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Extreme Outfitters Pre-Deployment Registry

Looks like a great way of letting your fans know what you need, so check it out!

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Should Terrorism Undergo Redefinition?

It’s Friday so I thought I’d pick a topic for the weekend shoot-the-shit. After devoting a few CPU cycles to selecting the topic, I decided on terrorism; more specifically should terrorism be redefined?

You can’t turn to a news outlet these days without encountering the terrorism or terrorist branding. So, what exactly is a terrorist and terrorism? 18 U.S.C. § 2331 defines international terrorism and domestic terrorism as follows.

“International terrorism” means activities with the following three characteristics:

  • Involve violent acts or acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;
  • Appear to be intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and
  • Occur primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S., or transcend national boundaries in terms of the means by which they are accomplished, the persons they appear intended to intimidate or coerce, or the locale in which their perpetrators operate or seek asylum.*

“Domestic terrorism” means activities with the following three characteristics:

  • Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;
  • Appear intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination. or kidnapping; and
  • Occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S.

Below is a list of events that have occurred throughout our history along with their classifications. Note that each one has all three elements of 18 U.S.C. § 2331 definitions; yet, you’d be hard pressed to hear anyone call Abraham Lincoln’s assassination a terrorist act. How often have your heard the 1963 assassination of J.F.K called an act of terrorism? 

date location killed injured type description
14 Apr 1865 Washington, DC 1 3 TER-right President Abraham Lincoln shot by John Wilkes Booth in Washington DC; secretary of state William H. Seward injured separately by accomplice Lewis Powell; Lincoln died 15 April
2 Jul 1881 Washington, DC 1 0 TER President James Garfield shot by Charles J. Guiteau in Washington, DC, died 19 Sep
4 May 1886 Chicago, Illinois 12 60 TER-left bomb thrown during labor rally at Haymarket Square kills 7 policemen, many injured; police fire into crowd, killing 4; 8 anarchists accused
28 Feb 1890 Washington, DC 1 0 TER Kentucky Representative William Taulbee shot outside U.S. Capitol by Charles Kincaid; Taulbee died 11 March
6 Sep 1901 Buffalo, New York 1 1 TER-left President William McKinley shot by Leon Czolgosz in Buffalo, NY, died 14 Sep
30 Dec 1905 Caldwell, Idaho 1 0 TER-left Frank Steunenberg, former Idaho governor, killed by bomb
1 Oct 1910 Los Angeles, California 21 20 TER-left bombing by labor activists at The Los Angeles Times building caused partial collapse of the building; two bombs at other locations were defused
14 Oct 1912 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 0 1 TER-left former President Theodore Roosevelt shot and injured in attempted assassination outside hotel en route to speech
3 Jul 1915 Glen Cove, New York 0 1 TER shooting attack on financier J. P. Morgan in failed hostage taking
22 Jul 1916 San Francisco, California 10 44 TER-left bomb in suitcase explodes at Preparedness Day parade
24 Nov 1917 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 10 2 TER-left bombing at police station
31 Jan 1919 Washington, DC 3 ? TER 3 Chinese assassinated
29 Apr 1919 Atlanta, Georgia 0 2 TER-left mail bomb sent to home of senator Thomas Hardwick explodes, injuring a housekeeper and the senator’s wife
2 Jun 1919 New York City, New York 2 3 TER-left anarchist bombings kill a night watchman and a terrorist; additional bombings occurred in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, Paterson, NJ, Cleveland, OH, and two in Pittsburgh, PA
2 Jun 1919 Boston, Massachusetts 0 1 TER-left anarchist bombing at the home of a state representative injured one child; a second bombing at the house of a judge caused no injuries
16 Sep 1920 New York City, New York 38 300 TER-left bomb in horse-drawn wagon exploded near Morgan bank in lower Manhattan
22 Jun 1922 Herrin, Illinois 19 ? CRI shooting by striking workers at labor protest
18 May 1927 Bath, Michigan 46 58 CRI explosion of bomb placed in school, followed by suicide bombing
21 Feb 1928 New York City, New York 0 0 THW silver nitrate poison mailed to 9 New York City officials
15 Feb 1933 Miami, Florida 1 4 TER-left attempted assassination of President-elect Franklin Roosevelt by anarchist Joseph Zangara; Chicago mayor Anton Cermak shot instead, dying 6 March
10 Oct 1933 Chesterton, Indiana 7 0 CRI? mid-air bombing destroys a Boeing 247
8 Sep 1935 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2 0 TER Senator Huey Long shot by Carl Weiss who was shot and killed by bodyguards; Long died 10 Sep
21 Sep 1935 Brooklyn, New York 0 1 TER plane hijacked from Brooklyn and flown across Atlantic, crashing in Irish Free State; 1 injured
23 Feb 1936 Utuado, Puerto Rico 0 1 TER-natl police officer shot by Puerto Rican nationalists
23 Feb 1936 San Juan, Puerto Rico 1 0 TER-natl police officer killed in shooting attack by Puerto Rican nationalists
21 Jan 1938 Seattle, Washington 1 0 THW peace advocate drowned trying to bomb Japanese steamer
4 Jul 1940 New York City, New York 2 2 TER bomb explodes at British Pavilion at the World’s Fair, killing 2 police officers and injuring 2
8 Jul 1945 Salina, Utah 9 20 CRI shooting by guard at German prisoners in POW camp
22 Jul 1948 New York City, New York 0 0 THW Stephen J. Supona dropped homemade bomb from airplane over United Nations building; no damage caused
5 Sep 1949 Camden, New Jersey 13 0 CRI shooting attack in residential neighborhood
1 Nov 1950 Washington, DC 2 1 TER-natl in assassination attempt on President Harry Truman, two Puerto Rican nationalists try to shoot their way into Blair House; 2 killed, including 1 terrorist
21 Dec 1951 Mims, Florida 2 0 TER-right NAACP state director Harry Moore and his wife killed in bombing of their house
1 Mar 1954 Washington, DC 0 5 TER-natl Puerto Rican nationalists fire from gallery of U.S. House of Representatives; 5 Congressman injured
7 Nov 1954 New York City, New York 0 4 TER bomb explodes in seat at Radio City Music Hall during a movie showing
1 Nov 1955 Longmont, Colorado 44 0 CRI United Air Lines DC-8 exploded and crashed near Longmont, CO, destroyed by bomb planted by John Graham in insurance plot to kill his mother, a passenger
2 Dec 1956 Brooklyn, New York 0 6 TER bomb explodes at Paramount Theater
1 Nov 1958 Punta Tabaio, Cuba 17 3 TER Cubana Airlines flight hijacked from Miami by members of 26th of July Movement; plane crashed near Punta Tabaio, Cuba, killing 17 of 20 aboard
15 Sep 1959 Houston, Texas 6 18 CRI suicide bombing at elementary school
6 Jan 1960 Boliva, North Carolina 34 0 CRI National Airlines flight bombed in insurance plot, crashing near Boliva, NC
3 Jan 1961 National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho 3 0 CRI criticality excursion and explosion at SL-1 reactor, apparently due to intentional removal of control rod in murder/suicide act
1 May 1961 Florida 0 0 TER Puerto Rican hijacks National Airlines plane to Havana, Cuba
22 May 1962 Unionville, Missouri 44 0 CRI Continental flight bombed
12 Jun 1963 Jackson, Mississippi 1 0 TER-right Medgar Evers, NAACP Mississippi field secretary, shot and killed at his home
15 Sep 1963 Birmingham, Alabama 4 23 TER-right bomb exploded under the steps of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, killing 4 young girls (ages 11-14) attending Sunday school
22 Nov 1963 Dallas, Texas 1 2 TER President John Kennedy shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, himself later fatally shot by Jack Rudy before trial
1 May 1964 San Ramon, California 44 0 CRI Frank Gonzalez, intending to commit suicide, shot pilot of Pacific Air Lines flight, causing plane to crash
22 Jun 1964 Philadelphia, Mississippi 3 0 TER-right three civil rights workers kidnapped in Mississippi, bodies found 4 Aug, 7 whites convicted of murders
16 Feb 1965 New York City, New York 0 0 THW three individuals, including members of Black Liberation Front and Montreal Separatist Party, arrested plotting to bomb Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, and Washington Monument
21 Feb 1965 New York City, New York 1 0 TER Malcolm X fatally shot
25 Mar 1965 Selma, Alabama 1 0 TER-right civil rights protestor killed by Ku Klux Klan
11-16 Aug 1965 Los Angeles, California 34 1000 CRI black riots in Watts; $20 million in damage
10 Jan 1966 Hattiesburg, Mississippi 1 1 TER-right firebombing by Ku Klux Klan
15 Mar 1966 Los Angeles, California 2 25 CRI black riots in Watts
1 Aug 1966 Austin, Texas 19 31 CRI sniper shooting from tower on University of Texas campus
7 Jan 1967 Las Vegas, Nevada 6 12 CRI R. Parks commits suicide in bombing of Las Vegas motel
29 Jan 1967 Washington, DC 0 2 TER-natl simultaneous bombing of Yugoslav missions in Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, San Francisco, CA, New York City, NY, Ottawa, Canada, and Toronto, Canada; the Washington bombing injured two embassy employees
2 May 1967 Sacramento, California 0 0 THW 26 Black Panthers walk into California State Legislature in Sacramento carrying loaded guns to read a political statement
12-17 Jul 1967 Newark, New Jersey 26 1500 CRI black riots
23-30 Jul 1967 Detroit, Michigan 43 2000 CRI black riots
4 Apr 1968 Memphis, Tennessee 1 0 TER-right Martin Luther King Jr. shot and killed by James Earl Ray
5 Jun 1968 Los Angeles, California 1 0 TER Robert Kennedy shot by Jordanian Sinhan Bishara Sirhan, died 6 Jun
1 Jun 1969 Sacramento, California 0 13 TER-left gunfight at Black Panther Party headquarters, injures 13 policemen
7 Aug 1969 New York City, New York 0 20 TER-left bombing of Marine Midland Building
6 Mar 1970 New York City, New York 3 0 TER-left three killed, apparently while building bombs for Weathermen
17 Mar 1970 Boston, Massachusetts 1 1 TER Eastern Airlines flight hijacked; copilot shot and killed
24 Aug 1970 Madison, Wisconsin 1 0 TER-left bombing at Sterling Hall kills scientist at University of Wisconsin; bomb planted in protest of Vietnam War
1 Nov 1970 Fort Detrick, Maryland 0 0 THW US Army learns of Weathermen plot to blackmail homosexual officer at Fort Detrick, MD, to steal a biological weapon for use in the water supply of a major city
1 Mar 1971 Washington, DC 0 0 TER-left Weather Underground bombing of Senate wing of U.S. Capitol
20 Oct 1971 New York City, New York 0 0 TER JDL members fire into apartment occupied by members of Soviet UN delegation
1 Jan 1972 Chicago, Illinois 0 0 THW two teenagers, members of RISE, arrested for plotting to introduce typhoid bacteria into Chicago water supply
22 Jan 1972 Saint Louis, Missouri 2 0 TER-left two police officers killed
26 Jan 1972 New York City, New York 2 13 TER Jewish Defense League firebombs two Sol Hurok offices; one killed at each location, with 13 total additional injuries
27 Jan 1972 New York City, New York 2 0 TER-left Black Liberation Army kills 2 police officers
7 Mar 1972 New York City, New York 0 0 THW caller threatens to bomb four TWA airliners, one every 6 hours, unless a $2,000,000 ransom was paid; caller stated bomb was aboard TWA Flight 7 en route from New York City to Los Angeles; flight returned to New York City and the bomb defused
8 Mar 1972 Las Vegas, Nevada 0 0 TER additional attack on TWA airliner; bomb exploded in emptied airliner in Las Vegas following its arrival from New York City
8 Apr 1972 Harris County, Texas 0 1 CRI intentional irradiation of child using radioactive sources
15 May 1972 Laurel, Maryland 0 4 TER Alabama governor George Wallace and 3 others injured, shot by Arthur Bremer
7 Jan 1973 New Orleans, Louisiana 9 13 TER-left shootings by former Black Panther member
4 Mar 1973 New York City, New York 0 0 TER-islm attempted bombings of three Israeli targets
1 Jul 1973 Chevy Chase, Maryland 1 0 TER-islm Israeli military attache Colonel Yosef Alon shot outside his home, claimed by PFLP
6 Nov 1973 Oakland, California 1 0 TER SLA kills Marcus Foster, black school superintendent
22 Feb 1974 Baltimore, Maryland 3 1 TER gunman attempts to hijack plane in Baltimore and fly it into White House to kill President Nixon; kills 2 at airport and himself, injures one
17 May 1974 Los Angeles, California 6 0 TER 6 SLA suspects in Hearst kidnapping killed in gun battle with police
6 Aug 1974 Los Angeles, California 3 35 TER bomb explodes in locker at airport, later attributed to the Alphabet Bomber
21 Aug 1974 Los Angeles, California 0 0 THW Alphabet Bomber, having threatened to kill the President with nerve gas, arrested with all but one of necessary components
11 Dec 1974 East Harlem, New York 0 1 TER-natl FALN bombing injures police officer
24 Jan 1975 New York City, New York 4 63 TER-natl FALN bombing of Fraunces Tavern in Wall Street
29 Jan 1975 Washington, DC 0 0 TER-left Weather Underground bombing of U.S. State Department
5 Sep 1975 Sacramento, California 0 0 THW Secret Service agent prevents Lynette Fromme, a Charles Manson follower, from shooting President Gerald Ford
22 Sep 1975 San Francisco, California 0 0 THW President Gerald Ford unharmed in assassination attempt by Sara Jane Moore, a political activist
29 Dec 1975 New York City, New York 11 75 TER-natl bomb explodes in locker at La Guardia Airport; Croatian nationalists suspected
1 Jun 1976 ? 0 0 THW B. A. Fox threatens to use mail to disperse ticks carrying pathogens
27 Jul 1976 Washington, DC 1 0 THW gunman scales White House fence, is shot and killed by guards
10 Sep 1976 New York City, New York 1 3 TER-natl Croatian terrorists hijack TWA jet and have it flown to France; 1 policeman killed by bomb at Grand Central Terminal in New York City
21 Sep 1976 Washington, DC 2 0 TER-natl two Chileans killed in car bombing
9 Mar 1977 Washington, DC 0 0 TER-islm Hanafi Muslim gunmen seize 3 buildings in Washington, DC, and hold 134 hostages for 39 hours before surrendering
22 Mar 1977 Denver, Colorado 1 0 TER bombing attributed to Chicano activist
23 Apr 1977 Washington, DC 1 0 TER bomb explodes in locker at airport
3 Aug 1977 New York City, New York 1 7 TER-natl FALN bombs two office buildings; 1 killed at Mobil headquarters, 7 injured
25 May 1978 Evanston, Illinois 0 1 TER-unab mail bomb slightly injures campus police officer at Northwestern University
1 Jan 1979 Wilmington, North Carolina 0 0 THW extortion attempt threatening release of uranium dioxide
3 May 1979 Chicago, Illinois 0 5 TER-natl FALN bombing at Shubert Theatre
9 May 1979 Evanston, Illinois 0 1 TER-unab bomb slightly injures student at Northwestern University
3 Nov 1979 Greensboro, North Carolina 5 11 TER-right shooting attack at protest
15 Nov 1979 Chicago, Illinois 0 12 TER-unab bomb ignites on American Airlines flight which lands safely; 12 passengers suffer from smoke inhalation
1 Dec 1979 Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico 2 10 TER-natl Macheteros members ambush Navy bus in Puerto Rico, killing 2 sailors and injuring 10
29 May 1980 Fort Wayne, Indiana 0 1 TER-right Vernon Jordan Jr., civil rights leader, shot and injured
10 Jun 1980 Chicago, Illinois 0 1 TER-unab mail bomb injures president of United Airlines
22 Jul 1980 Bethesda, Maryland 1 0 TER-islm Ali Akbar Tabataba’i, former senior officer in Iranian Shah’s SAVAK, shot at home by Daoud Salahuddin, a radical black Muslim under instructions from Iran
12 Jan 1981 Muniz ANGB, Puerto Rico 0 0 TER-natl Macheteros terrorists bomb 9 Air National Guard jets, causing $40 million in damage
20 Mar 1981 Mobile, Alabama 1 0 TER-right Ku Klux Klan attack
30 Mar 1981 Washington, DC 0 4 TER President Ronald Reagan and 3 others injured in attempted assassination by Hinkley
16 May 1981 New York City, New York 1 0 TER-natl bomb explodes in JFK airport terminal
29 Jul 1981 Tulsa, Oklahoma 1 0 CRI fatal self-inflicted radiation dose using stolen source
20 Oct 1981 New York City, New York 3 0 TER-left Weather Underground member Kathy Boudin captured after killing 3
21 Dec 1981 Warren County, New Jersey 1 0 TER-left UFF members murder New Jersey State Police officer
28 Jan 1982 Los Angeles, California 1 0 TER-natl Kemal Arikan, Turkish Consul-General, assassinated by Armenian terrorists
4 May 1982 Somerville, Massachusetts 1 0 TER-natl Orhan Gunduz, honorary Turkish Consul in Boston, assassinated by Armenian terrorists
5 May 1982 Nashville, Tennessee 0 1 TER-unab mail bomb injures secretary at Vanderbilt University
16 May 1982 San Juan, Puerto Rico 1 3 TER-natl shooting attack on navy sailors
2 Jul 1982 Berkeley, California 0 1 TER-unab mail bomb injures professor at University of California
25 Sep 1982 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 13 0 CRI shooting attack
31 Dec 1982 New York City, New York 0 3 TER-natl two bombings in Manhattan and Brooklyn by FALN
15 Jul 1983 Los Angeles, California 1 0 TER-natl bomb in car kills Armenian Victor Galustian
1 Aug 1983 Detroit, Michigan 3 0 TER-islm Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam secretary killed by members of Fuqra, a black Islamic sect; 2 members killed setting fire in AMI temple
7 Nov 1983 Washington, DC 0 0 TER bombing at U.S. Capitol building; later linked to Revolutionary Armed Task Force
1 Dec 1983 Seattle, Washington 0 0 THW authorities prevent attempt by pro-Khomeini students to set fire to theater where 500 anti-Khomeini Iranians were attending a singing performance
31 Dec 1983 New York City, New York 0 1 TER-natl FALN bombings at federal and city buildings; 1 policeman injured
1 Apr 1984 New York 0 0 THW two Canadians arrested in NY attempting to purchase large amounts of pathogenic bacteria (tetanus and botulinal toxin) from a Rockville, MD, firm
18 Jul 1984 San Ysidro, California 22 19 CRI shooting attack at McDonalds restaurant
18 Jul 1984 Denver, Colorado 1 0 TER-right Alan Berg killed by white supremacists
29 Aug 1984 The Dalles, Oregon 0 2 TER-rel followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh use water to infect two officials with salmonella; both sickened, one hospitalized
9-19 Sep 1984 The Dalles, Oregon 0 751 TER-rel salmonella poisoning in restaurants by followers of Bhadwan Shree Rajneesh
7 Dec 1984 Whidbey Island, Washington 1 0 TER-right Robert Matthews, leader of The Order, a right-wing group, killed in raid by federal agents
25 Dec 1984 Pensacola, Florida 0 0 TER-right three abortion clinics bombed
1 Apr 1985 New York City, New York 0 0 THW letter writer threatens to contaminate New York City’s water reservoirs with plutonium unless charges against Bernhard Goetz are dropped; testing was announced to have detected femtocurie levels of plutonium in the water on 26 July
13 May 1985 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 11 0 CRI police assault on headquarters of radical black group Move starts fire
15 May 1985 Berkeley, California 0 1 TER-unab mail bomb injures student at University of California
15 Aug 1985 Paterson, New Jersey 0 1 TER Tscherim Soobzokov, alleged Nazi war criminal, injured by bombing possibly linked to JDL; died 6 Sep
11 Oct 1985 Santa Ana, California 1 0 TER Alex Odah, officer of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, killed by bombing possibly linked to JDL
15 Nov 1985 Ann Arbor, Michigan 0 2 TER-unab bombing injures two
11 Dec 1985 Sacramento, California 1 0 TER-unab Unabomber bomb kills Hugh Scrutton, a computer store owner, with bomb in paper bag behind store
16 May 1986 Cokeville, Wyoming 2 79 TER-right two Aryan Nation members take 150 students and teachers hostage at an elementary school; bomb accidentally explodes, killing one terrorist and injuring many children; second terrorist commits suicide
5 Aug 1986 Chicago, Illinois 0 0 THW members of Libyan-linked street gang El Rukn arrested attempting to obtain SAM to attack an aircraft at O’Hare IAP
20 Aug 1986 Edmond, Oklahoma 15 6 CRI shooting attack by postal employee at post office
5 Sep 1986 New York City, New York 0 30 TER tear gas bomb set off 5 minutes before end of Russian dance troupe performance at New York City’s Metropolitan Opera House by Jewish extremists
29 Sep 1986 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 0 0 TER-right four bombs explode in Coeur d’Alene, at department store, restaurant, federal building, and armed forces recruiting station, set by Bruder Scheigen Strike Force II
28 Oct 1986 Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico 0 1 TER-natl Macheteros bombings at military facilities
1 Dec 1986 Arizona 0 0 THW 6 members of Arizona Patriots indicted for planned bombings of the Phoenix ADL regional office, a Phoenix synagogue, the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, and the Ogden Utah IRS facility
14 Dec 1986 New York City, New York 0 0 THW Dennis Malvasi sets bomb in Planned Parenthood building in Manhattan, leaving rental agent handcuffed nearby; bomb fizzles
31 Dec 1986 San Juan, Puerto Rico 97 140 CRI three employees set fire in Dupont Plaza Hotel; most fatalities were in the hotel casino; the employees were in a labor dispute with the hotel’s management
20 Feb 1987 Salt Lake City, Utah 0 1 TER-unab bombing injures computer store owner
1 Apr 1987 Atlantic City, New Jersey 0 0 THW apparent Islamic terrorist plot to bomb Atlantic City casinos called off due to alerted authorities
23 Oct 1987 Vermont 0 0 THW Lebanese national and two others, all members of Syrian Socialist National Party, arrested attempting to enter Vermont from Canada with bomb components
29 Nov 1987 Livermore, California 0 0 THW bomb exploded in parking lot of Sandia National Laboratories
12 Apr 1988 New Jersey 0 0 THW Yu Kikumura, member of Japanese Red Army, arrested in New Jersey with bombs to be detonated in Manhattan 3 days later
10 Nov 1988 Norwalk, Connecticut 0 0 THW animal rights activist arrested leaving pipe bomb at U.S. Surgical Corporation
17 Jan 1989 Stockton, California 6 30 CRI shooting attack on children in playground of elementary school; gunman then fatally shot himself
10 Mar 1989 San Diego, California 0 0 TER-islm pipe-bomb exploded in van of Sharon Lee Rogers, wife of U.S.S. Vincennes captain, planted by pro-Iranian terrorists
13 Mar 1989 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 0 0 THW US FDA inspectors in Philadelphia discover two grapes laced with minimal amounts of cyanide in shipment from Chile following warning telephoned to U.S. embassy in Santiago
18 Apr 1989 Indianapolis, Indiana 0 1 CRI child maimed by bomb in toothpaste tube in K-Mart store; apparent teenage perpetrator commits suicide 20 April
19 Apr 1989 Atlantic Ocean, Puerto Rico 47 0 CRI? explosion in gun turrent of battleship U.S.S. Iowa off Puerto Rico kills 47; Navy cites some evidence of sabotage
21 Aug 1989 Atlanta, Georgia 0 15 TER-right gas canister in parcel explodes at NAACP regional office
17 Dec 1989 Mountain Brook, Alabama 1 1 TER Judge Robert Vance killed by mail bomb, wife injured
18 Dec 1989 Savannah, Georgia 1 0 TER-right black civil rights lawyer Robert Robinson killed by mail bomb
31 Jan 1990 Tucson, Arizona 1 0 TER-islm Rashad Khalifa assassinated
25 Mar 1990 New York City, New York 87 0 CRI arson fire in social club
24 May 1990 Oakland, California 0 2 TER-left two Earth First members injured in explosion while transporting bomb in car
18 Jun 1990 Jacksonville, Florida 10 4 CRI shooting attack at GMAC office
5 Nov 1990 New York City, New York 1 1 TER-islm Rabbi Meir Kahane assassinated by Al-Sayyid Abdulazziz Nossair
25 Feb 1991 Brooklyn, New York 1 0 TER-islm Mustafa Shalabi killed in Brooklyn by Islamic group members
16 Oct 1991 Killeen, Texas 24 20 CRI shooting attack at Luby’s restaurant
1 Mar 1992 Minnesota 0 0 THW Minnesota Patriots Council plots to assassinate law enforcement officials using ricin
26 Mar 1992 Franklin Lakes, New Jersey 1 0 TER-islm Parivash Rafizadeh, wife of former senior officer in Iranian Shah’s SAVAK, shot near her home
19 Apr 1992 Ruby Ridge, Idaho 2 0 CRI federal marshals in shootout with white supremacist Randy Weaver in Idaho kill his wife and son
27 Apr-2 May 1992 Los Angeles, California 58 4000 CRI black riots following not guilty verdict in trial of four policemen for beating black offender
1 May 1992 Olivehurt, California 4 10 CRI shooting attack at high school
25 Jan 1993 Langley, Virginia 2 3 TER-islm Mir Amail Kansi, an Afghan Islamist, shot several CIA employees in cars in front of CIA headquarters
26 Feb 1993 New York City, New York 6 1040 TER-islm truck bombing in garage of World Trade Center
28 Feb 1993 Waco, Texas 86 25 CRI Branch Davidian cult members kill 4 ATF agents, injure 16, when agents raided their compound in Waco, TX; 10 cult members killed; compound was sieged until 19 Apr when another raid was attempted and the compound burned down
10 Mar 1993 Pensacola, Florida 1 0 TER-right abortionist David Gunn shot and killed by abortion opponent
22 Jun 1993 Tiburon, California 0 1 TER-unab bomb injures scientist from University of California
24 Jun 1993 New Haven, Connecticut 0 1 TER-unab bomb injures professor at Yale University
24 Jun 1993 New York City, New York 0 0 THW Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and others arrested for role in World Trade Center bombing, thwarting plans to bomb United Nation Headquarters, the Lincoln Tunnel, the Holland Tunnel, the George Washington Bridge, and FBI offices in New York City
1 Jul 1993 Los Angeles, California 0 0 THW FBI arrests skinheads planning to machine gun worshippers at First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles in hopes of starting a race war
19 Aug 1993 Wichita, Kansas 0 1 TER-right abortionist George Tiller shot and injured at an abortion clinic
14 Dec 1993 Garden City, New York 6 19 TER-left Colin Ferguson shot and killed 6, injured 17 on Long Island train, professing hatred of whites
1 Mar 1994 New York City, New York 1 3 TER-islm gunman fires at van of Orthodox Jewish students at the Brooklyn Bridge
26 Apr 1994 Colorado Springs, Colorado 1 1 CRI mail bomb kills man and injures his wife
20 Jun 1994 Fairchild AFB, Washington 4 22 CRI shooting attack at base hospital
29 Jul 1994 Pensacola, Florida 2 1 TER-right abortion opponent shot and killed abortionist and his bodyguard and injured abortionist’s wife
12 Sep 1994 Washington, DC 1 0 TER Frank Corder flew Cessna from MD into White House, striking tree near President’s bedroom, killing himself and causing damage to White House
29 Oct 1994 Washington, DC 0 0 THW lone gunman with semi-automatic weapon fires shots at White House from sidewalk in front on Pennsylvania Avenue
10 Dec 1994 North Caldwell, New Jersey 1 0 TER-unab Unabomber mail bomb kills New York advertising executive Thomas Mosser
30 Dec 1994 Brookline, Massachusetts 2 5 TER-right gunman kills 2 abortion clinic workers in MA, then drives to Norfolk, VA, and fires on clinic before arrest
19 Apr 1995 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 169 675 TER-right truck bombing of federal building, causing partial collapse
24 Apr 1995 Sacramento, California 1 0 TER-unab Unabomber mail bomb kills Gilbert Murray, president of California Forestry Assn., at office
1 May 1995 Washington, DC 0 2 THW man with unloaded gun scales White House fence; jumper and Secret Service agent shot and injured by another guard
12 Sep 1995 Essex, Maryland 5 0 CRI car bombing at shopping mall, apparent murder plot
10 Oct 1995 Hyder, Arizona 1 100 CRI Amtrak train derailed near Hyder, AZ, by sabotage to tracks with nearby note claiming responsibility by Sons of Gestapo, later attributed to railroad employee
23 Dec 1995 Arkansas 1 0 THW Thomas Lewis Lavy arrested in Arkansas for possession of ricin, a biotoxin; Lavy commits suicide the next day
27 Feb 1996 Houston, Texas 0 1 CRI radioactive source theft
1 Jun 1996 New York 0 0 THW several individuals arrested in plot to kill Republican officials; seized weapons included radioactive materials
1 Jun 1996 New York 0 0 THW several individuals arrested in New York planning to kill Republican officials; seized weapons included radioactive materials
17 Jul 1996 East Moriches, New York 230 0 ACC? mid-air explosion of TWA 800, attribution to accidental explosion has been disputed; victims included 20 children and 38 French citizens
27 Jul 1996 Atlanta, Georgia 2 110 TER-right pipe bomb explodes in park at night concert at Summer Olympic Games; 1 killed, 1 died nearby of heart attack
2 Jan 1997 multiple 0 0 TER letter bombs received at Egyptian newspaper offices in Washington, DC, New York City, and a prison in Leavenworth Kansas; similar device exploded at Egyptian newspaper office in London, UK, injuring 2 guards
22 Feb 1997 Atlanta, Georgia 0 4 TER-right bomb explodes in Atlanta, GA, nightclub frequented by homosexuals; 4 injured
24 Feb 1997 New York City, New York 2 6 TER-islm lone Palestinian gunman fired on tourists on observation deck of Empire State Building; Danish national was killed and other tourists injured before gunman killed himself
26 Mar 1997 Rancho Sante Fe, California 39 0 CRI discovery of mass suicide by 39 members of Heaven’s Gate cult, tied by cult members to Comet Hale-Bopp
16 May 1997 ? 0 0 THW James Dalton Bell allegedly investigates toxins for use in assassinating government officials
31 Jul 1997 New York City, New York 0 2 THW would-be Palestinian suicide bombers are arrested at their apartment while planning to bomb New York subways
29 Jan 1998 Birmingham, Alabama 1 1 TER-right bombing at abortion clinic kills one guard and injures a nurse; Eric Rudolph suspected in case
24 Mar 1998 Jonesboro, Arkansas 5 11 CRI shooting attack at middle school by two students; 4 students and 1 teacher killed, 9 students and 2 adults injured
21 May 1998 Springfield, Oregon 4 25 CRI shooting attacks at residence and high school
24 Jul 1998 Washington, DC 2 2 TER gunman enters U.S. Capitol building and kills two guards; one tourist and gunman are injured
19 Oct 1998 Vail, Colorado 0 0 TER-left arson attacks by the Earth Liberation Front at Vail ski resort cause $12 million in damages
23 Oct 1998 Amherst, New York 1 0 TER-right abortionist shot and killed at his home
20 Apr 1999 Littleton, Colorado 15 27 CRI mass shooting at Columbine High School by two students; 12 students and 1 teacher killed, 21 students and 2 teachers killed; both gunmen killed themselves
10 Aug 1999 Los Angeles, California 1 5 TER-right shooting attack at Jewish daycare by white supremacist
15 Sep 1999 Fort Worth, Texas 8 8 CRI shooting attack at church service
31 Oct 1999 Atlantic Ocean, Massachusetts 217 0 TER-islm intentional crash of Egypt Air flight off Nantucket Island by copilot
14 Dec 1999 Port Angeles, Washington 0 0 THW terrorist arrested crossing from Canada with material to bomb Los Angeles International Airport
7 Feb 2001 Washington, DC 0 1 THW gunman fires on the White House from outside the perimeter fence; gunman is shot and injured by a guard
11 Sep 2001 New York City, New York 2759 8700 TER-islm crashing of two hijacked planes into World Trade Center towers, causing fires and collapse
11 Sep 2001 Alexandria, Virginia 189 200 TER-islm crashing of hijacked plane into Pentagon
11 Sep 2001 Somerset County, Pennsylvania 45 0 TER-islm crashing of hijacked plane into rural area of Pennsylvania, following attempt by passengers to regain control of aircraft
18 Sep 2001 West Palm Beach, Florida 1 10 TER anthrax-laced letters mailed to West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, and New York City, New York, USA
9 Oct 2001 Washington, DC 4 7 TER anthrax-laced letters mailed to Washington, DC
22 Dec 2001 Atlantic Ocean, Florida 0 1 THW British citizen prevented from igniting shoe bomb on flight from Paris to Miami
8 May 2002 Chicago, Illinois 0 0 THW US citizen arrested for seeking to use dirty bomb in US
4 Jul 2002 Los Angeles, California 2 4 TER-islm Egyptian gunman kills two Israelis, injures four at the El Al ticket counter at the Los Angeles International Airport
5 Sep 2002 Clinton, Maryland 0 1 TER-bws owner of Italian restaurant shot in robbery by Beltway snipers
10 Sep 2002 Lackawanna, New York 0 0 THW 6 U.S. citizens arrested for terrorist connections
21 Sep 2002 Montgomery, Alabama 1 1 TER-bws liquor store employees shot in robbery by Beltway snipers
2 Oct 2002 Glenmont, Maryland 1 0 TER-bws 1 killed at grocery store by Beltway snipers
3 Oct 2002 Aspen Hill, Maryland 5 0 TER-bws 5 killed in separate shootings by Beltway snipers
4 Oct 2002 Spotsylvania County, Virginia 1 0 TER-bws 1 killed at shopping mall by Beltway snipers
7 Oct 2002 Bowie, Maryland 0 1 TER-bws 1 child injured at a middle school by Beltway snipers
9 Oct 2002 Manassas, Virginia 1 0 TER-bws 1 killed at gas station by Beltway snipers
11 Oct 2002 Fredericksburg, Virginia 1 0 TER-bws 1 killed at gas station by Beltway snipers
14 Oct 2002 Falls Church, Virginia 1 0 TER-bws 1 killed at shopping mall by Beltway snipers
19 Oct 2002 Ashland, Virginia 1 0 TER-bws 1 killed at restaurant by Beltway snipers
22 Oct 2002 Aspen Hill, Maryland 1 0 TER-bws 1 bus driver killed by Beltway snipers
19 Mar 2003 New York City, New York 0 0 THW US citizen arrested for planning to sabotage Brooklyn Bridge
1 Jun 2003 Alexandria, Virginia 0 0 THW 11 arrested for planning attacks on U.S. servicemen
8 Jul 2003 Meridian, Mississippi 7 8 CRI shooting attack at factory
28 Nov 2003 Columbus, Ohio 0 0 THW arrest of terrorist plotting to bomb shopping mall in Columbus
1 Aug 2004 Albany, New York 0 0 THW 2 arrested plotting assassination of Pakistani diplomat
1 Aug 2004 New York City, New York 0 0 THW 2 arrested planning to bomb Penn Station during Republican National Convention
3 Aug 2004 New York City, New York 0 0 THW terror cell leader arrested in London for planning attacks on financial centers in the US
21 Mar 2005 Red Lake, Minnesota 10 7 CRI shooting at Red Lake Indian Reservation school
1 Aug 2005 Los Angeles, California 0 0 THW 4 arrested plotting attacks on Los Angeles targets
29 Nov 2005 Santa Cruz, California 0 4 TER-left 4 injured, including several children, by incendiary attacks by suspected animal rights activists
5 Dec 2005 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 0 0 THW 1 arrested plotting attacks on refineries in Wyoming and New Jersey and on the transcontinental pipeline
Feb 2006 Toledo, Ohio 0 0 THW 3 arrested plotting attacks on U.S. military abroad and on domestic targets
5 Mar 2006 Chapel Hill, North Carolina 0 9 TER-islm man drives vehicle into pedestrians at the University of North Carolina
Apr 2006 Atlanta, Georgia 0 0 THW 2 arrested plotting attacks on U.S. Capitol and World Bank headquarters
22 Jun 2006 Chicago, Illinois 0 0 THW 7 arrested planning to bomb the Sears Tower
1 Jul 2006 New York City, New York 0 0 THW 1 arrested planning to bomb train tunnels
28 Jul 2006 Seattle, Washington 1 5 TER-islm gunman fires on women at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle
9 Aug 2006 ? 0 0 THW British authorities arrest 24 terrorists planning to use liquid explosives on airlines to attack US targets
27 Sep 2006 Bailey, Colorado 2 5 CRI hostage taking and shooting attack at high school
2 Oct 2006 Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania 6 5 CRI hostage taking and shooting attack at Amish schoolhouse
Dec 2006 Chicago, Illinois 0 0 THW 1 arrested plotting grenade attack on Chicago area shopping mall
16 Apr 2007 Blacksburg, Virginia 33 17 CRI shooting attack at Virginia Polytechnic Institute
9 May 2007 Cherry Hill, New Jersey 0 0 THW 6 arrested plotting armed attack on Fort Dix
3 Jun 2007 New York City, New York 0 0 THW 4 arrested in Trinidad plotting to bomb fuel pipelines near JFK airport
1 Aug 2007 Clinton, Michigan 0 1 CRI radioactive source theft
24 Feb 2008 Los Angeles, California 0 1 TER-left animal rights activists attempt home invasion of biomedical researcher, injuring the researcher’s husband
Jun 2008 Columbus, Ohio 0 0 THW 1 arrested plotting attacks on U.S. and European targets
27 Jul 2008 Knoxville, Tennessee 2 7 TER gunman fires on congregation at a church
10 Mar 2009 Alabama 11 6 CRI multiple shootings at residences and businesses in Samson and Geneva, AL
3 Apr 2009 Binghamton, New York 14 4 CRI shooting attack at immigrant center
20 May 2009 New York City, New York 0 0 THW 4 arrested plotting bombing attacks on New York Jewish centers and attacks against Air National Guard aircraft
31 May 2009 Wichita, Kansas 1 0 TER-right 1 doctor killed (George Tiller) in shooting attack at Reformation Lutheran Church
1 Jun 2009 Little Rock, Arkansas 1 1 TER-islm 1 Army private killed (William Long), second injured in shooting attack at Army Navy Career Center
10 Jun 2009 Washington, DC 1 1 TER-right 1 guard killed (Stephen Johns) in shooting attack at the Holocaust Museum
11 Sep 2009 Owosso, Michigan 2 0 TER-left abortion protester shot and killed outside a school; the gunman also killed an area businessman
23 Sep 2009 Springfield, Illinois 0 0 THW US citizen arrested plotting to detonate car bomb at the federal building in Springfield, IL
24 Sep 2009 Dallas, Texas 0 0 THW terrorist arrested planning to bomb Dallas Fountain Place
21 Oct 2009 Sudbury, Massachusetts 0 0 THW 1 arrested plotting attacks on shopping malls and assassinations of two politicians
5 Nov 2009 Foot Hood, Texas 13 44 TER-islm shooting attack at Soldier Readiness Center at Foot Hood
25 Dec 2009 Michigan 0 3 TER-islm Yemeni terrorist attempts to detonate bomb on flight from Amsterdam to Detroit; bomb only ignites, and passengers and crew subdue the terrorist
18 Feb 2010 Austin, Texas 2 13 TER suicide crash of small plane into federal office building
4 Mar 2010 Alexandria, Virginia 1 2 TER shooting at gate outside Pentagon; gunman killed
1 May 2010 New York City, New York 0 0 THW failed car bombing in Times Square by Pakistani terrorists
Jul 2010 Anchorage, Alaska 0 0 THW 2 arrested plotting mail bomb assassinations
1 Sep 2010 Silver Spring, Maryland 1 0 TER 3 hostages held by gunman at Discovery Communications headquarters; gunman killed by police
17 Sep 2010 Washington, DC 0 1 THW attempted shooting at Capitol Hill; gunman shot and injured by guards
Oct 2010 Washington, DC 0 0 THW Pakistani-American arrested plotting bombing attack on Washington subway
29 Oct 2010 ? 0 0 THW thwarted attempt to bomb multiple US-bound airliners with parcel bombs sent from Yemen
Nov 2010 Portland, Oregon 0 0 THW 1 arrested plotting bombing at Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland
Dec 2010 Maryland 0 0 THW 1 arrested plotting bombing of military recruiting center
8 Jan 2011 Tucson, Arizona 6 13 TER shooting attack at political event at a supermarket; U.S. District Judge John Roll killed, U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords injured
Feb 2011 Lubbock, Texas 0 0 THW 1 arrested plotting bombings of domestic targets
May 2011 New York City, New York 0 0 THW 2 arrested plotting attacks on a Manhattan synagogue
Jun 2011 Seattle, Washington 0 0 THW 2 arrested plotting attack on Seattle military recruiting station
27 Jul 2011 Killeen, Texas 0 0 THW thwarted attempt to attack restaurant near Fort Hood with bombing and shooting attack; Naser Abdo arrested
6 Sep 2011 Carson City, Nevada 5 7 CRI? shooting attack at restaurant, killing 4 (2 died immediately, 2 died later of injuries) and injuring 7 others; casualties included 3 Nevada National Guard soldiers killed and 2 injured; gunman also died of self-inflicted wounds
20 Jul 2012 Aurora, Colorado 12 58 CRI shooting attack at movie theater; suspect was arrested afterwards; suspect had booby-trapped his nearby apartment with explosives which were successfully disarmed by police
5 Aug 2012 Oak Creek, Wisconsin 7 4 TER-right 6 killed, 4 injured in shooting attack at a Sikh temple shortly before worship service on Sunday morning; one of those injured was a police officer, another was president of the temple; the gunman was shot and killed at the scene by police
14 Aug 2012 LaPlace, Louisiana 2 4 TER 2 police officers killed, 1 injured while investigating attack that injured another officer; 7 arrested, 2 of whom were injured in the shootout; several of those arrested had ties to the sovereign citizen movement
15 Aug 2012 Washington, DC 0 1 TER-left 1 guard shot and injured while subduing gunman at Family Research Council offices
14 Dec 2012 Newtown, Connecticut 28 3 CRI shooting attack at elementary school kills 20 children and 6 adults; shooter killed himself and had killed his mother earlier that day
15 Apr 2013 Boston, Massachusetts 3 264 TER-islm two bombings at Boston Marathon kill 3 (including 1 child) and injure 183 (including 8 children)
17 Apr 2013 Washington, DC 0 0 THW two letters testing positive for ricin mailed to Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker and President Obama are found at mail screening facilities; a third letter to an official in Mississippi was awaiting testing; an individual in Mississippi is arrested and charged in the case
18-19 Apr 2013 Watertown, Massachusetts 2 2 TER-islm 1 police officer killed, one injured during manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers; one terrorist killed and one injured and captured
12 May 2013 New Orleans, Louisiana 0 19 CRI two gunmen fired on crowds at Mother’s Day parade; 19 injured, including 2 children
16 Sep 2013 Washington, DC 13 3 CRI shooting attack at Washington Navy Yard
2 Apr 2014 Fort Hood, Texas 4 16 CRI shooting attack on Fort Hood; 3 killed, 16 injured; in addition the gunman killed himself
13 Apr 2014 Overland Park, Kansas 3 0 TER-right shooting attack at a Jewish community center and Jewish retirement home; 3 killed, including one teenager
27 Apr 2014 Skyway, Washington 1 0 TER-islm shooting attack killed 1
1 Jun 2014 Seattle, Washington 2 0 TER-islm shooting attack near night club killed 2
8 Jun 2014 Las Vegas, Nevada 5 0 TER-right shooting attack at restaurant and store; 3 killed, including 2 police officers; both shooters killed themselves
25 Jun 2014 East Orange, New Jersey 1 0 TER-islm shooting attack killed 1 teenager
25 Sep 2014 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1 2 TER-islm knife attack at food processing plant killed 1, injured 1; attacker was shot and injured

As you can readily see, terror and terrorism is not new to our shores. However, terrorism, in modern day parlance, has become a marketing label applied to Muslims, and the last 13 years of war against Al Qaeda have centered the word on Muslim. This is a sad byproduct of those 13 years but to be completely fair understandable. Making matters worse, it is also true that Muslims have done little to extinguish radical fundamentalism, although Islamic terrorism is in large part perpetrated by Muslims against Muslims –  acts qualifying perpetrators for Takfir. So, at this juncture in history should we rethink terrorism?

Is a Presbyterian car bombing an abortion clinic in the present day media an act of terrorism? It clearly meets 18 U.S.C. § 2331 definition of domestic terrorism. Or have news outlets reserved the terrorist accolade for Muslims or converts? In my view, any genetic defect that watched too many YouTube videos, played too many video games and with an ax to grind will commit heinous acts. Simply stated they see themselves as the personification of excellence and better than the rest of humanity. But, who are they? I say, simply another genetic defect – be it Muslim, Jew or Christian. So, I think terrorism should be redefined to included an organizational element, meaning some element of command and control or coordination, collaboration and planning. In the final analysis, I think we need to be cautious about how freely we use the word “terror” lest we forsake our liberties in the interest of being protected.

So, how would you define terrorist or terrorism? Let’s us know what you think at

Have a great weekend!

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Crimson Trace Earns Prestigious SEOPA Recognition



(Wilsonville, OR) Crimson Trace, America’s recognized leader in laser sighting systems and tactical lights for firearms, has been honored by the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association with an “Excellence in Craft” award. The award, recognizing Crimson Trace’s high standards in media and public relation efforts, was presented to the company’s marketing department during SEOPA’s annual conference in Fontana Village, North Carolina.

Members of the Crimson Trace marketing department include: Kent Thomas, Roseann Stover, Gary Killingsworth, John Hoppes and Michael D. Faw.

“It is a great honor for our outstanding marketing department to be recognized by SEOPA for the many programs and projects they undertake to assist journalists in the shooting sports industry,” stated Lane Tobiassen, Crimson Trace President and CEO. “Having been in the marketing and PR field myself, I know how dedicated, professional, and downright effective our marketing team truly is, and it shows whenever I pick up a gun magazine or go on the internet.”

Crimson Trace works closely with several regional media organizations, including SEOPA, to sponsor various programs across America and host shooting range experience events.

Crimson Trace, based in Wilsonville, Oregon, produces six distinct product lines, including: Master Series® laser sights for 1911 pistols, Lasergrips® with Instinctive Activation™, Laserguard®, Lightguard™ with LED white lights, Rail Master® and Rail Master Pros™, plus the affordable Defender Series®. Many of the products are covered under the company’s Free Batteries for Life™ program.

Crimson Trace’s mission is to enhance people’s ability to protect family, home and country, and to help meet that mission the company has undertaken a new campaign that encourages everyone to ask themselves, “have you done everything in your power to defend yourself and what’s yours?” The rallying words are: “In Condition Crimson™, We Stand.” For more details, visit or call 800-442-2406. This year Crimson Trace is celebrating 20 years of product innovation.

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Magpul 2015 Calendar


Magpul is now accepting pre-orders for their 2015 calendar. They make a super Christmas gift. Pre-Order HERE

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Gear Review: Thomas R Bender’s The Tool


Let me say right off the bat that my catchy post title will be meaningless without reading my review. So, read the review. Having said that Tom’s creations are the personification of simplicity yet total ferocity! Nothing in his work is stylistic but everything is 100% functional. You probably haven’t heard his name in Blade circles but I’ll guarantee you sat on the edge of your seat from his many special effects in some of the highest grossing films in the industry.

Without further ado meet Thomas R. Bender, A California Knife Maker.

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Camelback’s FORGE A Better Travel Mug…


  • Leak Proof
  • Double-Wall Impact-Resistant Cap
  • Aroma Bowl
  • Lock-Open Button with leak-proof closure for frequent sipping.
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IWI US, Inc. Announces The Tavor Tactical Combat Folding Knife

This week, IWI introduced a tactical folder that pairs very nicely with your Tavor SAR.  The knife is an exclusive design, for IWI US, manufactured in Pennsylvania by Guardian Tactical in collaboration between the U.S. Protective Service and Andrew Buerk, Guardian Tactical’s Chief Designer. Readers should note two highly desirable characteristics, the aggressive Tanto point and the flipper just south of the blade axis.

The IWI Tavor® Tactical Combat Folding Knife blade is produced from  CPM-154 steel and is set into a textured G-10 handle that aids in grip retention. It has all black stainless steel hardware with a black anodized aluminum back spacer, incorporating a silky smooth 16 ball bearing system that ensures a solid lock up and zero side to side “play.” The U.S. Protective Service came up with the idea to incorporate Dual Arc Rapid Deployment thumb studs that will allow the user to rapidly deploy the knife with one hand.

IWI Tavor® Tactical Combat Folding Knife Specifications:

  • Overall Length: 9″
  • Blade Length: 4″
  • Cutting Edge: 3.75″
  • Blade Thickness: 0.155″
  • Handle Length: 5.0″
  • Handle Thickness: 0.58″
  • Weight: 4.2 oz.

The IWI Tavor® Tactical Combat Folding Knife is individually numbered, comes in a soft IWI branded bag and has a 100% Lifetime Warranty serviced by Guardian Tactical. MSRP $324.99. These knives are available today directly from IWI’s WEB site.

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Canadian Soldier Murdered While Standing Guard At The National War Memorial In Ottawa.

The loss of a Canadian serviceman carries the same weight as the loss of one of our own and we extended our deepest condolences  to his family, friends and comrades. Canadian authorities are conducting operations in the downtown area of the Parliament, and National War Memorial. At this stage of the operations it is too early to assess if the attack has terrorist underpinnings.

En Français

La perte d’un militaire canadien a le même poids que la perte de l’un des nôtres et nous étendre nos plus sincères condoléances à sa famille, ses amis et camarades. Les autorités canadiennes mènent des opérations dans la zone du centre-ville du Parlement, et Monument commémoratif de guerre mènent. A ce stade des opérations, il est trop tôt pour évaluer si l’attaque a des fondements terroristes.



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HK Days $200 Rebate

HK is looking to make your Christmas brighter with a $200 rebate on any purchase of an HK firearm. This offer is good from 1 Nov 2014 to 31 Dec 2014. This is one heck of a deal…


Take advantage of HK DAYS and receive a $200 VISA CARD when you purchase a NEW HK firearm (All Models of: USP, P30, Mark23, MR Rifle.)

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Brownells Back-In Black Rifle Event…


It’s a great time to start or finish that AR build as Brownells kicks off the “Back In Black Rifle Event” starting October 20 and running through Black Friday weekend. That’s more than a month of special deals on AR-15 parts, tools and accessories. The event culminates with more blowout specials on the official Black Rifle Friday Weekend – from Friday, November 28 through Cyber Monday, December 1st .

Each Monday, leading up to Black Rifle Friday, Brownells will unveil on its website a new package that includes all the required parts – except for a lower receiver – to build a different version of the AR-15. Every package will give customers significant savings compared to buying all the parts and components individually. The packages will also save customers time picking out individual parts, and eliminate the chance of overlooking or forgetting items.

“We think people will be excited about our special package deals,” said Matt Buckingham, Brownells President/COO. “We’ll be telling everybody a lot more about each weekly special as we get closer to it. Be sure to keep checking the Brownells website to see the list of products and packages in that week’s sale.”

In addition to the main sale on AR-15 components and tools, some weeks will feature specials on 1911 magazines and parts, as well as accessories for Remington 870 shotguns. Customers can see a new AR-15 package every Monday, from now until November 24, by clicking on the Black Rifle Event Page at

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HSGI Has Added Belt Mounted Tacos To Its Product Line

HSGI customers will now have the option of adding belt mounted HSGI pouches to their kit.

Extended Pistol TACO - Belt MountBelt Mount Handcuff TACOPistol TACO - Belt MountDouble Decker - Belt MountTACO - Belt Mount

To order, or for additional details visit HSGI

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Silencerco Adds Threaded Barrels To Its Lineup

Silencerco deepens its commitment to the company’s suppressor customers by offering what promises to be some impressive threaded and extended pistol barrels. M.S.R.P. on the new barrels will be at the $220 price point. Silencerco’s initial offering is for the Glock 17, 21 platforms.


  • GLOCK 17L
  • GLOCK 34
  • GLOCK 19
  • SIG SAUER P226

For additional details visit SilencerCo,com

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Aimpoint Introduces A New Carbine Optic

20 October 2014


Aimpoint has announced today the introduction of a new sight designed specifically for modern sporting rifles such as the AR-15. This new red dot, known as the Aimpoint Carbine Optic  or ACO, expands upon the company’s proven designs and focuses these features into a high quality, entry priced optic. Suggested M.S.R.P $393

    The ACO was developed with the modern sporting rifle owner in mind and  is ready to mount and shoot directly out of the box. A full suite of branded accessories, such as front and rear flip covers, an anti-reflection filter, and spare battery holders are available from dealers, and allow users to customize the sight to fit their specific requirements.

The new sight is built on a 30mm aluminum alloy tube with an extremely rugged fixed height mount designed to provide absolute co-witness with AR-15 backup iron sights. A two minute of angle (2 MOA) red dot is used to allow maximum target acquisition speed and accuracy at all distances. The ACO is completely waterproof, and offers one year of constant-on use from a single 1/3N battery.
  Brian Lisankie, President of Aimpoint Inc. explains,  “The Aimpoint Carbine Optic is the smart choice for today’s modern sporting rifle owner; By choosing this optic, shooters get a premium Aimpoint sight at an extremely friendly price point. If you own an AR-15 rifle, the ACO is exactly what you need to complete the package.”
   The Aimpoint Carbine Optic will be available from Aimpoint dealers in mid-to late October. For more information on Aimpoint and the new ACO, visit the company’s website at: .

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Greg Hall Joins Benchmade Product Team

October 20th, 2014

greghall(Oregon City, OR) Benchmade Knife Company, manufacturer of premium sports cutlery for the last 26 years, is pleased to announce the addition of Greg Hall as a new Product Line Manager.

As the latest member of the Benchmade Product Team, Hall will assist in the strategic planning, execution and management of product in the HK Knives and Benchmade portfolio.

A Chicago, Illinois  native, Hall brings 12 years of product management and marketing experience to Benchmade having previously worked at WARN Industries and FLIR Systems.

“We’re incredibly excited with the addition of Greg to the Benchmade Product Team.”, says Jason Boyd, Director Of Product for Benchmade Knife Company. “With the combination of his experience and his passion for the industry we look forward to all the tools and skills that Greg will bring to help continue to drive Benchmade as an industry leader in its category.”

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Who Remembers Blind Melon Chitlin ?

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Crimson Trace Honors Media Members

(Wilsonville, OR) Crimson Trace, the shooting industry’s recognized leader in laser sighting systems and tactical lights for firearms, recently honored two shooting sports media members for professionally communicating about concealed carry techniques and self-defense firearms.

The first honor was awarded to Cory Yarmuth of Villa Park, Illinois at the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) annual conference held recently in Gilbertsville, Kentucky. Yarmuth’s article, Illinois Concealed Carry, A First-Hand Journey: Part 1 was selected as the winner of the Crimson Trace excellence in craft contest for published articles. Yarmuth’s piece captured the frustration in dealing with the mountains of CCW paperwork most gunowners encounter along with the jitters of going into a classroom for training. His article also touched on the legal aspects of self defense.

The second winning media member, Dick Jones of High Point, North Carolina was recognized during the recent Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA) annual conference in Fontana Village, North Carolina. Jones’ article, A Carry Gun without a Laser is Like a Car Without Headlights, appeared on the website in May 2014. Jones’s article covered details on successfully and safely introducing female shooters to the complex world of firearms. He also covered why equipping self defense firearms with a laser sight is a great idea.

Both winning authors are freelance writers, and each received a first-place prize of $1,000. The excellence in craft awards are part of Crimson Trace’s multi-channel approach to partnering with media members who write about firearms, shooting and self defense. Crimson Trace also often hosts shooting ranges at media events to help press members experience a firearm equipped with a laser sight.

Crimson Trace’s mission is to enhance people’s ability to protect family, home and country. To help meet that mission, the company has undertaken a new campaign that encourages everyone to ask themselves, “have you done everything in your power to defend yourself and what’s yours?” The rallying words are: “In Condition Crimson™, We Stand.” For more details, visit or call 800-442-2406. All Crimson Trace products are proudly Made in the USA. This year Crimson Trace is celebrating 20 years of product innovation.


Crimson Trace, the acknowledged industry leader for laser sighting systems and tactical lighting for firearms, is based in Wilsonville, Oregon. Its award-winning innovations include Lasergrips®, Laserguard® and Lightguard® –all with Instinctive Activation ™. The company’s product line also includes the Defender Series® and Rail Master® platforms – all are proudly Made in the USA. More details are available at: or by calling 800-442-2406.

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TrackingPoint Introduces The First Weapon-Integrated Digital Glasses For Hunting and Shooting.


The folks at Tracking Point have improved on their total fire control shouldered fired weapon system with the introduction of Integrated Digital Glass. Designated ShotGlass™ digital shooting glasses, these optical devices allow you to shoot around corners and record your shooting event. The glasses use a built-in camera and high-definition video display.

With the ShotGlass™, you can shoot your Precision Guided Firearm from completely protected positions behind trees or around corners when it’s necessary to remain unexposed to the target. When your Precision-Guided Firearm is zoomed in on a target, the view in ShotGlass™ can remain zoomed out. You get 2 unique fields of view on the same shot.

This state of the art technology does not come cheap. The 5.56 version of the Precision Guided Firearm is right around $7,500, but to help you get in the game Tracking Point is now offering financing.

You can get all of the details and have your questions answered by some very knowledgeable folks by contacting tracking point directly at :

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Blue Force Gear Has Just Announce A Limited Edition AK Sling


BFG and Larry Vickers have collaborated once more to produce a Kalashnikov sling that retains the classic AK characteristics with the convenience and utility of the Vickers combat sling design. Improved materials, enhanced design with an AK panache sounds like a winner to me.

I understand that these are available in only limited quantities so if you own an AK or Krink you’ll definitely what to check these out.

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AUSA 2014 Winter Symposium (Feb 2014)

If you are a planner or product developer for your company, you’ll want to sit through this video library. The importance of developing products and technologies that specifically address the needs and solve the problems presented by these panels will be critical to your success. As many of you already know the heady days since 9/11 are gone and the stark realities of budget crunches and downsizing are upon us. Yet, interestingly enough, the demands being place on the Joint Services are still increasing. That translates to “do more for less;” be that unrealistic expectations by the Legislative and Executive Branches, or a demand that Services start planning and functioning more efficiently is a question for political scientists to answer; however, the reality to your business is that if you are to succeed, you must know and understand the needs and solve the problems.

This series of 19, or so, videos are enlightening and good to know.

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Questions You May Have About Ebola…

I decide to write this piece because I’m seeing literature starting to pop up around the internet; although well intentioned it is mostly incorrect.

What Is Ebola?

Ebola is a virus. A virus is a protein strand with a very specific shape and specific to a host cell. Ebola is classified as a hemorrhagic fever. Anytime that you see the prefix “hemo” it refers to blood. So, Ebola attacks the blood and its associated infrastructure.

Ebola is also not a living organism hence it does not respond to antibiotics. Medications designed to disrupt a virus by necessity also attack the host cell; therefore, viruses are not generally curable, like the common cold. Instead, the host or infected organism must rely on its immune system to develop the antigen needed to thwart off the virus; this is the role of a vaccine.

Ebola has no known cure, no effective prophylaxis and IN MOST CASES spreads from contact with bodily fluids. It has a mortality rate of 50 to 70 % depending on availability and quality of patient care.

Ebola has a 21 day incubation period dependent on the individual. This means disease symptoms will usually manifest themselves within a 21 day window.

Like all viruses, Ebola has several strains; it is subject to mutations all of which have the potential of altering the virus’s epidemiology.

Why Should I take Ebola Seriously?

When you are dealing with a virus that has the mortality rate of Ebola, what is unknown about the virus is as important as what is known. For example:

1. Are there individuals that can become carriers of the virus? A carrier is someone carrying the virus but is unaffected by it.

2. Can an individual while in an asymptomatic (showing no symptoms) condition transmit Ebola through bodily fluids – more specifically semen?

3. Can indigenous species of vectors (dogs, cats, squirrels, rats, insects) become carriers and spread the virus?

All of these are uncertainties; however, even if the chance of them occurring is below 1% (<.01) it has to be factored into the national strategy because of Ebola’s lethality.

Is Bio-Terrorism Possible?

Sadly, we live in a world where individuals are willing to wrap themselves up in ball bearings and explosives, and detonate such a device in a crowded store or on a street just to prove a point. Suicide bombs are dramatic with lots of carnage. The possibility exists that these individuals and/ or their handlers will look at Ebola with comparable appeal. Therefore, we need to be alert to the outside chance that Ebola will become a bio-terror tool. If this is the case, we need to be concerned about terrorist efforts to place infected individuals inside the United States and/or seed an epidemic in Mexico, Central or South America where the medical infrastructure is poor at best. Such a situation, would lead to waves of immigrants coming through our southern border as they flee in panic or come to seek medical care in the United States. The good news is that my last scenario is being discussed at US Southern Command.

What Should I Do or Not Do?

1. You will not find yourself being overrun by hordes of people trying to get to your food supply or steal your F150. So, forget the carbine battles with fast mag changes as you make your way to your F150 to grab your GO BAG. NOT HAPPENING!

2. Don’t Panic! Be Focused!

3. If you’re in the woods hunting or camping stay covered up and use insect repellents. If possible, have the meat from a kill tested to make sure it is safe to consume.

4. Wash your hands regularly.

5. Be alert to health issues and report them to the management. Not too long ago, I was using a public rest room at a mall when I observed a food worker leave a stall after a bowl movement without washing his hands.

6. Avoid, or reschedule, non-essential travel.

7. Ask your elected officials to impose temporary travel bans to and from afflicted areas. The CDC’s statement that it would hamper a medical response to the West African crisis is quite frankly moronic.

8. Ask elected officials to work with our NATO partners to impose similar temporary travel bans to afflicted regions.

9. Talk with your elected officials and get them onboard with controlling our borders. Interestingly enough, the Center for Disease Control published a report about 5 or 8 years ago in which they identified a resurgence of previously eradicated disease in the United States. In that report, they attribute the resurgence to illegal immigration.

Don’t panic and keep sweat pumps in low speed

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3M Introduced Its Defender Ultra Light Weight Ballistic Bump Helmet (ULW-BBH)


  • Multi-use ballistic protection at 30% less weight than the closest alternative.
  • Flexible rail system that offers compatibility with all standard accessories. Rail is mounted on shell without use of through bolts
  • Areal weight of 1 lb per square foot (5 kg/m2)
  • Blunt Trauma Impact performance meets ACH specification requirements.


  • Field Applications
  • Jump.
  • Head protection when parachuting for military paratroopers
  • Bump.
  • Head protection from bumping objects for military ground forces
  • Ballistic.
  • Head protection against handgun rounds and ballistic fragments
  • *Manufactured and sold by Ceradyne, Inc., a 3M company
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IWI US, Inc. is the NASGW 2014 Importer of the Year

(L-R): Assaf Elias, IWI Executive Director; Craig Lucas, IWI US CEO; Shlomi Sabag, IWI President; Michael Kassnar, IWI US VP of Sales and Marketing; Casey Flack, IWI US National LE Sales Manager.

Harrisburg, Pa. (October 2014)IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., announces that it has received the 2014 Importer of the Year Award from the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW). The inaugural award was presented during the 2014 Awards Reception & Dinner, held Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 during the NASGW Expo & Annual Meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The award recognizes the contribution made by IWI US to the successful business climate of NASGW’s wholesaler members.

“Receiving the inaugural Importer of the Year Award in just our second year of business is a tremendous honor for IWI US,” Michael Kassnar, VP of Sales and Marketing for IWI US remarked. “We will honor this award by continuing to offer the highest quality and most advanced products available from our parent company IWI Ltd.”

IWI US is exhibiting at the NASGW Expo & Annual Meeting at Booth 223 from Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 through Friday, October 17th, 2014.

For more information, visit IWI US Inc at our website –, Facebook – or contact us via e-mail at:

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GEMTECH Adds The GMT-556LE To Their Line Of Extreme Duty Suppressors.


The GEMTECH GMT-556LE is part of the Extreme Duty line of suppressors. These suppressors meet the stringent SOCOM Military standards and are optimized for use on short barreled, full auto firearms. The baffle stack has been constructed differently than in the past and an increase in Inconel gives this suppressor its hardcore properties.

  • Tested To SOCOM Military Standards
  • Caliber: 5.56mm NATO / .223
  • Sound Reduction: 29 dB
  • Full Auto Rated
  • Length: 5.7″
  • Diameter: 1.5″
  • Weight: 12.3 oz.
  • Materials: Titanium & Inconel
  • Finish: Desert Tan Cerakote with Reduced Visual-IR Signature
  • Mount: 1/2-28 (2A) Ti Threads
  • For Barrels: 10.3″ or Longer

Price: $875.00

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Welcome To Our Reality …

This is a Swedish Recruitment Ad, which captures the cultural differences in the European approach to recruitment vis-à-vis our American approach. It’s slapstick but quite good nevertheless.

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OSS Suppressor Systems

Russell Oliver with OSS Suppressor Systems discusses the technology…

OSS Suppressor Systems
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Magpul Industries Is Now Shipping all NEW M-LOK Accessories



QD Sling Mount

M-LOK Offset Light/Optic Mount

M-LOK Bipod Adapter

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TAR Ideal Concepts Will Be Demonstrating The TL5 Pro-Personal IR Marker At AUSA 2014.


Israeli Manufacturer TAR Ideal Concepts will introduce its TL5 Pro Personal IR Marker at AUSA 2014 in Washington D.C. this coming week. The TL5 Pro is individual soldier equipment that can be weapon mounted, worn on a helmet or load bearing vest. Among its many features are 4 levels of intensity for effective ranges of 100/300/800/1500 meters. The marker offers both visible and IR constant and beacon modes. The TL5 Pro is powered by a single AA battery or a CR123A. Battery run times are a minimum of 4hrs at high output illuminations;  24hrs in high IR strobe mode or 48hrs in low IR strobe mode.


Visible Constant Light -White/Blue/Red
IR Constant Light
Visible Beacon Flickering Light -White/Blue/Red
IR Beacon Flickering Light
Flashlight Mode: White

Additional Product Details

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Pay Attention: U.S. Army Wants You Using Lithium AA In Your Electronics

Our colleagues at Kitup ran a story today disclosing that the U.S. Army wants its units to use the more expensive lithium batteries in thermal sights and night vision goggles. It appears that units are purchasing and using the less costly alkaline batteries.

You can read the complete story here.

Our parting advice to alkaline battery using troopers: “You’re only as good as your power supply in the net centric battlefield.”

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Taiwanese Special Forces Fielding A New Rifle


Dubbed the Multi-Utilization Special Rifle (MSR), Taiwan’s 205th Arsenal of the Material Production Center(MPC) has high hopes for its new 5.56mm MSR. The weapon borrows from several external sources including the AK-74. Although the bolt design is simpler than the AK-74, the MSR like the AK-74 will have just two locking lugs as opposed to the multiple lugs of the AR patterned rifles.


The MPC also has ambitions to export this rifle, which is a significant departure from Taiwan’s long standing policy of “ no exports of military equipment.”

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MAGPUL Industries Is Now Shipping MOE 1911 Grip Panels


Magpul’s 1911 Grip Panels with TSP texture are now shipping. These grips offer the user a more aggressive texture allowing for better control of the weapon in all environments.
Constructed of heavy-duty reinforced polymer, the grips have a unique diamond-shaped cross section to prevent twisting in the hand, an aggressive magazine release cut-out, aggressive TSP texture (Trapezoidal Surface Projections) for positive control, and are compatible with ambidextrous safeties. The grips are designed to fit full size framed 1911s with standard grip screw bushings.

For Additional Information See:

M.S.R.P. $19.95

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Turn Up the Silence With Dead Air Armament Suppressors

Lawrenceville, Ga. (October 2014)Dead Air Armament® and their new line of game-changing, 100% USA made suppressors are now available through BPI Outdoors. Dead Air product concepts  are the result of suppressor design and shooting sports industry veterans joining together to create an entirely new vision of suppressors for the civilian and law enforcement markets. Founded by former co-founder of SilencerCo® Mike Pappas and former designer Todd Magee of SilencerCo®, Dead Air Armament® aims to bring to the suppressor market uncompromising quality in design and manufacturing.

“I’m finally building the no-compromise cans that I’ve always wanted to make,” Mike Pappas, Founder and Director of Product Development for Dead Air explained. “No corporate bottom lines to deter the mission. The only thing that matters to Dead Air and myself is ‘how does it sound?’ And the Sandman® sounds awesome…”

Dead Air product line launches with the 7.62 Sandman®, which includes the Sandman-S®, Sandman-L® and Sandman Ti® models. In early 2015, Dead Air will launch their innovative .22 suppressor, the Mask-22.

What sets Dead Air suppressors apart from the competition is attention to detail in engineering and materials. Sandman® baffles are constructed from 100% Stellite®, more costly than traditional stainless steel, but offering better performance under extreme conditions and usage than Inconel®. Tubes are made from high performance precipitation hardened stainless steel, making the Sandman® series lightweight with no sacrifice on strength.

The Sandman Ti® suppressor features a titanium tube with precision rifle direct threads specifically designed for the challenging environments faced by law enforcement professionals. “The old adage, ‘close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades’ could not be more true when developing  products for professionals whose very life or lives depend on making an accurate shot in difficult circumstances,” Pappas commented, “the equipment must perform and Dead Air hits the mark!”

Dead Air Armament® products are made in the USA and distributed by BPI Outdoors, an outdoor industry leader in combining excellence of manufacturing, sourcing, distribution and marketing of outdoor products through their experienced sales channel.

Pappas’ experience and skill set have established him as an industry expert on developing the most innovative designs in the suppressor market. Pappas’ commitment to the industry and providing personal customer service have secured him a loyal following of customers and industry contacts.

Todd Magee is an engineer specializing in suppressor design since 2008. Initially hired by SilencerCo®, he pioneered and perfected some of the industry’s most innovative suppressors. Now, Magee oversees Dead Air’s Research and Development Department where he will be responsible for pushing suppressor technology even further.

For more information on Dead Air Armament® and their line of suppressors, please visit or join the conversation on Facebook or YouTube.

About Dead Air Armament®:  Dead Air Armament® is a division of Sound Moderation Technologies®, a North Carolina company designing, patenting, and marketing the next generation in sound suppressor systems for civilian sportsmen, law enforcement, security and the military. Dead Air products are manufactured and sold through BPI Outdoors.


About BPI Outdoors: BPI Outdoors, a Georgia based outdoor company parent to many highly successful brands in the shooting and hunting industry, including CVA® PowerBelt® Bullets™, Quake Industries™, DuraSight™ Scope Mounts, Bergara Barrels™ and now Dead Air Armament®. BPI utilizes channel and direct sales relationship with virtually all major sporting goods wholesalers, buying groups, specialty retail chains and mass merchants. BPI manage a sales force of over 60 representatives located throughout North America.

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Sneak Preview: Tom Bender Knife Maker


No other industry can tout artisans the way bladesmiths can. If you want to discover the spans of talent and human creativity just attend the Atlanta Blade Show; this is true around the world with examples like Bastien  Cove of Bastinelli Creations, Paris France,  Jesus Hernandez of Salamanca Spain or Brent Beshara from Holyrood, Canada. Talent abounds!

One such individual is Thomas R. Bender from Van Nuys, Ca. By way of background, if you’ve been to see an action movie in the last 10 to 20 years it’s highly probable that Tom Bender had something to do with the guns and kabooms.

In November, I’ll be reviewing one of his creations for our readers. So, stay tuned.

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Gear Review: ATN’s Shot Trak HD Action Camera For Your Gun


I can’t remember having as much fun writing a gear review than with ATN’s Shot Trak HD. This little camera may be small but its output is excellent in every respect. It is capable, robust, waterproof, light and an absolute blast to work with even on those occasion when I inadvertently left the lens cover on.

  So, if you are presently installing a crossbar on your Picatinny rail to mount a point and shoot camera, do yourself a gargantuan favor and pick up either the Shot Trak HD or Shot Trak-X HD. You’ll find it does everything you need exceptionally well in a compact package.

Read My Review

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Ashbury Precision Ordnance Launches The SABER® Precision Rifle (SPR)

Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg (APO) introduces the SABER® Precision Rifle (SPR) line based on its new SX bolt action receiver.  The SABER SX is Ashbury’s first in a new line of octagonal precision manufactured bolt action receivers for calibers up to short magnum chamberings.  The SPR-308 uses the latest innovation in the patented SABER®-FORSST® modular rifle chassis system (MRCS), an interlocking action/chassis design. 

The core of Ashbury’s SPR-308 platform is the precision CNC machined SABER SX bolt action receiver, a newly engineered octagonal manufacturing collaboration with Stiller’s Precision Firearms that accepts two styles of detachable box magazines.  The fire control mechanism on SPR-308 rifles is an adjustable single-stage trigger, set to a crisp 3.5lbs.  The SPR-308 is hand crafted by a team of specially trained former USMC 2112 Precision Rifle Technicians, engineers and experienced machinists to exacting standards and precision tolerances that deliver consistent sub ½ MOA performance with RUAG’s 168gr Swiss-P Target and other premium grade match ammunitions.

The SPR-308 is a rugged precision rifle designed to produce optimum accuracy with 150 to 200 grain projectiles for a variety of precision shooting pursuits.  Using proprietary barrel engineering software, APO designed the 20 inch Pinnacle Series contour, fluted barrel in 416R stainless steel for this potent package.  The 1-in-10″ twist 5R barrel is chambered in .308Win Match and finished with a recessed target crown reminiscent of the revered USMC M40A1 sniper rifle.  SPR cartridge chambers and (optional) threaded muzzles are precisely machined to a straightness of less than 0.0002 of an inch, true to the centerline of the barrel bore.

The rifle is a standard right-hand configuration, with a left-hand model available.  The SPR-308 features a one-piece monolithic 20 MOA 12 o’clock top rail with rail space for a “co-aligned” day optic, clip on night vision or thermal imaging device.  The SABER MRCS one-piece monolithic rail provides unparalleled platform rigidity, yielding consistent shot-to-shot accuracy.  Ashbury’s SPR also features an ergonomically shaped Quattro Alloy series V-17 vented forend with 3, 6 and 9 o’clock accessory rail attachment points, variable grip angles, adjustable hand-grip-to-trigger distance, and a comfortable Ergo hand grip.

Ashbury’s new interlocking ASX-A3 MOD-1 chassis further incorporates a double locking aluminum alloy hinge and an ergonomic tactically adjustable shoulder stock (TASS) with changeable length of pull spacers, positive locking thumbscrew/bail ring cheek piece height, and rapid push button Limbsaver® recoil pad positioning, up and down.

The basic SPR-308 rifle weighs in at a lightweight 11.3lbs with an overall length of 39 3/8 inches extended, and a compact folded length of 29 5/8 inches.  There are flush cup sling swivel sockets evenly distributed along the entire length of the rifle on both sides.  The SPR-308 is coated with rugged ceramic Cerakote in Black, Olive Drab Green, Flat Dark Earth, Nordic and Tungsten Gray.  The SPR-308 is moderately priced at an MSRP of $5,650 and delivered in a lockable hard transit case.

The SPR-308K1, Ashbury’s “Special Applications Rifle” (SAR), was developed in consultation with Jim Gilliland of Shadow 6 Consulting.  Jim brings to the table a significant background as a small arms instructor and distinguished operational sniper.  He also is a strong advocate of 20″ and shorter barreled .308 rifles for dynamic situations where precision shooting from alternate positions and practical maneuverability is the rule, while still offering long range performance when necessary.

For law enforcement where typical engagement ranges are less than 100 yards, a high precision ½ MOA specialized tactical rifle makes quite a bit of sense, while retaining the capability to also engage threats well beyond 300 yards, essential.  For short to intermediate range engagements by law enforcement tactical marksmen or as a fast handling hog hunting rifle the SPR-308K1 rifle uses a 16.5 inch Pinnacle series 1-in-8″ twist barrel with a 5/8-24 threaded muzzle, Blackout muzzle brake/suppressor adapter and optional sound suppressor.

Ashbury’s SPR is also chambered in .223 Wylde, (SPR-223) designed for commercial .223 Remington or military 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition.  For more information about APO’s precision rifles, SABER-FORSST Modular Rifle Chassis Systems (MRCS), please visit the APO website or shop our online store The Armory.

About Ashbury…

Ashbury International Group Inc. is a central Virginia USA based company, having more than 19 years of international experience as a prime contractor to government agencies, military, and special operations forces as well as manufacturer of commercial shooting sports equipment.  The company provides logistics, engineering, training, ordnance manufacturing, systems integration and emergency preparedness products and services.

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ATN Shot Trak HD Live Fire–Short Video

I was at the range today to run live fire tests on ATN’s Shot Trak HD. I have to tell you, you can shoot this camera on any platform without fear of recoil damage. The rear facing microphone kicks ass; making annotations extremely clear. The Shot Trak HD or X HD models are ideal for CQC training. Range for carbine and shotgun was 20-25 yards.

In the carbine drill, you can see a trigger snafu during the headshot. It was lights out, but it lacked elegance. The shot placement should have been about 2 inches to the right as you view the video. What does it say to me? It tells me I have to watch my trigger control.

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MGI’s New 9mm Hydra Feeds On Glock Magazines

MGI’s long-awaited 9mm Hydra rifle, designed to use GLOCK® magazines, is now out and available. This configuration of MGI’s Hydra Modular Weapon System uses standard 9mm GLOCK® and GLOCK® style magazines.

The 9mm Hydra comes standard with a 16-inch interchangeable barrel, MGI’s QCB upper receiver and modular lower receiver. It is made from 7075 aluminum and uses standard Mil-Spec internal parts. It is completely modular and interchangeable as part of MGI’s ever growing family of multi-caliber Hydras.

The 9mm MGI Hydra MARCK-15 rifle has a suggested retail price of $1,299.00 and  ships to in a standard, hard-sided, lockable pistol case.

For more information, visit

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American Sniper Official Trailer–Directed By Clint Eastwood

This is the story of U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle one of the most effective U.S. snipers to operate in the Iraqi theater. Upon his return to civilian life in 2009 he dedicated his time to helping returning veterans suffering from PTSD. Chris was shot and killed at a shooting range on February 2, 2013, by a U.S.M.C. veteran he was trying to help, near Chalk Mountain, Texas. The man accused of killing him is awaiting trial for murder.

American Sniper is directed by Clint Eastwood and written by Jason Hall, Chris Kyle is played by Bradley Cooper. The official release date is scheduled for 16 Jan 2015. It’s a must see film so you’ll want to get that on your To-Do list.

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Grey Ghost Gear Has a New Slim Med Pouch For Your IFAK


The Slim Medical Pouch is just the right size for a blow-out kit; taking up just two rows of MOLLE with an adjustable ride height. It is ideal for securing to a plate carrier or belt. The smooth dual zippers combined with an oversized pull tab means that contents can be accessed with ease, even one handed, and the elastic loops on the inside ensure the contents won’t come crashing out when you open it. The exterior webbing is great for storing trauma shears and tourniquets.

The pouch is just the right size for all of the essentials: Kerlix, QuikClot, nasal passage airways, decompression needles, chest seals—and even end up with some space for your preferred Barbie Band-Aids.

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ATN Shot Trak HD’s FOV at 50 Yards

One of the things that I’ve tried to communicate in my review (work in progress)  of this awesome little camera is how better suited it is to capturing a hunt or shooting session than your normal action cam. So, I shot this short video to give you a feel. I was also surprised to see how much detail is observable in an aggressively backlit scene. The Shot Trak’s rear facing microphone also greatly reduced ambient and wind noise when compared to the standard action cam. Try capturing a hog hunt on a standard action cam – not happening. You need the Shot Trak HD’s 5x magnification.

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