle typically retailed at an off-the-shelf price of $600.

These new technologies will boost labor productivity, reduce financial costs, and free up production space. As a result of modernizing, Kalashnikov plans to triple small arms production to 1.9 million guns per year, Rostec said.

The technical upgrading program is the logical continuation of economic reforms at Kalashnikov. Rostec transferred 49 percent of the arms producer’s shares to private investors in 2013 in order to render its products more competitive. The plan has started to work – in the first half of 2014, small arms output more than doubled.

The company anticipates more than 9 billion rubles ($226.7 million) in revenue in 2014, compared to over 2 billion rubles ($50.4 million) in 2013. In line with the development strategy for the small arms industry until 2020, which was jointly drafted by Rostec and the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, revenue from small arms sales is slated to rise to 24 billion rubles ($604.6 million).

New markets for non-military weapons

Kalashnikov, which lost its traditional sales markets with the imposition of sanctions by the European Union and United States, will also change its export strategy with the introduction of new technology.

According to Russian news agency ITAR-TASS, at the beginning of 2014 Kalashnikov and American company RWC (the official Kalashnikov dealer in the U.S.) signed a contract allowing the Russian company to supply up to 200,000 weapons a year to the U.S. and Canada.

The lion’s share of civilian weapons manufactured by Kalashnikov was bought by the U.S. and Germany, which are now closed to its products. Kalashnikov’s management is seeking out new sales markets to compensate for the losses it incurred from the sanctions.

“For example, [Kalashnikov is looking at] Latin America and the Asian and African countries. The development of these markets will make it possible to distribute the freed-up volumes of finished product and retain previous financial and production indicators,” Alexei Krivoruchko, an investor in Kalashnikov, told journalists.

For civilian markets, the concern is developing three new hunting rifle and shotgun models based on the Kalashnikov rifle: the Saiga-MK107, Saiga-9, and Saiga-12 Model 340, which will go into mass production this year.

Arms supplies for the military in question

However, Kalashnikov has not forgotten about its traditional niche: military rifles. At the moment, the concern is developing the latest AK-12 chambered in 7.62x39mm, in the interests of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

¬˚ÒÚ‡‚͇ `ŒÛÊËÂ Ë ŒıÓÚ‡`The Ministry of Defense is scheduled in October to make a final selection of the basic shooting kit that will form part of the standard Russian equipment package for the ‘soldier of the future’, named Ratnik (‘warrior’ in English). The ministry is to choose between the AK-12 and the AEK-71, the latter produced by the Degtyarev Kovrov Mechanical Plant.

Kalashnikov takes aim at the civilian market with new weaponry

These rifles are a reflection of two different concepts for improving individual military arms, independent small arms expert Semyon Fedoseyev told RBTH.

Like its predecessors, the AK-12 is designed using a gas-operated long-stroke piston system. This scheme has a negative impact on shooting accuracy, although several measures have been adopted to improve the AK-12, including better ergonomics, a modified barrel, a receiver, action, and new protective coverings, all while keeping the comparatively low production cost down.

Fedoseyev said the AEK-971 has a higher shooting accuracy but a more complex structure. Its moving parts are divided into two sections – the bolt carrier and the recoil-balancing mechanism – which are connected by a rack and pinion to synchronize movement.

As a result, the pulses of movement of the carrier and recoil-balancing mechanism cancel each other out, and the shooter only feels the recoil momentum of the shot. The rifle shifts much less during recoil.

Both assault rifles have a 5.45 mm carbine, so no colossal spending will be necessary to replace the arsenal of ammunition, said Fedoseyev.

There is currently no consensus among Russian military experts regarding which rifle should be provided for the ‘soldier of the future’. This means Kalashnikov will try to survive a difficult period of uncertainty by orienting itself towards the civilian market to the greatest possible extent.


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MAGPUL Industries–MS1 Padded Sling Is Now Shipping


MS1 Padded Sling

MS1 Padded Sling

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